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What's Hot on TV Tonight – America's Got Talent

America’s Got Talent is live again tonight. It’s the second group of twelve performing live. There weren’t any big surprises last week with who did and didn’t move one, but there are definitely some acts that I’m sad didn’t make it, such as Echo. How will the next twelve perform? Catch up with TV you may have missed at TV-Links.

1. Live with Regis and Kelly. The guests today are Marisa Tomei and Hot Chelle Rae. Syndicated, check local listings.

2. Date Night. Extremely funny movie with two funny people. Steve Carell and Tina Fey pretend to be another couple just to get seated at a restaurant, and are too convincing, setting themselves up on an adventure to keep themselves alive and away from the dirty cops. 12:00 PM CT ThrillerMax

3. The Talk. The guests today are Mayim Bialik, Patrick Duffy, and Ann Gentry. 1:00 PM CT CBS

4. Encino Man.strong> If you can forget that Pauly Shore is in this movie, it’s actually a fun flick. Brendan Fraser and Sean Astin also star in this movie of two high school kids that uncover and thaw out a caveman, then try introduce him to their lifestyle. 1:55 PM CT HBO Comedy

5. It’s Worth What? Season premiere. A landlord and tenant compete together to win a million dollars. 7:00 PM CT NBC

6. Hell’s Kitchen. Chef Ramsay gets angry about the teams’ lack of cooperation during dinner service. 7:00 PM CT Fox

7. Pretty Little Liars. Jessica DiLaurentis comes back to town wanting the liars to be part of the Rosewood Charity Fashion Show. 7:00 PM CT ABC Family

8. Cupcake Wars. Bakers get a chance to serve their goods at the Festival of Arts. 7:00 PM CT Food Network

9. America’s Got Talent. The second group of twelve perform live tonight. 8:00 PM CT NBC

10. 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show. After answering questions incorrectly, these contestants don’t just leave the show, they get flung out in a giant net, tossed out a window, or have an exploding mining cart launch them. 8:00 PM CT ABC

11. MasterChefs. The top 10 continue to compete. 8:00 PM CT Fox

12. Memphis Beat. Dwight’s friend is arrested for robbing a houseboat, and Dwight runs into an ex, and performs with a band member from his days in high school. 8:00 PM CT TNT

13. White Collar. Peter and Neal look for the missing naval academy friend of Jones’. 8:00 PM CT USA

14. The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Brian and Chloe got to a party attended by the Order, and Brian makes decision to reveal his true feelings for Chloe. 8:00 PM CT ABC Family

15. Flipping Out. It’s no surprise that Jeff is obsessed with the aesthetics of his office and the homes he works on, but who knew he’d also care so much about how Zoila looks! Jeff gives Zoila “the procedure of her choice” for her birthday and Jeff has quite a different idea about what she should physically improve. Perhaps Jeff should spend less time at the plastic surgeons office and more time focusing on work when his client drops the news that instead of a 3 month deadline, the salon he is working on needs to be ready in one month. 8:00 PM CT Bravo

16. City of God, Guns and Gangs. Rio de Janeiro creates an aggressive campaign to get rid of the impoverished neighborhoods of drug gangs. 8:00 PM CT Current

17. Piers Morgan Tonight. Tonight’s guest is Tatum O’Neal. 8:00 PM CT CNN

18. Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. Andrew samples African traditions that combine island flavors. 8:00 PM CT Travel Channel

19. Combat Hospital. Caught in a Taliban crossfire, members of a wedding party get injured, Rebecca looks for the bride who is missing, and Bobby impresses Marks. 9:00 PM CT ABC

20. HawthoRNe. Det. Renata wants Christina’s help with his mom, Steve gets a visit from his father, and Camille gets a hospital job offer from Tom. 9:00 PM CT TNT.

21. Covert Affairs. Auggie hears the voice of the man who blinded him, and Annie learns the entire tale of how Auggie got injured. 9:00 PM CT USA

22. Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Gene’s family members confront him about his ongoing issues while he’s on tour. 9:00 PM CT A&E

23. Million Dollar Decorators. Jeffrey butts heads with the contractor of his client’s restaurant after a miscommunication leaves him stranded in a parking lot with thousands of dollars worth of furniture. While his movers unload and go, Jeffrey’s left wondering if being a decorator is really worth all of the stress. Meanwhile, Kathryn’s got her own problem caused by a foundation situation! Her client’s beach house needs to be ripped apart and all the blame falls in Kathryn’s lap. 9:00 PM CT Bravo

24. The Joy Behar Show. Nancy Grace is the guest tonight. 9:00 PM CT HLN

25. The Little Couple. Jen and Bill head to New York City to celebrate their third wedding anniversary. 9:00 PM CT TLC

26. Drug Kingpin Hippos. A wealthy man illegally imported four hippos into Colombia, and it has now turned into a massive problem after thirty years. 9:00 PM CT Animal Planet

27. Hef’s Runaway Bride. In the last few weeks of Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris’ engagement, they discuss their relationship ending. 9:00 PM CT Lifetime

28. Teen Mom. Amber finds out she’s being investigated, Ryan wants to meet Maci’s new boyfriend, Sophia’s grandmother sues for visitation rights, and Tyler’s dad is released from jail. 8:00 PM CT MTV

29. Late Show with David Letterman. The guests tonight are Steve Carell, The Del McCoury Band, and Preservation Hall Band. 10:35 PM CT CBS

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