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The Hyper-Speed Eviction – Big Brother 5 Live Feeds, September 3rd

by aurora

Nominations, a veto competition, a veto ceremony, and an eviction! It’s a busy couple of days for the hamsters in the Big Brother 5 house, so let’s find out how everything unfolded. Warning: the following article contains spoilers – don’t read it if you want to be surprised on Saturday’s show!

After Adria’s live eviction on Thursday night, Drew became the next Head of Household. Only hours after winning the title, he is forced to make his nominations in this super-speed elimination round. He takes a long time, looking at all the keys and talking with Karen and Diane. He then has a conversation with Cowboy, which results in the idea of putting up Marvin and Diane. Marvin is the one they want gone, but Cowboy reasons that if Marv gets himself off the block with the veto, they can always evict Diane.

Marvin knows he’s the one being targeted, and tries to work on Cowboy for his vote. He goes so far as to promise to try and sway the jury votes CB’s way if he leaves. Meanwhile Diane and Drew argue about trust. Drew hints that Diane is the pawn, but she’s too upset to pick up on it. The houseguests head to bed – tomorrow’s going to be a long day!

The veto competition is scheduled for 9am. Drew is informed that he has to be out of the HoH room by noon.

Diane wins the veto and quickly heads to the HoH room to discuss her next move with Drew. Apparently these two have kissed and made up, but they want the rest of the house to think they’re still upset with each other. Diane plans to use the veto to remove herself from the block, but she doesn’t want the other girls to be angry with her. Drew decides he will put Karen up in Di’s place, with the intention still to have Marvin evicted. Drew and Diane both agree that the two of them plus Nakomis and Karen would be the perfect final four.

Before the veto ceremony, Karen deals with the stress by baking. Nakomis asks Diane what she will do, and Diane says she doesn’t know. Nak tells her that either way, she’s safe. Meanwhile, Cowboy heads off to have his own session with Drew. Drew says he’s afraid of the girls coming after him if he puts one of them up. Cowboy pleads with Drew not to put him on the block. “I’ll have a heart attack!” he says. Cowboy thinks that ‘one of them girls’ is going to win the whole game, but he wants to ‘go down with flames blazing’.

Diane keeps changing her mind – she’s going to use the veto, she’s not going to use the veto. Marvin gets very angry with her, and Diane finally yells at him to stop talking sh*t about her. Tensions are high in the house, and the drama just keeps on coming! This is a producers’ dream come true.

The veto ceremony took place at about 1pm. Diane finally decides to use the veto and remove herself from the block. Drew puts up Nakomis in her place. Nakomis and Drew had spoken earlier about this, so it was no big surprise.

The houseguests proceed to make lunch, and are told that the “live” show will be on in an hour. Guess Julie Chen is taking the long weekend off, so the live show is actually taped.

Marvin ponders the fact that he’s gone from HoH to sitting on the block, as Karen does his hair for the show. The houseguests gather in the living room for the live vote and eviction.

It’s a sad day for Marvin fans, as he is evicted and walks to the door. Immediately following Marvin’s departure, there is a new HoH competition that we don’t get to see – but Nakomis re-enters the house wearing the HoH key.

You can watch all of this unfold Saturday night on Big Brother 5.

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