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Colin or KY – The Amazing Race, Episode 8

by LauraBelle

As Episode 8 was winding through the opening credits, I began to wonder how much the show would miss the newly eliminated Charla and Mirna. Love them or hate them, they added much suspense and entertainment to the show.

After the credits we are shown the five teams spending their down time between legs of the race eating. How could they eat anything the night after eating all those huge bowls of scrambled ostrich eggs, equivalent to two dozen chicken eggs?

Chip and Kim are the first to depart at 2:42 a.m. They will need to take a taxi to Kilamanjaro airport where they will be assigned to three different charter flights to Nairobi by order of their arrival at the airport. The first taxi asks for a hundred-fifty dollars, and Chip takes another driver up on his offer to drive them for a hundred dollars.

Colin and Christie are the next to depart with Christie noting that it is hard for a team like theirs because they are both decision-makers. When a taxi offers to drive them for a hundred dollars, Colin says, “No way, fifty dollars.” The taxi driver repeats he needs a hundred dollars. Colin says, “Sixty dollars, no more.” Eventually Colin climbs in the taxi, saying for a hundred dollars, it better be fast.

Brandon and Nicole, the Bowling Moms, and the Twins leave shortly thereafter with the twins saying they need to slow down and take their time, feeling that quick, bad decision-making has placed them dead last. Soon all five taxis are close enough to pass each other, making the running order change frequently. The taxi carrying Colin and Christie stops along the side of the road because of a blown tire. When Colin asks the driver to put the spare tire on, he is told there is no spare, as the spare is already being used on the car. Colin blows the first of many fuses and scolds the driver, “Bad, very bad.” I immediately felt as if Colin was speaking to a dog, and when I saw my own dog wake from her nap and glare at the TV, I knew I was not the only one.

The next team to break down along the side of the road is the Bowling Moms, as their taxi is out of oil. The twins stop and help Colin and Christie, giving them their spare tire, but they decide not to help the Bowling Moms, noting that they are not AAA. Eventually a new taxi picks up the Moms and they are on their way again, noting that they are dead last, one again.

Chip and Kim, arriving first, and Brandon and Nicole, arriving second, are scheduled for the first charter, and are sharing money stories. Kim and Nicole feel the men are being too generous with the two-hundred dollars they started this leg of the race with. Chip explains he tipped the taxi driver twenty dollars because he knows that amount of cash could greatly improve his life. Nicole is upset at Chip, realizing he is thinking she is not a giving person.

The Twins and Colin and Christie arrive in time to catch the second charter, but Colin is not alone. He has refused to pay the taxi driver the one-hundred dollars he promised him, and is only offering fifty, saying the driver was not driving wisely to leave on a two hour trip without a spare tire. The police are called, and Colin now needs to go to the police station to plead his case. The taxi driver’s boss also arrives, asking Colin what the problem is. He says no problems, “Hakuna Matata.” Now, I had no idea this was a real phrase. I thought it was just something made up for Lion King. You can bet I will be Googling this phrase later.

After being threatened with jail time, Colin throws the money on the floor, and decides now to direct his anger at Christie, upset with her for not supporting him. Returning back to the airport, the Bowling Moms and Chip are giving Colin a hard time. One of the women in the race says in a voiceover, “Colin is so beligerent and abusive towards Christie.” Colin and Christie talk privately, and she apologizes to him. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but I am not sue whether it was Colin and Christie or the KY Jelly commercial I was just forced to endure.

Later in Nairobi, all teams make a 6:00 p.m. flight to Dubai except the Bowling Moms. They arrive and are told the flight is scheduled to depart in ten minutes, and they can’t board. Linda says, “Oh, please?” and is rejected again. Where is Mirna and her superb language talents when you need her? No matter where she was in the race, she seemed to always speak the language.

The four teams on the first plane to Dubai are all running to get the next clue with the Twins leading. Chip laments, “Leave it to them to make an old man run again.” The next clue sends them to a helioport that doesn’t open til 8:00 a.m., giving them a fourteen hour break, and allowing the Bowling Moms to catch up once again. Colin looks at Christie and asks for a kiss. I believe I would have rather ate the caviar and ostrich eggs mixed together.

8:00 a.m. comes and all are now to take water taxis to the Port of Dubai. Kim and Nicole are again complaining about money after Chip paid ten dollars more than others, and Brandon had said, “Keep the change.”

The teams are met with a Detour – off-plane or off-road – and need to take land taxis to their choice. The Twins and Brandon and Nicole choose off-plane, which is sky-driving. The twins are first to arrive, but don’t trust their instinct to stop once they think they see the Amazing Race flag, and continue driving around. Brandon and Nicole seize the opportunity and catch the first sky-diving plane with the twins immediately realizing they had made a mistake not stopping the first time, as the planes take off forty-five minutes apart.

On the taxi ride to off-road, chosen by Chip and Kim, the Bowling Moms, and Colin and Christie, Chip realizes that he will not have enough money to pay the fare. Since he is not blowing a gasket about the price like Colin had before, the driver accepts Chip’s lower offer of money, ten dollars less than the actual amount. Chip feels bad, but seems lost on the fact that his desire earlier to allow the other driver to improve his life has now affected this other driver negatively. Interesting to me is the fact that only the teams that are couples argue about money; the sisters, friends, brothers, cousins, never do.

Once arriving at off-road, the teams need to drive 4x4s through the sand dune course. The Bowling Moms are the first to get stuck, and need to be towed. Chip and Kim get stuck as well. Eventually, Colin and Christie arrive at the flag first, not having been stuck in the sand at all. Chip and Kim arrive next, followed closely by the Bowling Moms.

As the teams finish this Detour, they are now asked to ride on camels and direct the camel and camel guide through the sand dunes via GPS tracking devices. Colin and Christie are the first to arrive at the pit stop, winning a trip to the Caribbean, with Christie uttering, “I should never have doubted him.” Now I am positive; it is Colin and Christie, not the KY jelly commercial.

Brandon and Nicole arrive second, with Chip and Kim in third. Chip is excited and thanking Phil. Sure, Phil isn’t the one with ten dollars less in his coffer today. The Bowling Moms arrive second to last, and the Twins arrive last, only to find this to be a non-elimination leg, meaning they will run the next leg starting with no cash.

The previews for next week promise that one team will find they need to shave their heads, leaving me to wonder if this is how the Twins will raise money for their traveling expenses. We were also treated to previews saying that Colin would be, “hitting his breaking point.” You mean that breaking point wasn’t when he was nearly thrown in jail? And I thought without Mirna and Charla I was not going to find suspense or entertainment.

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