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Best of the Best – LCS Season 3

Last Comic Standing 3 premiered tonight. The ten members of the house from season one are head-to-head with the ten members of the house from season 2. The comics have to perform new stand-up routines. Yippee!! Each week 5 comics from each team, which are chosen by the opposing team, will compete.

The comic with the least amount of votes on each team gets eliminated until there is only one comic left. That comic will have bragging rights as the LAST COMIC STANDING. He or she’ll also get $250,000 in prize money and other stuff.

The Season 1 grew is:
Tere Joyce
Sean Kent
Ralphie May
Dat Phan
Rob Cantrell
Geoff Brown
Cory Kahaney
Rich Vos
Dave Mordal

Bonnie McFarlane chose not to participate in this competition, so Season Two was one comic short. Gary Gulman, Jay London, Alonzo Bodden, John Heffron, Kathleen Madigan, Ant, Todd Glass, Corey Holcomb and Tammy Pescatelli got to choose one out of four female comics from the finalists in Vegas who didn’t make it into the house.

Marina Franklin, Kerrie Louise, Sue Costello and Jessica Kirson were the choices. The comics almost unanimously chose Jessica Kirson. I liked Jessica before and felt she was a heck of a lot funnier than Bonnie, but so is my dog. Gee, with wonderful reviews like mine, I can’t imagine why Bonnie didn’t want to participate 😉

America votes for one comic. You can vote by phone, internet or text message. Tomorrow’s show will have the results and performances by the comics not chosen to compete tonight.

There’s no house this season. The dirty work is done on stage. There are two ‘war’ rooms where the comedians go to strategize on who will go head to head.

Tonight, Season One chose:
Todd Glass
Jessica Kirson
Alonzo Bodden
Tammy Pescatelli
John Heffron

Season Two chose:
Rich Vos
Dave Mordal
Cory Kahaney
Ralphie May

I definitely saw a strategy on each side.

Stand out performances were given by: John Heffron (but, of course), Jessica Kirson, Alonzo Bodden and Rich Vos. Ralphie did a commendable job despite the loss of his father to cancer. He devoted his act to his dad and did a few of Winston May’s favorite jokes. I was touched by the way he handled it and his tears made me just want to hug him. I hope that Ralphie doesn’t get knocked out because of this. He was still funny and will be funnier another day.

Overall, I feel that Season 2 is just funnier and more talented than Season 1, with the exception of Mr. May.

Tomorrow night is the results show. We shall see what America thinks.

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