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Someone's Goin' Down! – Big Brother 5, September 17th

by aurora

We’re almost finished, just two episodes left. Tonight the final, most powerful HoH is crowned and the last person to be evicted will leave the Big Brother house. Will it be Drew, Diane, or Cowboy?

As usual we start off with a recap. Last week Drew was HoH and nominated Diane and Nakomis. Cowboy somehow managed to win the veto and evicted his sister Nakomis from the house. Now, on day 78, we’re about to find out how the first two parts of the final HoH competition have ended. We’ll then see the last part played live, followed immediately by the eviction. Woohoo – let’s get started!

When we last left our final three, they were perched on a platform surrouded by rocks, holding onto their keys, and preparing for a long evening of endurance. The added bonus was that the platform shook like an earthquake at random intervals, making it difficult for the houseguests to stay at their posts. Cowboy is right in his element here, saying that it’s just like riding a bull. He holds his hand up like he’s holding a lasso when the thing starts to shake. They all talk about being the final three, and Cowboy says in the diary room that “y’all must hate me now” for evicting his sister.

About 20 minutes into the endurance competition, Diane decides she wants to put her hair up. The only problem is that she can’t do it with one hand. She asks Drew for help but he refuses. Cowboy steps up and while he’s wrapping the elastic around Di’s hair, his other hand slips off his key. He’s toast. Diane is feeling guilty, and Cowboy is very angry. “That’s what I get for being a nice guy” he says and walks into the house.

Diane and Drew talk about who’s going to throw the competition. Apparently the plan was to let Diane win it, but Drew second-guesses that idea after Cowboy’s departure, thinking Di might be feeling guilty about the pony tail thing. 25 minutes later, the platform begins to shake and Diane slips off. Drew wins the first part of the HoH competition.

Drew thinks that Diane threw it, and he’s upset with her. In the kitchen he tells her that he has trust issues again. They make up of course, and plan for the final two.

As Diane heads off to the diary room, Drew and Cowboy discuss their plans for the final two. It’s hard to tell at this point who Drew is playing and who he wants to keep. Cowboy is upset that he lost the challenge, but thinks he can step up his game and win part two.

Speaking of part two…it’s time for it to begin. The houseguests retreat to the backyard to find two giant DNA strands along with discs that have the faces of all the houseguests on them. The DNA strands contain eight clue bars which have questions on them that can be answered with two houseguests’ pictures. Basically Diane and Cowboy have to match the pictures to answer the questions, but the catch is that the pics only move in one direction, so if they get one wrong they have to start all over again.

Di starts off quickly, but gets stumped on the third question: Who was morphed with the twins in the Morph-o-matic challenge? Cowboy finally catches up and struggles with the same question, but gets it on the fourth try. As Diane continues to blunder through this third question, Cowboy plugs along and gets a substantial lead. Eventually Diane decides to match up the faces for the other questions to give her fewer options for the one she’s stumped on. This still doesn’t work though, and Cowboy ends up winning. Take a moment to let this sink in – Cowboy beat Diane in part two of the competition.

Diane is really upset, and goes into the house crying. She says privately that it bothered her to lose to Cowboy more than anything. She walks through the house saying, “I hate you Cowboy, you’re going down SO hard!”, while Drew and Cowboy hug each other and do the horseman giddy-up thing in the backyard.

Drew goes to comfort Diane, and she tells him that she feels like she let him down. She’s really angry, and says again that Cowboy’s going down. He doesn’t deserve to win this game, and they can’t let that happen.

Julie now joins the houseguests live. She reminds them that the winner will be crowned in four days. She asks them who they miss the most. Drew misses Scott because of his crazy antics, Cowboy misses everyone, and Diane misses Will and Lori. The next question from Julie is about who they’re most worried about seeing once they’re out of the house. Drew: Marvin and Karen. Cowboy: no one. Diane: Holly, for sure.

Now we get to catch up with Mike, Lori, Holly, Scott, and Jase – the early boots who didn’t make the jury. Mike is back home and says he doesn’t get recognized; nothing’s changed in his life. He thinks Drew and Cowboy will be the final two. He also doesn’t regret anything about his time in the house. He couldn’t bring himself to act intimidated by Scott and Jase, which he thinks led to his demise. He’s impressed with Diane’s gameplay.

Lori says she’s the one who took the money and ran. She gets asked a lot if she thinks she made the right decision, and she absolutely does. She was shocked when Will was evicted, but loved his parting words to Adria (if karma is a boomerang, I’ll see you sooner than later), and Adria’s reaction (Karma? What’s karma? Did he mean Karma Electra?).

Scott ‘the Savage’ is shown without his mandanna, and I gotta say he should just wear the thing permanently. Early male pattern baldness anyone? He can’t go out anywhere without people asking him for his autograph. *insert eyeroll here* He’s rooting for Cowboy to win it all. Jase’s final words to him ticked him off, so they don’t talk to each other now.

Finally, we get to catch up with Jase and Holly (whether we want to or not). Holly explains that Jase’s reaction to her meeting him when he was evicted was just because he was really nervous. They’re still together and are having a great time. I like Holly, but Jase…oh my. He’s covered in lipstick kisses, and wearing more eye makeup than Julie Chen. He says that he doesn’t talk with Scott at all, but he still thinks he came out ahead because he got a great girl. Jase wants Cowboy to win, because if either of the other two wins he’ll “vomit for like a month straight”.

Just when we thought it would never happen, the final part of the HoH competition is underway. Drew and Cowboy are sitting in little cubicles with the letters A and B in front of them. The task is easy – Julie will ask multiple choice questions based on the opinions of each of the jury members. Drew and Cowboy have to pick A or B for each question, and they’ll get a point for each correct answer. The competition goes something like this:

Question 1: Karen said her biggest regret was

A) not breaking up Drew and Diane
B) voting out Adria over Cowboy

answer: A
both get it wrong

Question 2: Natalie said the person she most wants to maintain a friendship with after the game is:

A) Cowboy
B) Drew

answer: B
Drew gets a point

Question 3: Marvin said the houseguest that he would hate to find out he’s secretly related to is:

A) Holly
B) Cowboy

answer: B
Drew 2, Cowboy 0

Question 4: Nakomis said the houseguest whose behaviour shocked her the most was:

A) Cowboy
B) Jase

answer: A
Drew 3, Cowboy 1

Question 5: Adria said the best manipulator in the house was:

A) Diane
B) Will

answer: A
Drew 3, Cowboy 2

Question 6: Will said that if he had to marry one houseguest, it would be:

A) Drew
B) Scott

answer: B
Drew 4, Cowboy 2

Julie says “Congratulations Drew, you are the final and most powerful HoH!” She then reminds him that he has a very big decision ahead of him. Right now he’s guaranteed second place. Who he chooses to keep with him could decide whether he wins or ends up in second place. The live, final eviction begins now!

Drew sits looking shocked and scared. He has to finally make a big decision in the house, and you can tell it’s not easy for him. Julie allows the two nominees to make their final pleas.

Cowboy says that he knows Drew has a tough decision to make, but they’ve given their word to each other since day one. Whatever Drew decides, Cowboy will understand because he loves him and feels that Drew is like a brother to him.

Diane tells Drew that she cares about him more than anyone in the world, and if he votes to evict her then she’ll understand and still care about him the same way. He’s the reason that she is still there, so she wants him to know that and thank him for it.

Drew stands up and says that he knows he’s made promises to both of them, and he now has to choose between his girlfriend and his best friend. This week he’s had to keep his word with both of them, and now he’s going to have to shock one of them and he’s sorry. He wants them to understand that it’s just a game, and this is just strategy. He tells Diane that last night they had a conversation about the jury votes, and it scared him. So, this time, he chooses to evict Diane.

Diane is shocked. She’s crying and telling Drew it’s okay. They whisper a few things to each other at the door – Drew repeats that it’s just a game, and Diane says “I didn’t say that to you, but that’s okay” as she walks out the door.

Julie welcomes Diane to sit with her as they watch the reaction in the house. Drew and Cowboy are bawling like babies and hugging each other. Cowboy keeps repeating that he loves Drew, and follows him around the house. He then thanks Drew for keeping him. Cowboy’s disappointed that he couldn’t win this last HoH and save Drew from having to evict Diane, and he actually says “Fuck!” – guess the censors are gonna start putting the live stuff on a 5-second delay from now on.

Diane tells Julie that she’s shocked, but she thinks he did it for strategy purposes. She says she doesn’t remember the conversation he alluded to, but he knew that she would get more votes than him from the jury. He’s smarter than she is, she says. She also doesn’t think he can win against Cowboy. She says the relationship is real, at least she hopes so. She has no regrets except for maybe not getting rid of Cowboy. They all said all along that he would make it to the end if they kept putting him off, and that’s exactly where he’s at right now. She says her greatest moment in the BB house was winning HoH by standing on that block for over nine hours.

Now Diane gets to see her good-bye videos. Cowboy is shirtless (gak!), and of course he tells her that he loves her. Drew says something about things happening for a reason, and says it’ll be strange being apart from her for more than a minute. He’s looking forward to ‘after the show’. Diane’s not impressed with Drew’s message, and says that her vote will be a big decision, since Drew lied to her and that might hurt his vote.

Diane will be on House Calls (at CBS.com) on Monday, btw. So if you’re a fan, go check her out!

To wrap things up, Julie reminds us that the finale will air on Tuesday at 8pm ET, when the winner of Big Brother 5 will be crowned. We join Drew and Cowboy in the house to ‘eavesdrop’ for a minute, and it’s about as exciting as watching Robert Roman pick his nose. Drew is looking out the window, and Cowboy is getting something out of the fridge. Those of you with live feeds might want to use the next couple of days to detox and get back into the world of the living, since watching these two would be enough to drive you deeply into insanity.

See ya on Tuesday!

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