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They've Got a Plan! – Big Brother 5, September 7th

by Lisa

As tonight’s episode begins we recap last Saturday’s eviction of Marvin. Nakomis, the new HOH, has Cowboy worrying that he may indeed be put on the block a second time, even though she promised him it would never happen again. Nakomis yells at Adria for breaking a promise, but she can do it with no problems. For once, Karen regrets throwing a competition and wishes she had won HOH. Well, Karen, you have no idea how much that mistake may have cost you.

Nakomis gets her HOH goodies once again. A Nine Inch Nails cd is included. She then basically tells Cowboy, oh, well, remember that promise we had? Yeah, I’m going to have to break that again because I’m a total hypocrite. Karen, meanwhile, has issues with trusting Diane, but not much is done about it.

Now we move onto the story of Kung Fu Cowboy. He states that he’s had a few lessons in his day, but Diane highly doubts that is a reality.

Now, onto some major game scheming. Diane brings into existance the very idea that will cause the demise of Karen, and most likely Nakomis in the following week. The plan is, basically, to have Cowboy and Drew nominated, Diane win veto, save one of them, and Karen is forced up on the block. Karen is then voted out unanimously, and a helpless Nakomis can’t compete for next week’s HOH. Will the plan succeed? Can Diane successfully screw over her two supposed allies? We shall see very shortly.

Now we move onto a segment dedicated to the wonderful fish that us live feed viewers lovingly see half of every day. The girls like to name the fish and compare the one that rubs against the other fishies to Marvin. How exciting, you can tell they’re going crazy with boredom.

Now onto the nomination meeting. So surprisingly, Nakomis breaks her promise to Cowboy again and nominates Cowboy and Drew. I guess her deal with Cowboy didn’t count because no pinkies were involved, so silly of Cowboy to trust in his own sister to keep a promise. I wouldn’t send her a Christmas card this year if I were him.

Now onto the pivotal Veto competition. Diane, Drew and Cowboy plan to find a way for Diane to win it. If they can throw it so Diane wins, both Cowboy and Drew will do so. Before the competition, Cowboy and Drew are both in the workout room praying for a miracle so that they will both survive in the game. I hope they get it, it’s about damn time they get a good break in the game.

Time for veto! Every houseguest is locked in a cage, and has to find a way to reach keys on a far off podium using a vast array of items before them. Once they get the keys, they can unlock the door, and must run over to hit a button to light up their podium. What’s important to note in this is the fact that they were allowed to choose their own cages. Drew and Diane were next to each other on the end, with Cowboy next to Drew. Drew and Cowboy gave both of their golf clubs to Diane, so that three clubs together could reach the keys. Cowboy does a fantastic job of acting like he’s trying to win by banging on a pink plastic flamingo constantly. As the competition goes on, Karen and Nakomis look more and more confused. Karen sits fiddling with an apron. Nakomis seems to be the second farthest along, and is the greatest competition for Diane. However, the three person effort is impossible to overcome. Diane, with the help of Cowboy and Drew, reaches the keys, and wins the veto!

Afterwards, Nakomis wonders why Cowboy lent his club to Diane. She understands Drew helping, but not Cowboy. Oh, Nakomis, you have no idea what’s going to happen, just wait and you will see. Nakomis at least realizes that Diane will probably use the veto on Drew, forcing Karen onto the block. However, it seems like Karen and Nakomis trust in Diane and really believe that Cowboy wil be going, and Karen is safe.

Before the veto meeting, Diane informs Nakomis that she will probably veto Drew to prove she is trustworthy. Nakomis begins searching for a way to convince Diane to not do so to save her close ally, Karen, from nomination. Nakomis tells Diane that Drew put Diane on the block once, and herself on the block twice. Why Diane should care about Nakomis being on the block, I have no idea. I think it’s just Nakomis searching for a way to change Diane’s mind, but that’s not going to happen.

Now, onto the veto meeting. Each boy pleads his case. Drew says that he will respect Diane’s decision no matter what, and Cowboy requests that she save Drew. As Diane begins her speech, it becomes more and more clear to Karen and Nakomis that she will use it. Karen looks like she’s going to be sick as she realizes that she will be forced on the block. Diane officially saves Drew, and Nakomis is forced to nominate Karen. The plan is off and running according to design. Will it all follow through? If so, Karen sure will be surprised come Thursday night!


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