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It's the Final Four! – Big Brother, Sept. 11

[i]by atarus[/i]

We start off seeing Karen leave the house. Cowboy tells us that his heart leapt for joy since he has now survived three times on the block. Yeah, well, Marvin survived three times, but not four. We’ll see how you do. Diane makes up excuses, saying she didn’t backdoor Karen, that she didn’t tell the “complete truth.” Nakomis feels she was more surprised than Karen was, and Diane said that she never said that she wasn’t voting for Karen, all she said was unanimous. (You can hear the eyes of America rolling at that statement.) Diane makes a case to the remaining three, saying the Jury isn’t going to want to give her the money.

Drew wins HOH, and he says he’s on top of the world now that he’s guaranteed final 3. Cowboy was frustrated and pouty that Drew didn’t give him the HOH. Drew said he couldn’t live with himself if he had given CB the HOH and then gotten evicted. Drew gets stuff from home, a Counting Crows CD (Where Cowboy remarks that he was wishing for Toby Keith) and a plant that Nakomis names Piedmont. ….And oh, it’s a fake plant, too.

On another note, Diane thinks she’s getting fat. Uh-huuuuuh. Riiiiight. Nakomis says “she’s gone from a 0 to a 1, ooh!” Drew remarks that she’s got “a little growthage, but I won’t hold it against her.” Cowboy says that he’s tired of the girls complaining about their weight and then grabbing a bag of chips. We are then treated to Drew saying that he wants him, Cowboy, and Diane in the final 3, and Cowboy says that they have some work ahead of them to make sure that Nakomis gets out.

We now have a miniature table! They are amazed that Drew and Diane, the couple, and Nakomis and Michael, brother and sister, made the final 4. It’s no surprise to Nakomis that the four youngest players made the final 4, and Drew and Cowboy are proud that two of the horsemen have made it this far.

It’s time for steak-cooking! And Cowboy is not the chef he thinks he is. They have these New York strip steaks, and Cowboy completely ruins them. Drew says they’re “5 pieces of roadkill” and Nakomis wants hers medium rare, but she isn’t getting that at all. And then the houseguests enjoy their chewy steaks. Diane and Drew talk about the upcoming nomination ceremony and eviction, and Diane says that she’s volunteered to go up on the block, but she’ll be very angry if the plan backfires and she is evicted.

Now the houseguests are trashing each other’s clothes. Diane hates Drew’s Goonies shirt (I like the Goonies. 🙁 ) and Nak’s black pipe jeans. Drew says Nakomis has “alternative weird clothing” and Nakomis is annoyed with Diane’s orange fuzzy pants. And of course, nobody likes Jase’s yellow shirt that Cowboy fondly wears in rememberance.

So of course, in the luxury competition, they have to get rid of clothes. Drew goes outside and sees “the flame from hell.” It’s time for Trashin’ the Fashion, where houseguests spin a wheel to destroy others’ articles of clothing. Nakomis is first, goes “dunky dunky!” and slings something out of the house. Nobody likes Diane’s “Good Girls Finish Last” shirt and that is trashed heartily. Nak’s pants go flying, and Cowboy takes out Diane’s only Texas shirt because of a rivalry. Diane laughs and deep fries Drew’s Goonies shirt, because an ex-girlfriend gave it to him. After it’s all done, the people can strip down for extra seconds. Nakomis decides not to, but the others do. Diane (and millions of teenage girls worldwide…and probably most older women too…*shakes fist at Drew*) whistle as Drew gets down to his boxers, and then the same millions nearly puke as Cowboy does the same. Then Drew and Cowboy get all excited to see Diane in her underpants, but sadly for them, she’s wearing shorts, but we do get to see her red bra.

Then the houseguests go on their shopping spree and get as many clothes as they can. We see the four of them piling clothes onto themselves, getting as much as they can. With seconds to spare they waddle out of the house with their new digs. Cowboy tells his fiancee to “make room for some Western stuff.” Drew is “totally pumped” that he has these new clothes that would be really expensive otherwise.

And now for a public service announcement:

In a confessional, I see that Nakomis grabbed a Foamy the Squirrel T-Shirt. She is officially the best reality TV contestant female ever. Nakomis, if you read this, if you ever want to e-mail me or anything, please do! My e-mail is atarus33@yahoo.com, and if you e-mail me I’ll love you forever. You’re awesome. <3 Anyway, back to the recap. Diane gets up in the middle of the night to go pee. Cowboy and Drew decide to play a prank on Diane and Cowboy gets in bed and Drew hides. It's completely dark, and Diane comes back and gets in bed with Cowboy. After a few seconds, the jumps up and Cowboy and Drew start giggling. I must admit, this was pretty funny, I was actually laughing at them. Diane just says she's glad she didn't try to kiss Cowboy. We are then treated to a weird exchange between Drew and Diane, about how he couldn't sleep because he was worried that him and Diane might be related. It was very weird, and kinda confusing. It's nomination time! Diane says there's a plan, and she's taking a risk. Drew says he couldn't have picked a better final 4 (Scott and Jase must be rolling in their graves at that one) and his decision is really tough. The nomination ceremony occurs, and to nobody's surprise, Nakomis and Diane are up. Nak put Drew up last week, so turnabout is fair play (he doesn't mention that he put her up the week before though....lots of turningaboutness, huh?). He tells Diane, this is obviously where personal and game separates, the two of them have been close since early on. Diane really wants Cowboy to win the Veto. Cowboy says if the girls use the Veto, he could be gone. Drew says he has to win Veto to make the plan go smoothly. Who will win? Well we'll find out soon enough. Here's to hoping Nakomis can scoot by to the final 3, but if not, hey, I've been expecting it ever since I started rooting for her, Karen, Marvin, and Will. Never in the history of Big Brother has may favorite even made final 3....Marcellas and Jee both got ousted at final 5. Nakomis made it one place further....maybe next season, somebody I've been rooting for the entire time will make it to the final 2. Anyway, my e-mail in atarus33@yahoo.com if you have any thoughts. Toodles!


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