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LCS 3 – Results and Round Two

The Season Two comics won the first challenge and $50,000 to split. Tonight, the ten comics who didn’t perform last night got their chance. First up was Tere Joyce. She reminds me of a cross between Cyndi Lauper and Phyllis Diller but less attractive and not nearly as funny. She proudly stated, “I’m not a hooker. I give it up for free.” Like I’ve never heard…or said that before.

Jay London, the sentimental favorite and one-liner king was up next. Jay Mohr quipped that he looked and sounded like “the love child of Steven Wright and Chewbacca.”

A few of Jay’s hits were:
—Today, I videotaped my hair. Tonight, I’m gonna look at the highlights.
—I made some Hot Pockets. They had lint in them.
—They make ribbed condoms these days. They come with barbecue sauce.
(You can vote for Jay at 866-FUNNY-92!!! Not that I’m endorsing him specifically…y’all do what you want.)

Rob Cantrell was up next. His best line was “They say money talks. All it ever says to me is ‘see ya, b**ch.”

Corey Holcomb performed after Rob. It was the slowest (and unfunniest) part of the night. The most entertaining part of his act was his outfit. He was so shiny. I think that the Star Trek stylists did his couture or he borrowed something from Ant’s closet.

Dat Phan continued his tradition of ethnic humor. He’s a one-trick pony.
I’d really like to see him pick a new topic or something, once in a blue moon…puh——–lease!!!!!!

Gary Gulman is definitely the funniest 6’6″ dude from Peabody, MA. He announced that the walrus was his new favorite animal. It looks like something that God built last minute.

Geoff Brown, the former Marine, was not very funny. He was passable. Kathleen Madigan, however, may have been the best of the night. (1-866-FUNNY-98). She did some cool George Bush schtick.

Some of her highlights: (paraphrased)
—I love watching George Bush give a speech. It’s like there’s two Georges. The super-serious George shows up after they’ve ‘talked to him.’
—Osama Bin Laden’s still hiding. In other words, playing “Peek-a-boo!”

Sean Kent was not funny in my opinion. Ant was okay. He lives in West Hollywood now. “West Hollywood — where the men and men and so are some of the women. Guys, if she’s got an apple, she’s probably got a banana.”

Voting is open for two hours after the show. Results will be given next Tuesday @ 8pm est/7pm cst.

The two comedians who are bidding the competition adieu tonight are Cory Kahaney and Jessica Kirson.

I wager that Season 2 will take it again next week. What do you think?

Panndyra out…

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