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Hunting for Lupulele

I ain’t gonna lie. I like Dog, the Bounty Hunter. I don’t think too many people could handle the streets and the criminals the way Dog and his crew do. I’ve got to give them big props.

The ‘apprehension’ this week is one Lupulele Antonio (aka Chrissy). I love saying Lupulele. It’s the new word of the week. Scream when I type it! LUPULELE LUPULELE. It’s even fun to spell. LUPULELE. She’s hanging in Chinatown. One of Dog’s crew describes her as “the meanest looking woman I ever saw.” Coming from that crew, whoa!!!!!

Lupulele is an alleged dope dealer who skipped bail, of course. Otherwise, why would the Da Kine Bonds crew be after her! They are hunting in Chinatown and well, Dog is quite the celebrity in the criminal community. Everyone knows he’s there rather quickly. Leland reminds us that the cameras don’t help either.

Now, let me backtrack. LUPULELE. (It’s like Pee-Wee’s playhouse with me running this review! Did I mention I’ve had a headcold and well, antihistamines do something strange to me?)

Dog is also loath to bring a girl in. Beth says he’s “too soft-hearted.” I think she’s right. He is a softie. Dog tells the crew not to “go off” on her (basically, not to hit her if it gets rough!)

In Chinatown, they go near where she lives and are casing the neighborhood. Old Chinatown is the place where the drug addicts and criminals tend to congregate. Justin thinks he’s found LUPULELE. Dog finds the LUPULELE lookalike and says to Justin, “yeah, pretty close, Justin. She’s Samoan.”

They start talking to more leads and find Darren (aka Banzai). He says he’ll help. Yeah, turns out he’s helping LUPULELE. Everytime Dog gets close, he starts to bark. He’s her lookout. When Dog figures this out, he “clips” Banzai. That’s the end of that.

They get a hot tip from a hooker. They go to the bar, which is aptly named Paradise Lost. The hooker also reminds them “that everyone knows your coming.” Somehow, I don’t think they’re prepping the welcome wagon. Neither does Dog’s team.

After a bit, Dog decides that they’ve “worn out their welcome” and they retreat. Cecily, Dog & Beth’s 11 year old daughter, has a school play today. Beth is doing Cecily’s makeup. Dog is upset. He doesn’t want her to wear any makeup. Beth wins out. She also reminds Cecily NOT to tell her dad about her boyfriend. She said, “dad’ll wig out.” He’s so overprotective and caring of his children. As a parent, I understand and appreciate that.

At school, Dog admits that he prefers the kids and babies to the parents. The parents are “different”. That’s all he’ll say. He does seem to like Cecily’s teacher. As he says, “It doesn’t hurt when you go to a parent/teacher conference, if the teacher looks like that.” He’s right. The teacher’s quite cute.

Dog enjoys these outings with his family because it reminds him that not everyone is a liar and that there is love and peace and purity in the world. It’s a great way to recharge his batteries from the bounty hunting biz.

Next day, they’re back in the thick of it. They’ve gotta catch LUPULELE. They asked Ili, a Samoan woman who knows the streets and works with them, to help. As a Samoan, she can often get an ‘in’ when the caucasian Da Kine crew can’t. Ili says she was in jail before for beating up a neighbor. Dog and Beth helped her out. They taught her how to ‘be strong.’

Ili and Dog bring their dogs. Yes, we meet Dog’s dog, Nikita. He ain’t no chihuahua. He’s a tracker and an attack dog, if necessary. A bounty hunting machine.

Ili gets Chrissy…LUPULELE…almost immediately. She starts to cry. They find out she’s only 21. The girl looks 40, but she’s only 21. Her dad’s a pastor living in Los Angeles. Dog wants to help her get away from this bad element. She’s hanging with older men and just messing up. She says she didn’t skip court, she went on the wrong day. Dog has her call home. She talks to her sister and asks her not to upset mom and dad and to “pray for me.” Her sister replies. “We do. We always do.”

Dog and Beth want LUPULELE to go home when this mess is over. Home to her parents, that is. Ili said she can hook LUPULELE up with a job as a cashier for a while, to help her out.

Wow! It’s always emotional watching this show. Of course, it would be for me. I still cry at Kleenex commercials.

Panndyra out. If you wanna talk ’bout this recap or just find a reason to type the word LUPULELE repetitively, contact me at panndyra@yahoo.com.


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