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And Then There Were Three – Big Brother 5, September 14th

by aurora

It’s a special live show tonight, and one more person will be leaving the Big Brother house…forever. Sorry, switched into Paradise Hotel mode there for a sec.

Last week, Drew won HoH. He nominated Nakomis and Diane, and now the Power of Veto is up for grabs. Nakomis is disappointed that Drew came up with some fluffy reason for nominating her – she had asked him to say that he was pissed off with her because she wouldn’t share her chips and salsa or something.

Diane and Nakomis kick back and talk about the veto. They decide that one of them needs to win it and save the other. Poor Nakomis. Meanwhile, Diane says that she doesn’t want the veto, because then she’d have to go back on her promise to Nak. For some reason this promise can’t be broken, even though Diane has broken every other one she’s made so far.

Drew and Diane huddle in the HoH room to talk strategy. Diane admits that if she wins the veto, she’d have to save Nak and boot Cowboy, since Nak and Drew are the only people she’s made promises to. Right, and now let’s talk about that swampland in Florida Diane has for sale.

Julie joins the houseguests via giant screen, and asks Diane how she likes her new duds from the luxury competition. Diane’s pleased as punch, and is wearing one of her new outfits right now. Julie then points out that the brother and sister have made it to the final four. She asks Nakomis how she thinks her father feels, seeing that the two of them have made it this far. Lame answer to a lame question – “Peachy!”

Drew is asked what advice his twin brother Ben would give him at this point in the game. He says that Ben would tell him to take things one step and a time and to keep his chin up. Ah yes, generic encouragement. And here I was hoping Drew would say, “Ben would tell me to boot Diane and start thinking with my brain instead of my…” well, you get the picture anyway.

Julie asks Cowboy what he’d do with the money if he wins. Cowboy gets a huge grin on his face and says that he wants to make a better life for his family and open a dude ranch for kids. Seriously. I couldn’t make that stuff up.

The houseguests finally find out how much longer they have to put up with each other – Julie says that the finale will be in one week. They all look very happy about this.

Now it’s time to visit the jury house, where Will and Marvin are keeping their distance from the evil twins. Will says that any place with the twins is certainly not paradise. Marvin is hoping the next person to join them will be Diane, so he can stab her in the eye with a chicken bone. I have to wonder which would be worse – a chicken bone in the eye or another week with Cowboy?

Of course the next person to join the sequester house is Karen. Marvin gives her a big ole fake hug. They watch the tape of Karen’s eviction, and later we see her sitting on the beach drawing caricatures of Cowboy ‘The Snitch’ and Diane holding a sign that reads “Trust Me”. Watch for these little nuggets on eBay soon!

Up next, the final veto competition. Each person is sent to a different room and they will be called out to the backyard one by one to do the challenge. Drew is up first. Outside there are big pictures of the houseguests along with an electrical generator and loads of extension cords. My first thought is, “Dear God, Cowboy is going to electrocute himself!”

The task is to hook up the pictures in order of who won the veto, from first week to last, with the extension cords. If they’re correct, the pictures will light up. Drew starts running around hooking up pictures and running over to the switch to see if he’s right. He gets a buzzer several times before he figures out that he forgot himself in the order. He ends up with a time of just over 14 minutes.

Next up is Diane. She says again that she doesn’t want to win the veto, but if she has to in order to prevent Nakomis from winning it then she will. She does a pretty good job of it. Cowboy comes out next and claims loudly that he has this one in the bag. He runs around like a chicken with his head cut off, and privately he says that his legs felt like they were running a marathon. Keep in mind, this is just the backyard – it’s not like he was running great distances or anything. Anyway, Cowboy gets it right on his first try and he’s done.

Nakomis is last, and it’s do or die for her. She seems to be doing very well, but has a couple of mistakes before her pictures light up.

Drew gathers everyone into the backyard to reveal the scores. He finished in 14:27, Diane in 4:14, Cowboy in 2:13, and finally Nakomis, with 6:14. Cowboy wins the veto! Who would have thought?

Julie tells us that Cowboy now has the ultimate power – whoever he chooses to veto stays, and the other person is automatically evicted. Good grief.

Nakomis takes Cowboy aside and asks him who he wants to take to the final two. He’s honest with her and says Drew, and that she must be aware of the deal that he has with Drew and Diane. Nak syas privately that this is the first time she’s heard of it flat out, and she had to pretend to know all about it. She lays it on thick, telling Cowboy that Diane would take Drew, Drew could go either way – but she would take Cowboy and he would win. He’s America’s favourite cowboy after all! (Bucket! Where’s my bucket??) She tells him that she promised Jase and Scott that she would get Cowboy to the final two, and that to her, blood is thicker than water. Privately Nak admits that she was lying, and she’s not happy about having done that.

Nak sits alone in the backyard, and when Diane comes out and asks her what’s wrong, she says nothing. Cowboy joins them and asks Nak if she’s okay, and she flips out. She’s drinking of course, which always makes things worse. She hollers and cries about not knowing what’s going on, and not liking the fact that she has to lie and cheat and steal to get ahead in this game. Diane and Drew sneak off to the kitchen, where Diane says she’s not buying this act for a second. She thinks Nak is trying to snow Cowboy, and that she (Di) is leaving now. Cowboy tries to console Nak and tells her that he needs her to be strong.

The following morning, Diane gets her time with Cowboy. She reminds him that Nakomis was trying to get him out last week, and that Diane kept him in the game. She then promises him that she will take him to the final two if he keeps her in the house. They pinky swear on it, and Cowboy says that he feels much better. Uh oh.

It’s finally time to see what Cowboy will do with his veto. Nakomis and Diane both get a chance to make their pleas to him first. Diane reminds Cowboy that she kept him in the game three weeks in a row, and asks that he honour his word to her. Nak says that her dad will ground him if he boots her.

Cowboy makes a goofy little speech, saying that his decision isn’t personal of course, but he’s a man of his word and has chosen to keep Diane in the house. Nakomis was expecting this, and takes it very well. She says that she’s probably the only person who isn’t leaving with grudges, and wishes them all the best before leaving the house.

Nak joins Julie, and tells her that she knows it’s just a game. She wouldn’t be angry if she lost a game of softball or Frisbee, so she’s not mad now. Way to go Nak, you’re probably the most mature person to leave the house…well…ever! She adds that she thinks Drew will win the game, and that if Cowboy is in the final two he won’t be getting her vote. Okay, maybe there’s a hint of a grudge there.

To close things off, we’re taken back into the backyard for the final HoH competition. It’s an endurance challenge (surprise, surprise). The three remaining houseguests have to stand on pegs on a platform that is covered in gigantic rocks, and hold onto their key. The twist? The platform shakes and moves around at random intervals. Welcome to earthquake country! As Drew, Diane, and Cowboy settle in, Julie reminds us that the next episode will air on Friday this week, with the finale coming up next Tuesday. Don’t miss it!


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