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Live Tweeting This Week With Dance Moms!

Dance Moms

Any fans of Dance Moms out there? It’s back on Lifetime this Wednesday at 10/9c with a new episode. Make sure you catch it now, as there are only two episodes left before the end of this first season. The dancers are finally reaching what they’ve been working for all season, the National Title. Abby’s dancers need a break after being on a losing streak and need to prove themselves. Melissa will have even more to worry about as she leaves the competition early for a vacation, and has to leave her ex, Kurt, to sub for her as “Dance Dad.”

If you can’t bear to watch Dance Moms alone, you can watch it this week with Holly and Christi (@dancemomholly and @dancemomchristi) who will be live tweeting during the show. You can also check in with twitter.com/lifetimetv to catch up with all the news on this show and others at Lifetime.



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