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captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Vanuatu, Episode 2

One down, seventeen to go! After correctly predicting Brook’s departure last week, Yours Truly has started the new season off right. Because of the WAY too short premiere, very little new information has been revealed to us. The only things we did learn is that the guys still have no balance, and John K. is, in fact, as dumb as he acts. However, I was able to piece together enough of the puzzle to make it through week two unscathed.

In a reward challenge that will once again require balance, the girls will win their 2’nd straight challenge. In the usual “blindfolded” immunity challenge, Lea should be a huge advantage for the men, and lead them to their 1’st victory. At the women’s camp it will be brains before beauty and the first female casualty will be … DOLLY.


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