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To the EXTREME – Amazing Race, Episode 10

[i]by atarus[/i]

We open up at the Victorian Memorial in Calcutta, the last pit stop. Brandon and Nicole are hiking around the memorial, asking people for some moolah since they are without. They are both uncomfortable asking for money. I could make a joke about this, but my brain is fried right now, so I won’t. Colin and Christie start off again, and the trip is headed to New Zealand! They have to fly to Auckland, and then take a drive to the Rodarua Museum. In India, you can’t make international flights from the airport, so they have to travel to an agency first. Christie says that her and Colin need to be okay when things aren’t going perfectly. Personally, I think they need to be “okay” all the time. Maybe then I wouldn’t hold my head when Colin talked.

Chip and Kim have been nice to C/C so far, but they need to batten down the hatches and start playing harder. (Am I the only one that sees ominous foreshadowing in this? They’ve been playing up the Chip vs. Colin scenario for a while now.) Brandon and Nicole finally start getting some money from some nice people. $$$ is the good stuff, yo. Linda and Karen’s goal is to stay in the top 3. I must say, the moms have definitely been growing on me since the beginning of the race. C/C and C/K get their tickets at the travel agency, and so do Linda and Karen. Linda/Karen get a flight as well, but a different one. Kami/Karli get a flight but they want to get a better one once they get to the airport.

C/C and C/K reach the airport at the same time, and C/C manage to get the only flight on Singapore Air, once again getting a lead ahead of everyone. Kim complains that they need to start being more aggressive, as they get a flight that will arrive 20 minutes later than Colin and Christie. Brandon and Nicole get on the same flight as Chip and Kim. Kami and Karli are on the phone trying to get a faster flight, but they aren’t having any luck. L/K are on a flight that arrives 25 minutes later than Chip/Kim. K/K are unsuccessful in their attempts, so everyone heads to Bangkok. Colin and Christie depart first, the lucky SOBs that they are. The twins decide to try to lie their way onto a quicker flight, but are shot down by the airport person, so they end up with C/K and B/N, except they dont’ have the direct flight that the other two teams do, so they will arrive later.

The teams arrive in Auckland, and Chip and Kim and the twins promptly get lost trying to find Highway 1. The other three teams are ahead of them. There is a Yield at the Rotorua Museum, but C/C decide not to use it. They are faced with a Detour, Clean or Dirrrrrty. In Clean, they drive 13 miles to do an adventure sport called sledging, require them to ride down rapids on a thing called a sledge. It looks like humungo fun. In Dirty, they have to find a karaoke bar and sing a horrible Christina Aguilera song. Er, I mean, they have to go to Hell’s Gate and search through boiling mud for the clue, which according to Phil, “could take a very long time.”

C/C decide to do sledging, and when Colin questions Christie’s map-judging skills (hey, with my experience with women and maps, he had a right to….just kidding, please don’t kill me) Christie gives him a piece of her mind. Colin, for the first time ever, says “You’re right, I’m wrong.” It’s a landmark event, people. Brandon and Nicole arrive next, and decide to do the mud-searching. Linda and Karen, however, decide to do the sledging. I, personally, have so much respect for the moms, they have done pretty much every hardcore thing you could do in this race, and they’re always so plucky about it.

Colin is having a blast doing the sledging, ’cause he’s Colin TO THE EXTREME. If Colin were an AOLer, this would be my impression of him: OMG THIS IS SO KEWL, RAWK ON!!!!!1 In the tricky editing of CBS, you see Christie’s sledge flipped over, and for a brief moment, you think that maybe, just maybe, Christie drowned. But she hasn’t, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. C/C get the next clue, and they have to go to the Manaparra Farms (I think?) for the next clue. Meanwhile, we switch back to Chip and Kim, who are barely ahead of the twins. Chip and Kim, being his goofy self, decides to trick the twins into thinking he was going to Yield them, but he doesn’t, because he thinks the moms are still behind them. But then he finds only two clues in the clue box. And Chip goes “Rut-roh!” The twins get a breath of life, but promptly screw it up by deciding to do Dirty, not knowing that Brandon and Nicole have been doing that for the past hour. Chip and Kim decide to sledge.

The moms are a bit nervous about the rapids, as Linda says “They’re screwing the helmet to my head! This can’t be good!” But once they get going, they start whoopin’ it up. C/C reach the Roadblock, and find out they have to roll in a New Zealand thing called a Zorb. They roll down the hill in the Zorb, and then hamster-wheel themselves to the finish line, and then run up a hill to the Pit Stop. Now, as soon as I saw the Zorb, I was like SO COOL. If I were on TAR, there would have been a fight between me and my partner on who would get to do it, because I would SO want to do that. And once again, we are witness to Colin TO THE EXTREME, batteries not included. He gets in the EXTREME Zorb, and rolls down the hill EXTREMELY, and then rocks out TO THE EXTREME as he finishes. And then C/C finish first TO THE EXTREME, but not really, since they’ve been first so many times it’s not a surprise anymore. *yawn* Oh, and they get a trip too. I think C/C are going to be vacationing in different places for a good month thanks to CBS. The moms, plucky as ever, manage to finish in second!

K/K are on their way to Dirty, and just hope the other teams are having as much bad luck as they are. Brandon, getting frustrated with the mudhunting, finally invokes prayer to the Lord. And lo and behold, the Lord shineseth down upon the models, and they find their clue. (True miracle, or CBS editing? You decide.) They’re off to Manaparra Farms. I love how Nicole looks at the clue, sees “Wild Ride” and tells Brandon to do it. But yes, the models finish third.

So now it’s a race between Chip and Kim and Kami and Karli. Blast you Chip for not using that Yield and giving me an increased heart rate for the last ten minutes of the show! Kami and Karli are digging through the mud, and Chip and Kim are sledging their way to a clue. Who will get their clue first?! The car rolls up to Manaparra Farms, aaaand….it’s Chip and Kim! And I nearly pass out. Chip does the Zorb, and they run in and get fourth! Phil talks to Chip, and Chip exclaims that the moral of this leg is “USE THE YIELD!” Thus, after two non-elimination legs in a row, the twins are eliminated from the race.

The next episode, Chip fights his fear of heights, Colin and Christie have a meltdown (what’s new?), and one team faces the “ultimate betrayal” in terms of Yield use. My prediction is that somehow Chip and Kim beat C/C to the Yield and use it on them, since the relationship between those two teams is really the only one that has been focused on, of the four remaining teams. But we’ll see. If you nearly had a heart attack when Chip and Kim were almost eliminated, please e-mail me at atarus33@yahoo.com! Until next time!


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