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The Young and the Hopeless – Big Brother 5, August 26th

It’s day 56 in the Big Brother house, and Natalie and Cowboy are up for nomination. After Adria won, and used, the power of veto (on herself), Nakomis was forced to nominate her long lost brother, Cowboy, in her place.

Cowboy is upset that Nakomis broke her promise to never put him up. Apparently, in Cowboy’s world, an “Oh definitely” is grounds for a promise. However, Nakomis says that she thinks Cowboy will be safe, and everything will be good.

The twins and Cowboy are in the wood room feeling sorry for themselves. Adria is crying, Natalie is complaining, and Cowboy is sitting around looking clueless. . . nothing new.

Now that Cowboy’s up, it’s time for some good ole’ fashion brainwashing. Drew is Natalie’s target. She corners him in a put-put game and starts pressing him about where his loyalties lie. Let’s be honest folks, Drew is no strategic genius, so he falls all over it. He approaches Diane in the bathroom and starts trying to convince her to vote out Cowboy. He does his patented “stoned/clueless” face as he explains that if the twins are around next week, they’ll be targets again. So he and Diane wouldn’t be targets next week for betraying Marvin, Karen, and Nakomis? Diane shuts the conversation down, and brings Drew back into the light by simply sticking out her pinky and reminding him of how easily they broke their last promise.

Next, Nakomis is in the HOH room being interrogated by the Chenbot. She justifies nominating her brother by saying that she wasn’t completely sure that Drew would be safe if nominated, and she approached Cowboy before the veto ceremony and told him what was going to go down. He was cool with it, and he respected her for coming to him beforehand.

Next up is America’s Choice – The Young and the Restless. It is revealed that Marvin won with an astounding 25.7% of the votes. He was so overwhelmed that he actually started crying! He left the house through door in the backyard, hopped into a limo, and road of into the sunset! Upon arriving, he got to take a tour of the set and meet the stars of the show. When he arrived back in the house, the other houseguests got to see his handy work. The skit was roughly 15 seconds in which he was some sort of waiter in a gym. He gave one chick a bottle of water, and then he gave a guy a bottle of water. . . SO.MENTALLY.STIMULATING!

Next, we get to catch up on Will. He, along with his future fellow jury mates, will be sequestered in Eden. The house is great! He has a castle by the beach all to himself. Being as thoughtful as he is, he’s already making sleeping plans for Natalie and Adria when they come to meet him! Of course this is a cement slab by the garden, but it’s the thought that counts. No?

Back in the house, Michael and Natalie get to plead their case to their fellow houseguests before the live eviction. Michael thanks God and his family. He is happy that he has had the experience and he is happy to leave the show with 13 new friends. Natalie wants everyone to look at her as an asset, and someone they can use to get further in the game. Next is the live vote! One-by-one they are called in to the Diary room to cast their votes. Karen, Marvin, Diane and Drew vote to evict Natalie, and Adria is the lone vote for Cowboy. It’s official! By a vote of 4 to 1, Natalie, you ARE evicted from the Big Brother house. She takes it surprisingly well. Everyone walks her to the door and she hugs everyone. Adria meets her at the door, bawling her eyes out, as if Natalie was about to be put to death. With that, Natalie is off to meet the incomparable. Chen.

Outside, Chenbot interviews the fallen wondertwin. Natalie, of course, neglects to admit any fault. She thinks it was unfair that Nakomis nominated her, but she will pray for her. (How sweet) She doesn’t seem mad that Drew and Diane voted for her, and says it was just a risk you have to take in the game. In the goodbye messages, Karen and Cowboy think she’s a great person, Diane still can’t tell them apart, Nakomis reminds her of the pinky swear, and Adria is (you guessed it) crying.

Next up is the HOH competition. The houseguests are divided into two groups of 3. They must step up to a mini-putt green and put golf balls into a tube – the first person to sink a putt, and whose ball falls all the way down to the bottom of the tube wins the round. The winner of each round will face off in a final round. Those two will be given 60 seconds to put. The person who makes the most balls will be the new HOH. In the first heat, Cowboy sinks one immediately. In group two, Marvin and Karen both make it in. Karen’s ball actually sinks first, however, Julie calls MARVIN the winner! Karen should have won the round, but Marvin went on to the final round, where he blew Cowboy out of the water and is our new Head of Household!

Will Big Brother do anything about this? Who will Marvin nominate? Will Adria ever stop crying? Keep in mind, there will be no show this Saturday, so tune in Tuesday at 8 est. to find out!



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