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Project DNA … A Failure – Big Brother 5, August 31st

by LauraBelle

I am left thinking that Big Brother producers should consider “Project DNA” a failure. Of course, this all depends on what they had set for the intended outcome for this season. If they had intended on the surprise twists of twins and newly-found half-siblings bonding them with their housemates and each other, they failed miserably. If they had intended for the surprise twists to be a ratings boost, then perhaps they succeeded.

From the beginning of tonight’s show, we are being ushered through it quickly, after not having a Saturday show, but still needing to choose people for eviction, and hold a veto competition and Power of Veto meting. Although all originally were upset after Natalie’s elimination last week, no one seems too upset today, including her twin, Adria. Cowboy originally says he shed a tear and felt like he lost his sister. Shortly after, he is saying he does not feel totally safe, being that Marvin, the new Head of Household, can be a wildcard. Adria starts talking of how much she treasures family; soon she is telling us she feels safer with Natalie gone. With her partner in crime gone, she figures she won’t be as much of a target. Marvin says every time you last through another eviction, you pat yourself on the back for lasting another week. Karen doesn’t seem to care one way or another; she only wants to stay unnoticed and forgotten.

No mention is made of Julie Chen’s mistake at the Head of Household competition. Reportedly during the competition, her original instructions for the mini-putt game were that the first person with a ball to hit the bottom of their tube would move on. Marvin’s ball sunk first, but Karen’s ball actually hit the bottom of the tube first. Chen didn’t notice, and pronounced Marvin the Head of Household. Watchers of the Live Feed to the show have found that after producer’s caught the mistake, they called both Karen and Marvin into the Diary Room, and discussed the dilemma with them. No change or mention was made of any of this during the show tonight.

Diane and Nakomis are talking strategy in the kitchen. Perhaps someone else is with them, but I don’t notice due to being too distracted by the nearly full ketchup bottle on the table in front of Diane. With two kids in our house, I think the only time the bottle is close to full is on the store shelf. Diane feels she may as well start saying her good-byes now with Marvin as Head of Household. The two believe Cowboy and Adria would be good choices to put up for eviction, since they seem to have something going. They also both realize they themselves are targets since they can both sway votes.

After viewing his Head of Household suite, Marvin corners Diane for more strategy. He promises to keep her safe if she will work with him to get others to evict his choices. Diane makes the promise, realizing it will add one more person to her list of people owing her favors.

Diane moves on, and is back in the kitchen, this time with Drew and Nakomis. Drew asks Nakomis how many piercings she has, and she cops to eighteen. Drew says you must have them all over. Nakomis admits yes, then proceeds to get into talking of hanging out in places with women with nipple clamps. This leads her to a conversation about the life of a dominatrix. Drew appears to be absolutely stunned and shocked. He must have led a very sheltered college life.

The houseguests are told to come to the concrete room, where they find it has been transformed into a workout room, filled with the multitude of equipment won during a recent luxury competition. Marvin wonders where he will sleep when his Head of Household stint is over, as he enjoys the solitude of the concrete room.

After seeing their new workout room, everyone disburses and are later found eating cheese crackers and cookies, and drinking bottled water. They have just voluntarily left a new extensive workout room to sit and eat cheese crackers and cookies. Why bother drinking water? Why not just have a giant glass of Koolaid?

At the eviction meeting Karen, Nakomis, Diane and Drew find they are safe, meaning Marvin has put up Adria and Cowboy. Marvin explains that Adria is a threat because of how many competitions she has won. Cowboy is told he is up purely for strategic reasons, as Marvin knows Cowboy would have been a sure vote for Adria. Privately, Marvin calls Cowboy to the side and tells him he will be protected, and that he is doing this for Will. Cowboy says it is still scary, being up for eviction, whether someone says you are safe or not. Just a week earlier he had an air of invincibility about him. Once his half sister, Nakomis, went back on her promise to him not to put him up for eviction, and put him on the block after Adria removed herself, he seems to have changed in that regard.

Diane tells Drew he is lucky he is on her side, and he seems a little surprised at this admission. She goes on to explain about her earlier conversation with Marvin. Drew is even more surprised to hear she made a promise to Marvin that involved the rest of the house, without checking with him. Nakomis, walking through the room and overhearing this, takes the info to Karen. They aren’t sure what to make of it.

There is a T-Mobile cell phone waiting on the table for a lucky houseguest. It begins to ring, and everyone rushes to answer it. Drew tells Cowboy it is for him. Cowboy has won the Viewer’s Choice to receive a call from home. Waiting on the other end is his fiancé, April, and his step-son Chase. Wearing his “#1 Dad” t-shirt, Cowboy openly gushes and weeps, learning April got the new job, and Chase got the teacher he wanted this year. Everyone appears sincerely happy for Cowboy, to have won this.

The veto competition is about to begin, and partners are being chosen. Marvin chooses Drew, Cowboy chooses Nakomis, and Adria chooses Karen. Despite Karen saying she would be scared to us the power of veto to remove Adria, Adria realizes Karen is her best bet.

For the competition, each of the six players are faced with a veto symbol replica and a “T” frozen in a block of ice, and a squirt gun. The first to remove the veto from their block of ice will win. If they remove the T, they will be awarded a toolbox to help them remove the veto symbol. The squirt guns empty out quickly, and after using them as chisels, the players realize the guns can be refilled in the pool. Just as Adria removes the T, and opens her tool box to find salt and gloves, with her self-described “girlie” hands, Karen is the first to remove the veto symbol, and wins the power of veto. She is is happy, not because she wants to use the veto, but because it means she is “less of a loser … more of a team player.” Karen is now caught in a quandary. She has nothing against the two up for veto, but adds the feelings are no different than for anyone else in the house. She is thinking of leaving those up for elimination as is.

As she opens the Power of Veto meeting, she customarily gives Adria and Cowboy a chance to explain why they should be removed. Adria does her usual, making herself look like a saint, while admonishing the others for the way they have played the game. Cowboy, feeling a little too comfortable after his call from home, does a little dance to end his speech. Karen does as expected, and leaves those up for eviction unchanged.

Project DNA has left Adria without a chance of winning. From the beginning she started differently. She didn’t come into the house with nothing, needing desperately for any and all connections. She had a sister waiting in the wings for her every few days, and was never forced to develop any necessary bonds. Once joined by Natalie, it was easier to spend time with her, further alienating her from the rest of the house.

Cowboy and Jennifer also never had a chance … but not at winning, at having a relationship outside the Big Brother house. It was unfair of them to learn of each other’s existence in this manner. It should have been left to them to wonder when and if, and create the desire to form a true bond, not one based on a game of assumptions.

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