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All Crazy People Up In There! – Big Brother, Saturday, Sept. 4

[i]by atarus[/i]

We start off seeing Adria’s eviction in black and white. Diane comments that she walked away from the fight between Adria and Marvin before she opened her big mouth, although it was awesome listening to Marvin whip Adria. Karen wanted to crawl under a rock, while Marvin says he wouldn’t have backed down. Nakomis is glad that Marvin decided to speak out, because it makes him stick out like a sore thumb.

Then we see a black and white shot of the HOH competition. Karen says she threw it to avoid the spotlight. Drew is pumped about getting letters from home, he gets University of Miami (EW! I KNEW there was something demonic about Drew) stuff, as well as letters from his mom, bro, and dad. Diane comments that “Ben and Drew in the same room is too hot for me.”

Drew has three hours to nominate somebody. He talks with Cowboy, and says he wants to get out of the next two days without anyone mad at him. Drew then talks to Karen, says that Marvin and Diane are tight. Drew states that knowledge is power in this game, so he wanted to talk to everybody. Marvin said last week that Drew should have been put up to “get his feet wet” if somebody used the Veto on Cowboy. Drew asks Diane why she didn’t tell him about this, and Diane goes into a hissy fit because she didn’t know anything about it. Drew states that as soon as Marvin got HOH, he saw her change. Diane begins crying, and later tells Karen that she’s sick of Drew accusing her of things.

Drew has to nominate people. He calls them to the table for the ceremony. He pulls the keys, and Karen, Cowboy, and Nakomis are safe. Diane and Marvin are up. He tells Marvin that he sees him as a threat and a salesman. He then spouts off something about trust to Diane, which I didn’t catch or quite understand.

Marvin confesses that Drew putting up Diane is a joke, and Drew is spineless. Diane explains to Marvin that she’s not up as a pawn, she had no idea. Then we are treated to a conversation between Drew and Diane. Diane asks Drew “Do you trust me?” and Drew says “Hold on.” …?!?!?!?!?! Drew is on crack, as she repeats her question, he repeats his answer, and she goes into the bathroom. Later, in the HOH room, Diane says she feels like she’s talking to a whole ‘nother person. Drew is trying to make them not look as close. Diane again asks, do you trust me? Drew then gets in Diane’s face, saying she needs acting skills, and she needs to be natural. Diane says are you trying to put me through Hell? Then she leaves. Drew states that you can tell Diane to do something, but she won’t play it as well. He says he doesn’t trust her, and he never fully will.

Diane tells everyone before the competition that she if she wins the Veto, she won’t use it, and everyone has to play hard to keep it from Marvin. Veto looks like a huge Skeeball arena, and they have to bounce balls into the targets. Marvin states that Cowboy is the least coordinated individual on the planet Earth, and that he’s planted a voodoo forcefield around his little ball thing. Cowboy gets the stellar time of 3:47. Karen goes next, and she has a blast. She gets a time of 1:37, half of Cowboy’s. Nakomis rocks out, until she gets to Marvin’s, who still has his forcefield up, and she gets 2:08. Drew the basketball star gets 1:29. Diane says she will bleed for the Veto, and gets 1:20. Marvin tries to step it up, but forgot to turn his own forcefield off, and got 2:02.

Diane wins the Veto, and shortly thereafter at the Veto ceremony, she takes herself off the block. Nakomis is put up in her place. Karen says that Diane using the Veto cast a shadow of doubt over her. Marvin says it’ll take an act of God AND Congress to save him.

For the pseudo-live eviction ceremony, Marvin makes his plea in the form of appreciating hanging with the group, and that when he gets his own sitcom, he’ll put you in it if you vote to save him. Nakomis says she doesn’t have anything new to say. Cowboy, Karen, and Diane all vote to evict Marvin. Marvin walks out holding Karen’s hand, Nakomis tells him to have a six-pack waiting for her. After Marvin left, Cowboy says that he took it like a man.

Julie greets Marvin with “You bolted out of that house.” He just laughs. She asks him about Diane. He says he doesn’t hold anything against her. He was hoping to get Cowboy up against him because he felt he had a chance against Cowboy. When asked about Adria, he says “don’t throw Bible verses at me” and he wasn’t going to let her run her mouth at them as she left. At the Jury house, he says that as long as she stays out of his way, he’ll stay out of hers. On going back in the house…”All crazy people up in there!”

The HOH competition is that they are secretly removing items from the house. The houseguests slowly notice things disappearing and reappearing. For the HOH competition, they are asked questions about the things that disappeared and reappeared. Nakomis gets 3 answers first, and she is the first person to get HOH three times! What will happen? Tune in Tuesday! This is Atarus, signing off. Drop me a line at atarus33@yahoo.com if you think Nakomis is extremely gorgeous and you want her to win!


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