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Apprehension Olympics — Episode 3

Team #1 is the vets, Dog & Beth vs. Team #2, the little ‘DOGS’, Leland and Justin. The object of the competition is to catch the bail jumper first. Simple, right? Beth & Dog have no real leads yet; Leland & Justin have an address. They think that means they’re gonna win. We shall see, right?

Leland has been a bounty hunter for 7 years. Justin, who looks at Dog like a surrogate daddy, is relatively new to the biz. They get going. Cut to Dog & Beth. Dog sends Beth into the gas station to ‘ask for directions’ ‘cuz ‘men don’t do that.’ (Don’t I know that! My husband would rather die than admit he was lost.)

The young guns have Toni as their bail jumper. She’s wanted for possession of drugs. She made all but her last court appearance, so she’s running scared. The contact for Toni is her ex-boyfriend. He’s still responsible for the bail money if Toni doesn’t show because he co-signed for it. Leland explains that to him. He ain’t happy ‘bout it, ‘cuz he’s missing work and well, he and Toni aren’t exactly on speaking terms.

Cut to Dog and Beth. They are trying to find Augustine. He’s another drug issue. While checking out some leads, Dog tells Beth to put on her belt. She says, “no, it doesn’t match my outfit.” Oh Beth! Not many things match bondage chic, do they?

Augustine’s ‘girlfriend’ doesn’t want to turn him over, but she doesn’t want to pay the cash either. Someone at her house (another male, maybe her bro) takes Dog & Beth to him. Augustine doesn’t put up a fight. They take him back to see his kids. He has 3 with this girl. Of course, Beth asks him what he was doing kissing another girl at the beach. Augustine says he got a new girlfriend when his other girlfriend kicked him out. He was lonely.

Beth scoffed at that. When Augustine saw his youngest (the baby), he started to cry. So did Dog. When they get back to the office, Dog talks to Augustine and tells him, “you’re a dad. Act like one.” Dads set rules and have to be an example. Dog also discusses how, when he got out of a Texas prison in 1979 for murder, he only wanted to be a daddy to Leland, which is what helped turn his life around. Well, that and Jesus.

Leland and Justin still haven’t found their gal. Dog and Beth won the challenge, but they’re not gonna let the pups know ‘cuz they won’t work as hard. Leland and Justin ask for Ili’s help. She’s another bounty hunter and a native. She tracks down Toni and sets up a meeting with her at the Waikiki Convention Center to get some “ice.”

When Beth hears that they enlisted help, she was like…that’s a cheat. Dog gets serious and asks if he ‘got thru to Augustine.’ Beth said yes. Dog said something to the effect of, “it’s god guiding me, dude, but sometimes he has to scream.”

Beth quips. “Nah. That’s me screaming.” I think I’m on her side for that one.

Dog & Beth meet up with Ili, Leland & Justin. Together, they apprehend Toni. Toni is told to get rid of whatever drugs she has on her so she won’t have another case on her. Justin & Leland still think they’ve won until they get back to “headquarters”. Dog & Beth gloat in their victory. Dog finishes by telling Leland, “You put up a good fight, son.”

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