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That Girl Ain't Right – The Apprentice 2, Episode 3

by aurora

Last week on The Apprentice…the teams had to create new ice cream flavours and sell them to the public. Mosaic came out on top, sending Apex to the boardroom. Ivana, the project manager, brought Jennifer C, Stacie, and Bradford with her, and Bradford was fired for his ‘stupid’ mistake – giving up his exemption. 16 are left – who will be fired next?

In the suite, everyone waits to see who is returning. John goes nuts when he hears that Bradford gave up his exemption, and Andy says it’s like saying you’re the world’s safest driver so you don’t need to wear a seat belt anymore. They are all slackjawed when they discover that Bradford is not returning to the suite.

The women decide to have a group meeting and get everything out in the open. Stacie says that she was ‘selling her ass off’, so she didn’t deserve to be singled out. The other women tell her that they’re worried about her freaking out under pressure. Stacie says privately that she feels that these women are all her enemies, and she doesn’t know if she can convince them that she’s a strong team member.

The phone rings early in the morning, and Kevin is told that Mr. Trump wants to meet with them all at 8am in the lobby. Once again, as Trump descends the escalator, the Royal Coronation music plays. *sigh* The Donald wants everyone to think big. Standing beside him are two bigwigs from Proctor & Gamble. They’re launching a new product – Crest Vanilla Mint toothpaste. P&G will be giving each team a $50,000 budget, and the task is to see which team can create the most buzz. As usual, George and Carolyn will be Trump’s eyes and ears.

At Mosaic, Kevin has been randomly chosen as project manager. He suggests they take 30 minutes to brainstorm, then spend some time deciding what they’re doing and get on it. John wants to pour some suds into the river, Kelly wants to dress up like teeth and give out samples, and Pamela wants to pump the scent of vanilla into the subway systems. Raj suggests a blimp. Andy wants to go bigger – he suggests buying insurance. He wants to spend $40,000 to insure that someone will win a million bucks by getting something in their Crest package. He explains that the insurance company would pay for the million dollars, if they buy the insurance in case someone wins it. I don’t know – the whole thing is a bit over my head. Is that how all these sweepstakes work? If so, then how do the insurance companies stay in business? Hang on, is that why premiums keep going up? Anyway, back to the show.

Trump has a little piece here about budgets. He says that when people go over budget, they get in big trouble. Thanks Donald.

Apex has chosen Elizabeth as their project manager, since she’s previously worked for P&G. They decide to get a celebrity to help them endorse the toothpaste. They make a contact with an agency, and he tells them he can get L.L. Cool J. Elizabeth isn’t too keen on him, so they go after Mike Piazza from the Mets. He wants $20,000 for the gig, and the women decide to go for it. Piazza agrees to half an hour, and he’ll brush his teeth. $20,000 for half an hour of tooth brushing. Good lord, I’m in the wrong profession.

Mosaic goes to DeVries to try and get their insurance. The rep tells them that it’s tight for time, but she will ty. She goes to get the number for the legal advisers, and Andy calls them. He gets the greenlight, and the plan is in action.

Meanwhile, Stacie and Jennifer C are out picking up the toothpaste. There are 834 cases, which equals 20,000 tubes. The women are overwhelmed at the sheer volume of product they will have to load into the van. To make matters worse, the woman who shows them where the toothpaste is says they have three minutes to get it out the door. Jennifer decides this isn’t happening tonight.

Maria, Elizabeth, and the others make up a poster for the event, but it’s far too late to get it to a printer. They’re going to leave it to the last minute and get it done at 7am. Ivana is managing the budget, and they’re currently sitting at $49,345. She’s worried about how much the printing will cost.

Over at Mosaic, it’s 2:30 in the morning, and the guys are talking about the giveaway. The woman from DeVries calls, and tells Wes that the legal department can’t do it, because there are too many concerns over how the sweepstakes is being conducted. Wes tells her that all of their marketing is based on giving away a million, and she says that she really wants to help them but just can’t. The entire team holds their heads in their hands.

The following morning, Mosaic is set up at Washington Square Park, and they’ve set up three $5000 draws. They’re giving away toothpaste, dressed up in American flag attire. They have entertainers doing stunts and circus-type shows, and guys on stilts throwing tubes of toothpaste to the crowd. Even George seems pleased.

Apex is all set up, and Elizabeth welcomes Mike Piazza to the stage. He says that he’s never tried Vanilla Mint Crest, but he’s been using Crest since he can remember and he’s never has a cavity in his life. He brushes his teeth with the new flavour of toothpaste, and gives it the thumbs up. The women give out flyers and toothpaste, and Piazza signs autographs.

Ivana, Maria, and Stacy arrive at the agency to pick up the invoice, and the extra costs start piling up. The people who did the printing charge them an extra $5000 for the overtime. Ivana flips out and says they can’t do this.

At the P&G offices, Trump, his eyes and ears, and the teams meet with the P&G execs. They think Mosaic did a great job – it was fun and engaging, and created what they set out to do. Apex did an amazing job, getting Mike Piazza to brush his teeth in the middle of Union Square. Unfortunately, Apex went $5000 over budget. Trump gets upset with Elizabeth for not knowing that her team went over budget. Trump lets the P&G execs decide on the winning team. At the end of the day, they think that Apex’s campaign was better, but they went over budget. Mosaic wins the task, and Kevin gets an exemption if he ends up in the boardroom next week. As their reward, they get to have dinner on the Queen Mary II as it leaves the harbour that night. Trump warns Kevin not to do what Bradford did with his exemption.

On the boat, Mosaic is greeted by the crew and welcomed to the ‘biggest, grandest ocean liner in the world’. Wes is overwhelmed by the sheer size of the ship. It really is incredible, and the dining room where they have dinner is gorgeous. They’re served lobster and filet mignon, and everyone seems to have a lavish, luxurious, wonderful time. After dinner they marvel at the view. Chris gets emotional seeing the Statue of Liberty, and they all break out into a rousing chorus of America the Beautiful.

It’s raining in New York as Apex breaks off into little groups to talk about who should go this week. Elizabeth and Stacy decide that Stacie is the biggest liability on the team, but Maria screwed up by negotiating a deal that wasn’t clear. Elizabeth confronts Maria on this, and Maria turns things around by making it look like Elizabeth is just trying to turn things around to cover her own ass. Privately Stacie says that she’s the strongest person there, but she thinks that the rest of the group will again try to get her out.

In the boardroom, Trump says that P&G liked their work better, but they were 10% over budget and that’s a lot. Elizabeth says she’s surprised because she and Ivana had put a pad in the budget for unseen expenses. She blames Maria for her oversight in the budget with the printer. Maria deflects the criticism, and blames several others. George says that being over budget by this much on one item is crazy. Stacie says she would fire Elizabeth because she was disorganized.

Jennifer and Ivana both say that Stacie is the weakest link, because she has to be micro-managed and it takes time away from the project manager who has to keep putting out fires. Elizabeth decides to keep Maria and Stacie with her, and the other women go back upstairs.

Trump asks Carolyn what she thinks, and she says that Elizabeth is a terrible leader while Maria really screwed up with the money and won’t take the blame for it. George says he doesn’t trust Maria with money and would hate to see her in charge of one of Trump’s major divisions.

The girls are called back in, and Trump asks Elizabeth why Stacie is here. She says they her and Maria perfomed worst on the task. Trump asks if nothing should fall on Elizabeth, and Maria quips that nothing has fallen on her so far. Elizabeth says that she is responsible for some of the disorganization on her team. Trump thinks that Ivana should be there, but Elizabeth defends her. Maria and Elizabeth start in on how crazy Stacie acted during the first task. Stacie says she’s not crazy, but Trump points out that this is the only thing the other two girls have been able to agree on so far. Stacie tries to explain the eight-ball thing, when Stacie turned into a bit of a lunatic, and Trump asks who else saw this. They say that everyone saw it. Trump orders Maria to go back upstairs and get the other girls, because this is too important a subject.

Maria barges into the suite and frantically calls for the women to come back to the boardroom. They rush to put their clothes back on and hurry back. Meanwhile, Trump tells Stacie that if she has a problem, he doesn’t want her running one of his companies. She says she wouldn’t want a crazy person working for her either. The rest of the team arrives, and Trump fills them in on why they’ve been called back.

Trump says that he’s not happy with Elizabeth – he thinks she stinks as a leader. He’s not happy with Maria – she’s done a lousy job also. But beyond that, he doesn’t need a person who’s got a problem working for him. Jennifer C says that Stacie acted very odd. Ivana says that Stacie flipped out and Ivana was so scared she hid in a corner. Stacy thinks it might be clinical, but it was one of the scariest moments of her life. Sandy says she was absolutely horrified, and would never have Stacie working in her bridal salon, let alone one of Trump’s companies.

Stacie says again that she’s not crazy, and she’s never been accused of being so by people she’s known her whole life. Trump tells her that everyone else in the room agrees that she has a problem, and he can’t take the risk of someone potentially causing this kind of stress to one of his teams. Stacie, you’re fired.

Everyone sits in silence for a few awkward seconds, until Trump asks them to leave. As Stacie is taking the elevator down to the street, Carolyn says that she wasn’t expecting that. The Donald says that he didn’t have a choice – the women don’t even like each other, but they all agreed on this. Carolyn and George agree too.

Sitting in the taxi, Stacie wonders about the definition of crazy. She says that each one of the women have personality traits that are a little freaky. People who are crazy go blow up buildings or kill people or don’t pay their taxes – she has a business and pays her taxes, so obviously she’s not crazy. She says again that she was the strongest woman there, and the other girls got what they wanted. She has nothing to say to them now.

Is it just me, or are the boardroom scenes getting stranger and stranger as the season progresses? I know Stacie might have been a few fries short of a Happy Meal, but was she really that scary? I guess we’ll never know.

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