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Even Marvin Wasn't Backdoored! – Big Brother 5, September 9th

by Wumple

It’s day 70 inside the Big Brother house, and Michael and Karen are up for eviction. The evicted housguest will become the 5th member of the jury who will decide the winner of Big Brother 5.

After taking Drew off the block, Karen was nominated by default. Karen approaches Diane in the cloud room to discuss the situation. Diane says that the worst case scenario would be the voting being a tie and Nakomis having to vote out her brother, Michael.

Diane, Drew and Cowboy are in the wood room plotting. Cowboy is speaking Cowblanglish, so you can’t understand him. Diane says that Karen won’t know what’s happening until the moment she’s evicted. Diane promises Nakomis that the vote will either be unanimous or a tie. (Wow Diane, did you figure that one out all by your lonesome, or did Cowboy fill you in on it?)

Nakomis and Karen are talking about trusting Diane. They don’t believe that she could pull off a lie like that after looking them in the eyes. Outside, Cowboy babbles something about this being the only chance he had, and he looks at Drew and tells him that they will be the last two standing. Drew nods knowing full well that Cowboy will be screwed in the end. However, Diane comes out and breaks up the conversation. When Cowboy leaves, she makes Drew promise that he won’t screw her over for Cowboy, and he does.

Inside, Chenbot asks the houseguests questions. Drew says that with the double eviction, it felt like the house just got cut in half. Diane says that she knew she would make it as far as she did. Karen says she doesn’t know what she’d do if she won the money. Cowboy says that he’s leading an example for Chason.
[i]Cowboy: “If he wants to be a police office who rides motorcycles go for it Chason! If I can do it, you can!”[/i] (Hmmm, I must have missed out on the “Deputy Cowpoke.”)

Next Karen fills us in on her strategy. She does everything she can to fit in with the rest of the house. She kisses Diane, learns card games, stays up all night, sunbathes, and even began drinking coffee. She swallows her pride and she tells everyone what they want to hear. She admits that she doesn’t mind taking a backseat and letting everyone else make the decisions. She also says that part of her strategy is to be nice to the people who are going to be evicted.

Nakomis is troubled. She says that she was upset that Diane took Drew off the block, but she now knows where her and Diane stand. She hopes Karen will be here next week, but she could also go to the end with Diane. She feels that if Karen stays tonight her spot in the house is somewhat safe, however if Karen leaves, she will probably be the next one evicted. She also reveals that her brother, Cowboy, doesn’t talk to her on a daily basis, so he probably won’t side with her.

Next up is the jury house. Natalie and Will anxiously await the new juror’s arrival. As Adria turns the corner, Will screams “Oh yes!”. Will was upset that he has to be with the two of them, but at least one of them won’t win the money. Natalie shows Adria around, and they all do a champagne toast. Adria then whips out the tape for Natalie and Will to watch. Will asks Adria if her comments when she left defeated the purpose. He says they’re like two psychotic cocker spaniels gnawing at the same piece of meat, they finish each other’s sentences and then immediately jump all over you. In the midst of the chaos, Marvin slips down the stairs and informs everyone that there is a new landlord in town, and his name is Marvin. He climbs on top of the table and lets them know how he is there so soon. He admits that he kissed Diane.
[i]Marvin: “Weeeeeeeell, hey! A brother get locked up, he’ll kiss Nakomis!”[/i]

Back in the house, its time for the live vote! One at a time, Diane and Drew enter the Diary room and cast their votes.
Chenbot:”By a unanimous vote, Karen, you ARE evicted from the Big Brother house!”
Karen is visibly shaken, as she looks at Diane and thanks her for back-dooring her. Nik walks Karen to the door, and Karen says “even Marvin didn’t get back-doored.” Nakomis says that she isn’t upset at Diane, and she understands that it’s a game.

Outside, Karen fights back tears in her eviction interview. She said she knew it was coming due to Diane and Drew’s body language over the past few days. Karen brings up Diane’s promise not to use the veto when she won it last time, and she says she knew then that Diane couldn’t be trusted. Karen says she hopes Nakomis wins. (Big shocker, I know!)

Up next is the HOH competition. “Before or After”. Chenbot will read 8 questions about whether an event happened before or after another event. If they think it is before, they will step backwards, if they think it was after, they will step forward. The questions are mind numbingly easy, obviously so Cowboy will have a chance in hell at winning. However, in the end Cowboy still can’t pull it off, and Drew wins his third HOH!

Who will Drew nominate? Find out this Saturday at 10 est.


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