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This One’s For Will – Big Brother 5, August 21st

by aurora

Just to catch us up to speed, we get a review of what happened last week. Adria demolished any ties left to the pinky-swear alliance by casting the deciding vote to evict Will. Nakomis comments that Will leaving added 100 tons of oil into her already-raging bonfire.

In the diary room, Adria says that she feels that she took out a mojor player in the game. She commends herself for having the strength to do it. Marvin likens himself to David Copperfield, having escaped eviction three weeks in a row. Diane is upset for having lost Will, and resigns herself to stick with Nakomis and Marvin. Drew comments that seeing Will leave reminded him that this is a game, and any one of them could go at any time.

Marvin was positive that he was the pawn last week, and tells Cowboy that he’s surprised to still be there.

Drew and Diane are feeling a bit of tension. Diane is upset that Drew voted for Will last week, but knows that Drew is his own person and will play the game the way he feels he needs to. They both realize that one of the twins will be gone this week.

Adria and Natalie talk about Will’s parting comment, “If Karma is a boomerang, I’ll see you sooner than later.” Adria questions what karma refers to. “Did he mean Karma Electra? She can throw down some dance moves!” They can’t decide if Will’s comment was positive or negative. (side note – surely this is some creative editing! No one can be that dumb!)

Nakomis confesses in the diary room that it feels great to have won HoH. She’s proud to be the first person to win it more than once, and now she’s gunning for the twins. She mentions the pinky-swear, and says that someone owes her a finger. Diane’s next, and says that although she really wanted HoH, she’s glad Nakomis got it because Nak is more upset with the twins than anyone else.

Adria’s turn in the diary room now, and she speculates on who the nominations might be. She thinks one of the twins could go up, but thinks that maybe Drew or Marvin are also at risk. Drew thinks that Cowboy will be put up.

Now we come to a little segment on the way the twins speak to each other. Diane calls it Twinglish, and says that twins just have a connection. Drew agrees, and says that sometimes they don’t even have to speak to understand exactly what the other is thinking. We get to see lots of clips of Adriatalie speaking to each other in what sounds like a foreign language.

Diane and Nakomis huddle in the HoH room talking about the twins and the nominations. There’s a clip of the pinky-swear (which, as we all know, does indeed include Will). Nakomis again says that someone owes her a finger. She adds that she hasn’t talked to Marvin, Cowboy or Drew at all. Diane says that this one is for Will.

Nakomis calls the houseguests to gather for the food competition. They head out to the backyard and find a couple of fancy-schmancy dining tables set up. Their plates are already served, covered, and waiting for them. Nakomis reads that each houseguest has, under the cover, their favourite meal. Each houseguest will now have to eat their meal in under three minutes. Each one is playing for a different day of the week – if the houseguest finishes their meal successfully, they get food for that day. If not, they’er on PB&J for that day.

Cowboy is up first, and he has sweet and sour chicken, rice, fortune cookies, and Dr. Pepper. He brings his plate up to the front and is ready to go, but Nakomis tells him to wait. There’s a twist – this challenge is called “Smoothies From Hell”! She pulls out a blender and tells everyone that they won’t be eating their meals, they will be drinking them.

Cowboy’s food is dumped into the blender, and Nakomis makes him a nice beige-coloured shake out of it. He gulps it down while doing some kind of dance (which Marvin impersonates rather well later in the DR), and ends up completing the task. They get real food on Friday.

Marvin’s up next, and he has deep-fried lobster, shrimp, oysters, lemon wedges, and a Corona with lime. Nakomis makes him a chunky shake, and Marvin has serious troubles getting it down. In the DR, Marvin says it was like trying to drink battery acid mixed with dog vomit. Marvin fails, and a red ‘x’ is added to the chart for Saturday.

Natalie has fettucine alfredo, chocolate cake, and a nice big glass of red wine. She finishes hers with no problems. Drew gets spinach artichoke dip, filet mignon, a baked potato, broccoli, and a Corona with lime. He has some troubles (Nakomis comments in the DR that he vomited a little bit in his mouth), but gets it down.

Karen finally gets her Taco Bell – a big bean burrito, a taco, a choco-taco for dessert, and of course, a Diet Coke. She drinks her shake without incident, and comments in the DR that she’s tough; “Don’t mess with this! Of course when I stub my toe I cry…”

Adria has filet mignon, a sweet potato, and some kind of coffee ‘my style’. She drinks it down and gets food for everyone. Diane is up last, and she has spinach pizza, chicken, a potato, veggies, and water. She drinks her shake as well, commenting that she just has to pretend that she’s at the bar. Marvin quips, “Someone might actually get lucky tonight!” Diane finishes her shake, and the houseguests end up with food every day but Saturday.

Back in the house, the storage closet is stocked with food and the houseguests give a cheer.

Nakomis gets the key to the HoH room and announces that it’s ready. They all file in to see the usual basket of treats, and pictures of her boyfriend Donald. Nakomis gets letters from home, and a CD that Donald made for her of songs that remind him of her. She gets very emotional over the cover art for the CD – which features a dead and bleeding bird. Marvin says in the DR that a bleeding bird wouldn’t be the first thing that came to mind if he were thinking of someone he loves. Donald has also sent a picture of himself with the lyrics to Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ written on the back.

Nakomis sits with Diane and reads a letter from her younger sister out loud. Her sister says it’s neat to see her clothes on television (guess Nak raided her closet before leaving!), and that she’s happy to see that Nakomis is being true to herself and not acting like a different person on the show. She also says that it’s cool to find out they have an older brother, and now Nakomis isn’t the oldest anymore.

In the bathroom, Cowboy tells Drew that he’s been watching Drew and Diane kiss, and attempts to give Drew some pointers. How creepy is that? Drew thinks he’s doing just fine thankyouverymuch, and Cowboy tells him to practice some more and then he’ll see how Drew has improved. This leads to a segment on Drew and Diane both complaining how the other kisses.

Adria and Natalie invite the rest of the houseguests to do some stretches and aerobics with them, but Cowboy is the only taker. He follows them around looking like a clumsy toddler, and Adria comments privately that Cowboy isn’t quite in touch with his co-ordination skills. Diane can’t even watch.

The houseguests return inside to find that their table has been replaced with a much smaller one. Marvin seems to notice first, saying “Does anyone notice anything different in here?” Cowboy picks up on the smaller table, which leads to reflections on how far into the game they all are, and they’re grateful to still be there.

Natalie enters the HoH room and tells Nakomis that she doesn’t have anything against her personally. She says that she’s always available to her and that she would love to stay in the house. Nakomis asks Natalie if she voted for Will last week, and Natalie admits she did. But only because Will couldn’t assure her safety for the following week. (uh, right.) Nakomis says whatever she does, she’s doing for a reason.

Next up is a segment on Marvin’s funky feet. No, not because he dances so much, but because his tootsies smell atrocious. Diane and Karen say the smell makes them physically ill, and Diane says that she doesn’t understand how Marvin gets women to stay with him after he brings them home and takes off his shoes.

Adria takes her opportunity to kiss Nakomis’ butt in the HoH room. She says that she’s never had a problem with Nakomis and that she respects her. Nakomis asks why Adria chose Will to put up and to evict. Adria says that it was the safest thing for her, because she knew Will would come after her. Nakomis says that she hasn’t made up her mind completely. In the diary room, Nakomis says that Adria is going up regardless, but she’s not sure whether to put her up with Natalie, Cowboy, or Marvin.

Nomination day finally rolls around. Nakomis goes to get the keys to place in the box, and says that some of the black and white pictures of the evicted houseguests are simply ashes of past victories, while others are oil for her raging fire. She says that she is nominating the ones who have wronged her the most, and she’s not going to let the dog bite her twice.

The houseguests gather around their new, smaller table. Nakomis brings the box out and explains the process. She pulls the first key – Marvin. Drew is the next safe one, followed by Diane, Karen, and Cowboy.

Nakomis explains the obvious – that she’s nominated Natalie and Adria for eviction. She tells them that they are the only ones who have broken a direct promise to her. She says it’s the same reason for both of them, so she only has to make the speech once.

Adria confesses in the diary room that she’s not surprised, and now she has to just focus on the veto. Cowboy says that the two strongest, most competitive women are now on the block. Diane says the twins will now both be fighting to save themselves, but she doesn’t care which one of them goes as long as it’s one of them. (This sentiment seems to be shared by most of the houseguests.)

As the show closes, Nakomis says that “One of them will pay.”

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