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Girls are cool and Dog's drool!!!!

It’s almost Mother’s Day in Hawaii and Beth is prettying herself up. She tells the hairdresser to color her roots so she can ‘return’ to her ‘natural blond’. Beth is a hoot. I think we could hang out and have some serious fun.

She also tells the hairdresser to make her look ‘trashy’ because that’s the way her husband likes his women. Really? I hadn’t guessed, Beth. I thought you dressed like an 80s metal video slut because you liked it. From Dog’s attire, I never would’ve figured him for enjoying the company of big-breasted, bottle-blond women. Never. Color me sarcastic!

This week the crew is hunting Lincoln Alo. He’s another drug addict — on “ice”. They’re trying to get is co-signer, but she went and had her phone disconnected. Tim “Youngblood” Chapman – Dog’s best friend and longtime partner, tries to reason with the contacts. Beth, on the other hand, is a little more forceful. She also likes to have her way. (I told y’all I could get along with Beth. She reminds me of someone I know. Someone beautiful, intelligent, sassy and…)

Tim and Beth fight like …cats and dogs…(LOL) Dog tries to play peacemaker, mediator, alleviator, try not to hate her, predicate her (Oops! I was listening to my INXS’ Greatest Hits CD! Sorry…)

They hunt Lincoln to where he keeps his boat. He’s not there, but the crew makes some contacts and is biding its time. Finally, they get a lead and take off to capture Lincoln. The person who called the tip in got all upset because they were being ‘rough’ with the criminal, bond jumper. Hmmmm….sorry. Tim apologized. He wants to ‘play nice.’ Beth was like..”‘cut the you know what. He’s a criminal and he deserves to be brought to justice.”

They bring him in. Dog tries to rehab him but Lincoln likes the ice too much. Oh well, Lincoln goes to see the judge and the crew gets its cash.

After that, Dog, Beth and the guys go to an Ultimate Fighting Match as Beth’s “Mother’s Nite Out.” (Note to self: don’t get mad at hubby for the blender next time.)

Beth enjoyed it; Dog didn’t. He would rather not spend his off-time doing anything violent. He gets ’nuff of it at work.

Ain’t that tha truth, brutha?

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