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Do Not Waste My Time – The Benefactor, Episode 2

September 20, 2004.

Mark starts right away with picking Linda, Dominic and Shawn to be captains. Everyone looks nervous and excited. In a confessional of his own, Mark is saying that he wants to see how these three will handle responsibility which is an important part of success.

He then tells the captains that they must pick the others one by one….and the last man standing goes home. Everyone is shocked; Mario is convinced that he will be that odd man out, that the others will see him as the weakest link since he is the oldest. I think Mario may have had an experience or two like this before, maybe in school?

The picking starts with Linda, Dominic and Shawn alternating picks. The picking starts and we have Linda, Chris, Kevin and Spencer. Dominic picked Tiffaney, Femia and Christine. Shawn picks Latane and William. Mario and Kathy are the final two and Shawn says the million dollar decision is in her hands. She picks Mario because he had to make the sacrifice of leaving his family just like she did to come and play this game.

Kathy is tearful as she says her piece to the cameras before she goes home. She felt that Shawn was being unfair since Mario doesn’t have children and she has a family too. She feels that because she is in med school, others tend to think that her future is set and she doesn’t need/deserve the money.

Shawn says she dislikes women, “I hate them with all my heart”. She doesn’t like the cattiness and wants to get rid of all of them. I am not too proud to admit that this woman scares the crap outta me! She reminds me of Cruella DeVille and she teaches children! ACK!

Mark says that when it came down to it, Kathy didn’t form enough relationships with the others to stay.

Time is one of life’s most valuable possessions. Each team is now given $2500 and 3 hrs of Mark’s time to do whatever they choose. They have until the next day to plan. Mark emphasizes, “Do not waste my time.”

Team Linda is up first. Mark arrives in the am and the team has breakfast with him. Linda states, “A happy person is a person who isn’t hungry.” They say how they are proud of what they had done in a short time and Mark tells them not to get too proud yet….silence. Kevin finally breaks the awkward silence by talking about how he misses watching Oprah which results in a lot of laughing at his expense. Nice save, Kev.

They then head off to the Scottish Rite Hospital for kids to bring them toys. Great thought but Mark and his basketball team are huge supporters of this very hospital and Mark had been there before. I also know that a hospital is not a comfy place for a lot of people and they risked Mark running and screaming in terror at the first sight of body fluids! He wasn’t afraid but he was unimpressed that he, as a local celeb, was now the center of attention and Team Linda faded into the background. He told them that this wasn’t the best use of his time since he didn’t get to see them shine.

Team Rock Star is up next with Dominic at the helm. They want to show Mark a good time. To start with, a hummer limo pulls up with the 3 ladies inside and off they go to the arcade. Mark is smiling from his first site of the limo and it just kept getting bigger. He loved the arcade, played and won some games. They even had him disco dancing for some game with a mat that looked kinda like a Twister game on the floor. They ended the day with some brews and a toast. Mark stated he would pay someone to force him to have fun like this.

Lastly was Team Shawn. Mark was unimpressed at the cramped quarters of the vehicle after the nice limo ride. William drilled him with questions about taxes, investments and other nauseatingly boring topics. Mario sat between them cross eyed with boredom, I love this guy! *flash to confessional* Mario: William, if you’re gonna talk to Mr Cuban, don’t stammer!

They took Mark go karting, which he loved as much as the arcade. Things are looking good. He and Mario had a competition about who would win, like Mario was gonna beat Mark Cuban! Come on, the guy holds the million dollar cheque!

After this success, they showed the next big event. It looked like a big sling shot that shot two people straight up in the air while attached to very large rubber bands. My first thought was, I hope Mark isn’t afraid of heights. Apparently Team Shawn didn’t have this thought. Mark looked terrified and said you couldn’t pay him a million dollars to go on that thing. What else have you got? Well, nothing. So back to the mansion to sit on the lawn furniture in the yard…..doing nothing for 45 min.

Mark’s subtraction meter was working on overtime for these guys. So, he told them that he had fun with the go karts but there time management was poor. I can’t believe these people came hoping for Mark Cuban to hand them a million cool ones and they didn’t research his likes and dislikes!?!?

Mark says that Team Shawn used his time the least effectively and therefore Shawn, William, Latane and Mario have to be interviewed by his Board of Directors who will help him eliminate 2 of them. This Board of Directors consisted of 3 second graders.

The players are drilled with questions about which sport they like the most, what would they do with the money and if they had ever been to space.

William told the kids that he couldn’t give them the little girl the money…way to win ‘em over! He said his favorite sport was scuba diving which didn’t impress them but he mentioned an eel which won some brownie points. They basically called him nerdy and made fun of him as only kids can with arms flailing and tongues hanging out.

Lantane said immediately that he would give the little girl his money. He exaggerated by saying he was the tallest guy in the world, was silly when asked about mosquitoes and gave the little boy candy. He was even asking them questions back. With a team cheer at the end, he was in!

Mario was awkward but friendly. When asked about his favorite sport he talked about video games. He did ok talking about mosquitoes sucking blood and gave the kids tips on the best way to eat a crunch bar. (freezer first for all my fellow chocoholics!) The kids weren’t impressed by his Star Wars tattoos and they found him odd.

Shawn was nervous going in because she didn’t want to get eliminated by kids since she is a teacher. She used a cutesy voice for some of it, talked about wanting to go to the moon and didn’t know the name of any of the Dallas Mavericks. When asked who her favorite player was, she said #13 because 13 is her favorite number. The kids found her over the top but since #13 just happens to be their favorite player, she lucked out!

Mario and William were eliminated.

Mark told Shawn that she just squeaked by. Luck does play a role in life, in business and in this game. Mark felt that Mario was a good choice to leave….although what was he going to say, you kids sucked? He also said he knew the kids would see through William’s façade. He left the kids with a comment about one of them heading up one of his companies, a small jab at the Donald there Mark?

There are only 10 left. Next time the challenge will be individual and 4 more people will be eliminated.

by Jade


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