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Recap – Part 2 — Meet and Greet The Petites

Alright, people, I missed a heck of a lot in 15 minutes. (Damn, those parental responsibilties. I hate it when baseball games go into double overtime. C’mon, kids. I’ve gotta watch my ANTM, or remember to set my DVR!)

The girls meet Jay Manuel “Mr. Jay”. He’s the ‘natural’ blond Art Director, ya know. He will oversee all photo shoots. He tells the girls to have fun, which they proceed to do.

Eva starts it off by being over-confident, basically saying she’s gonna win this thing. The other girls are certainly not ‘hearing that’. Tyra shows up at their ‘dinner party.’ See, I love ANTM because it shows that models eat….sometimes.

Tyra announces that she wants to bring supermodels back to the covers of magazines and kick those actresses off. I’m all for that. I can’t believe the injustice of actresses gettin’ all up in the modeling biz. You never hear of a model turning actress. It jus’ ain’t right.

After dinner, the girls go swimming. Hmm. Swimsuit competition ain’t til next week, okay? Ann & Eva, who’ve bonded as b***hes, apparently draw some criticism for ‘throwing girls in the pool.’ Damn! I can’t believe I missed that. It only takes two models to throw a bunch into the pool. Wow!

Cassie comes out as a stripper. Poor girl has to pay for college somehow. Hooters was all full up, y’all. (Now, that’s courageous!) Can I get me some love for the strippers out there?!? Hey!

The girls head out to a bar, where Tiffany dances in a ‘manner that is unbefitting a model.’ She upsets some non-models who aren’t aware that she can dance this way because she’s FABULOUS!

I guess I missed my copy of Model Manners written by Naomi Campbell, of course. A fight ensues when a girl pours beer into Tiffany’s ‘weave.” LOL I can’t make this up! She starts a fight and then cries because ‘violence’ follows her everywhere.

I can’t imagine why.

Oh God y’all. ANTM will re-air on Friday night. Let’s watch together.

Panndyra out!


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