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Starting Over, round two

Season 2 begins September 13th.

Some of us will miss Rana Walker. Devotees will remember that Rana originally applied to BE a houseguest when she was tapped to be a Life Coach instead. She basically got steamrolled by saleswoman-turned-self-promoter Rhonda Britten. Rana is sweet and gentle, not over-the-top like you need to be on reality TV.

So Rhonda will be joined by “Inspirational speaker and best-selling author” Iyanla Vanzant and “renowned clinical psychologist” Dr. Stan J. Katz. He’s a pop psychologist who has done a lot of TV. This will be interesting, given the way the season one houseguests chewed up and spit out the hapless male therapist who got thrown at them.

Here’s the first set of HG’s for season 2:

JOSIE, who joined the cast last season while she was eight months pregnant, and her baby. In season one we loved to hate the boyfriend and possible father of the baby, the evil Jonathan.

TOWANDA, 30 years old from Atlanta, who struggles with the pressures of being in a famous family.

SINAE She’s 18 and has suffered some sort of major setback from which she needs to recover.

JENNIFER 21 and getting ready for adulthood without ever having had a childhood.

DEBORAH She’s 46 and she wants her a man.

KIM also 46, she’s rich and unhappy.

OK ladies… come out swingin!


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