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She Blinded Me With Science Big Brother 5, September 2nd

by Wumple

Previously on Big Brother, Marvin nominated Adria and Cowboy for eviction. After an intense veto ceremony, the nominations remained the same. Chenbot then reveals that this week will be a double elimination week, with another houseguest being evicted this Saturday.

After the veto ceremony, Adria immediately cornered Karen in the backyard. She says she has no respect for most of the other people in the house. The others are inside laughing about how Adria just won’t leave Karen alone.
[i]Diane: “We nicknamed Adria the plague because you just can’t get away from her.[/i]
Adria is complaining that no one will even acknowledge her name, and she says she prays for these people everyday because they need it. That night, she corners Karen again. She says that she’s been herself with Karen. Except for those few little details there in the middle.
[i]Karen: “Those were kinda big details.”[/i]
Adria doesn’t think its fair that she’s on the block again this week. She’d rather see someone like Karen be sitting there in the end than these people who are running the game for her. Karen begins her Adria repellent technique. . . crying. And with that, their conversation is over.

Next she’s in the cloud room brainwashing Drew. She’s upset that she “can’t do nothin”. She wants to make it a tie so that Marvin can decide. Of course the dumbass folds, and agrees with everything she says. He thinks she’s stuborn, and he doesn’t like how she’s been acting around Marvin this week. Drew thinks its ridiculous the way the others are treating Adria.

Outside, Drew and Karen are discussing Adria. They liked her without her twin, and then say that the Adria in power is so different from the Adria without power.

Back in the house, Chenbot asks the house guests questions. Karen says she’s glad she’s no longer shooting blanks in here with her veto win. Cowboy wants to thank the fans for him winning America’s Choice. Drew says the Big Brother game will help him “make it” outside of the house easily. Nokomis says it was easy to stop smoking, and then Chenbot tries to use the term “cool beans.” To no avail.

Marvin devises a plan to break up Diane and Drew. He hugs Diane and kisses her on the head. He does it in front of Cowboy, who, being a complete dumbass, takes it out of context. Being the snitch he is, he ran and told Drew about this, making it seem like they had a real kiss. Drew confronts Diane about it, and Diane doesn’t even remember it. He tells her that’s not the type of person he wants to be with, and she begins to cry. He then reveals that he was joking.

Next up, Chenbot interviews Marvin. He says that getting her out is a strategic decision. He says that he’s aligned himself some with Diane, and she is the only person he considers himself to be aligned with.

In the jury house, Will awakens to find that mother nature is having a bitch-fest, and he takes it as a message that something is about to go down. Natalie meets him at the bottom of the stairs and they hug. Natalie says that the hug was genuine and she thinks he’s a beautiful person and she has no hard feelings against him. Will doesn’t think the same way, as he winks and crosses his fingers during the hug. He gives her a tour of their humble abode.
[i]Natalie: “The only thing missing is my husband.”
Will: “Me too”[/i]
Natalie pulls out the tape of last week, and they watch it together. Will openly cheers for Nokomis.
[i]Will: “She told me she would avenge my departure, and she sho did!”[/i]
He’s happy that the boomerang came back around and “wapped the bitch right between the eyes”.
Natalie can’t resist at taking a shot at Nokomis’ actions by saying that he’s like Charles Manson having people on the outside do his dirty work.

Back in the house, the two nominees are given a chance to plead their case. Cowboy says it was tough going against the twins in back-to-back weeks. He loves them like sisters, and if he leaves this week, he knows he’s friends with everyone.
Adria says she feels honored that she has had this experience and the opportunity to meet all these people. She asks that people honor their commitments to her, just as she did. She feels blessed.

Next up is the live vote. Nokomis, Drew, Karen, and Diane all vote to evict Adria, making it unanimous.
Chenbot: “By a unanimous vote, Adria, you ARE evicted from the Big Brother house.
Adria walks to the door, and it looks as though she’s handling it well. WRONG! She gets to the door and can’t resist spewing some final nuggets of crap. She decides to turn the house into damn Jeopardy, and asks the others if they know what her favorite moment in the house was. The others don’t respond, and she tells them that it was when Natalie and herself both fooled all of them. She’s proud of the person she’s upheld and everyone’s been in her prayers. She says that she’s glad she’s been in this position so she knows who some of the others really are, and who to vote for. She says that “she’s talking for Natalie too because that’s two votes.”

It’s at this point that Marvin chokes on the bullcrap sandwich, and regurgitates it back in her face.
[i]Marvin: “I thought you were separate though? Don’t be mad at us because you decieved us from day one.” [/i]
They argue back and forth some, but she can do nothing but run out the door with a laugh as Marvin says
[i]”Damn she’s got a mouth!”[/i]
Of course with CBS’s prized twin twist gone, Chenbot tries to kiss her ass.
Chenbot: You went out with guns blazing. (Sure, if by “guns blazing” she means “she got her head blown off on live TV.”, then yeah, guns blazing!)
Back inside, Marvin and Diane are pissed
[i]Marvin: “She’s so sanctimonious and pompous”. “Oh I’m sorry, you’re separate, you’re separate entities” “She makes me want to vomit”.[/i]

Adria says she’s rooting for Karen, Drew, and Cowboy to win. She then continues to spew more of her crap. She says the others weren’t able to be team players, and they couldn’t keep commitments unlike her. Alzheimers is apparently hereditary, and its a wonder her and her sister aren’t bed-ridden.
In the goodbye videos,
Nokomis says she kept true to her promise, and that’s why Adria’s there.
Marvin says she’s a hardcore gamer and he admires her tenacity.
Cowboy says he’s sorry for the week she’s had
Diane says that trust has been broken all throughout the game.
Drew says he’s never looked up to someone as much as her and she was put out for juvenile reasons. (Of course a person who was aligned with Jase for 5 weeks knows all about juvenile!)

The HoH power is up for grabs! “Chemical Reaction” They are asked a series of true of false questions. They will answer their questions by pouring a liquid from either their true or false beaker. If the liquid turns blue, they are correct and they move on. If the liquid doesn’t change color, they are incorrect and have been eliminated from the game. Diane and Nokomis blatantly throw the competition, and Drew is left with HOH.

After the break the house guests are informed that in less than 48 hours, another houseguest will be evicted. Later that night, there will be another nomination ceremony, followed by the veto, veto ceremony, and another eviction – just in time for Saturday’s show.


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