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Daddy's Not-So Little Boy — Episode 2

I’ve got lots of Dog ground to make up here, people. I have been remiss with this show. It’s been a hectic few weeks, so bear with me.

Ha, dog, bear…I kill me.

This episode, which aired last week, (so shoot me with a can of mace people), was all about Dog and Leland’s relationship. Beth starts out by saying that the two of them are quite an effective capture crew. Dog is on his way to Kona, where Leland manages a branch of the [b]Da Kine Bonds’[/b] business. Dog wants to help Leland catch some of his more difficult cases. He’s so protective of his pup when he says, “They shouldn’t jump bail on MY SON!”

They start out their morning with a workout. Dog reminds the audience that they are not trained to kill, just apprehend. Dog then waxes nostalgic about his and Leland’s past, which wasn’t always rosy.

After Dog got out of prison in the late 70s, he had lost his little boy. (Leland’s now 27). Dog searched for him and ‘met’ Leland officially when the boy was 8. Dog wells up with emotion when he tells us that Leland was scared of him and couldn’t call him ‘dad’ for a long time. When Leland was an adolescent, about 12 or 13, his mother sent him to live with Dog. He was getting into trouble and all sorts of stuff.

Dog is proud to say that Leland is the only one of his 12 children thus far to have graduated from high school. He’s also the only one, thus far, to go into the business too. Dog has three little ones with Beth, remember.

[b]Da Kine Bonds[/b] posted Paki’s bail for domestic abuse. Paki is a Samoan boxer. Dog watches as Leland tries to [i]sniff out[/i] Paki’s scent. He calls around some people who don’t like Paki to see if they’ll [i]squeal[/i]. Paki is pretty easily caught. He doesn’t put up a fight. In fact, he tells Dog he wants to work for him someday.

Of course, Leland played the ‘intimidation’ card. It seems that Dog’s rep precedes him as a tough guy. Paki shows up, they apprehend him pretty easily and move onto the next dude, McCaleb Wicker. Dog steps back a bit more and lets Leland take the lead on this one. They catch him fairly easily as well. Dog calls Beth at home with the kids. He tells them he got a ‘2-banger’. I bet that used to have a different meaning!

Anyway, the kiddies cheer on the apprehension. Dog and Leland and Leland’s son go to the beach to enjoy the rest of the day. We see three generations of Chapmans frolic in the sun and sand. It’s sooooooooooo cute.

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