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GUG Episode 5

I’ll answer that question shortly.

Victoria’s overwhelmed. Frankie is graduating from junior high school and Carmine is graduating from high school. She has to attend both functions, plan a fabulous joint party and meet the demands of work. She’s got deadlines, rambunctious boys and a life that just won’t quit.

So, what does Victoria decide to do? She tries to hire an ASSISTANT! At least Victoria didn’t prolong the process. She interviewed a bunch of people. Some were quite interesting like the guy with the mohawk fin and the young gent with the piercings all over the place. Victoria told him she hurt just looking at him.

She was almost late to Carmine’s ceremony. Carmine and a few of his friends play some video games and chill for a bit after the graduation. They talk about what college will be like…all girls and parties and fun. Carmine says he doesn’t want to grow up and wants to party hard like Van Wilder (from the movie of the same name…). I want to scream…………NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I don’t think Mama Victoria would like it. In fact, I know she wouldn’t. I feel an affinity with Vicky Gotti in that way.

At this time, Victoria decides she just can’t handle her life on her own anymore and calls Jennifer, the cute and sweet ‘normal’ Jersey Girl, to be her Assistant. Jen’s very excited.

The next day, Jennifer arrives for her first day. There’s a crisis already. Victoria can’t find the right dress for her photo shoot. She ends up picking out one of her very own and looks beautiful, but she’s pissed that the stylist would be so stupid.

The next day, Jennifer is thrown into the fire, so to speak. She has to track down a source for one of Victoria’s Star magazine articles. She has a little bit of trouble with that. She also has to start finalizing the guest list for the party.

Jennifer gets overwhelmed by all that Victoria throws at her and well…I’m not sure she’s going to last long. Victoria gets upset with her often and well, I feel that Victoria needs a more seasoned ‘professional’ to help her. We shall see…though…

Frankie doesn’t have a tie for his graduation. The mall is about to close and Victoria dashes to the phone. She has the store stay open a few extra minutes for them. Frankie and Victoria argue over the tie, of course and Victoria wins. They get a tie and some other items so Frankie can look his best.

The day of the party is really tough. Jen didn’t finalize the guest list on time. Victoria has a talk with her. They decide to move forward from here. The catering hall is also a problem. Victoria doesn’t want her guests to go to a ‘holding room’. She tells Jen to take care of it because she’s too angry to do it herself.

Quack Quack interrupts and says that the DJ can’t set up because the hall won’t let him in. Victoria’s ready to crack. It’s raining and the power is about to go out. Carmine and his friends decide to mud slide down her hill in the rain. Jen spaces out and forgets to do the place cards.

It’s almost time for the party and no one is ready, except for Frankie, who’s sitting on the couch waiting. John comes running down the stairs. He has NO hair gel. It’s a catastrophe. Carmine’s fixing his ‘do in the mirror, but somehow Frankie gets blamed.

I can see why gel is an important commodity in the Agnello/Gotti home, but this was just so over the top and funny. Quack Quack offers to give John some of his gel, but John is still so mad. He and mom fight about the gel situation for a bit.

In the end, the party goes off okay, except that Victoria has to pay twice the amount for it than she was originally quoted. Jen had fun at the party, so did Victoria and the boys.

Let’s see what happens next.

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