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Pinky Swears, Karma, and a Mental Coin Toss – Big Brother 5, August 19th

by aurora

Thursday night means live evictions, and this week is a bit of a nail-biter. After nominating Marvin (again) and ally Will, Adria won the Power of Veto and decided not to use it because no one kissed her butt enough to be taken off the block. She then threw a fit and asked the house to make it a tie vote so she could make the decision herself. So basically we have the twins and their allies (Cowboy and Drew), and, well, everyone else.

Diane kicks things off with her worries about being caught in the middle of two alliances. She loves and trusts Will, and is uncomfortable with the twins. Will reveals that the main reason he’s upset with Adria is because they pinky-swore the first week that they wouldn’t vote for each other, and now she’s gone and put him up.

In the DR, Diane says that Drew was in the HoH room with Adriatalie for 45 minutes the other night, and that ‘paranoys’ her. She doesn’t know who to trust, and she certainly doesn’t know which way Drew will vote.

We then see a clip of Diane walking into the kitchen at 2am, where she catches Marvin and Natalie in conversation. She says that as soon as they saw her, Marvin scurried off like a cockroach. What Natalie said to Marvin was something about not throwing a book away because it’s torn and weathered, because what’s on the pages could still be valuable. I suppose that was some kind of hint that he needn’t worry about leaving, but frankly it went over my head just as well as Marvin’s. Anyway, Diane asks Natalie if that was Marvin she just saw, and Natalie confirms it was, and that he was just getting something to eat.

The following day Diane tells Will and Nakomis what she saw, and Will gets very angry. He wants to confront her – Natalie and Marvin are supposed to hate each other! Diane calms Will down though, reminding him that the twins think she’s on their side and calling Natalie out would expose her.

Diane heads inside to see where Marvin is, and asks him what the deal is with Natalie. He says he doesn’t really know, and that Adria is sure on a power trip this week. Diane is feeling awful – she doesn’t know who to vote for and doesn’t want to see either one of them leave. That’s exactly how the viewers feel, Di.

Drew and Cowboy are talking about Diane, and Drew is wondering whether he can trust her. If she ever betrays him in the house, he won’t be attracted to her afterwards. Huh? Drew honey, you’re pretty – don’t ruin it by speaking. Cowboy says that Diane needs to go next week, and then tells Drew that if he saves her again, “I’ll kick your freakin’ ass!” Note to CBS editors – this is when we need a commercial break, because I had to pause the damn show while I collected myself off the floor and wiped the tears of laughter out of my eyes.

Back to Diane, who is sitting with Drew. She wants to know how he did it when he was in the middle of alliances; how did he get through it? He says nothing, and she asks him who he’s going to vote for. He doesn’t know (anyone surprised?), and Diane agrees that she doesn’t either. Adria comes in the room, and Diane says, “Put me up next week. Put me up and vote me out.” Diane leaves as Adria says, “It’s not up to me!” Adria wonders what she just walked into, and Drew tells her that Diane is stuck between the two sides.

Now Julie joins the houseguests live (via the television screen) to ask them a few questions. Karen says the house is “clean and not sticky” without Jase, Diane hates PB&J and will never eat it again once she leaves the house, and Cowboy says that the best fashion tips he’s learned from the people in the house are to be clean-shaven and spike his hair. He says this as he’s primped himself for the live show by growing some stubble and wearing his cowboy hat.

Julie asks Nakomis what she’d do for a day out of the house, and she says she’d cut off her right arm for a ride in a car. Not just any ride in a car, she’d even go so far as to be hand-cuffed, blindfolded, and thrown in the trunk of any random car. This is what’s known as extreme cabin fever, and it looks like most of the other houseguests agree with her.

Well, Julie has a surprise for them! One lucky houseguest will have the opportunity to get out of the house for a day, and get a walk-on role on The Young and the Restless. That’s right, it’s America’s Choice (hey, how about making it North America’s choice – us Canucks get to vote too y’know!)

Of course we get to see some diary room thoughts on the eviction. Karen says this is the most psychologically difficult week with Marvin and Will on the block. She is tormented. She could carry on in the house without Will, but she doesn’t want to. Drew thinks that Marvin is a good player and therefore a threat, but he’s also scared of Will’s alliance. On the other hand, if he votes to evict Marvin, he would win the trust of Will and the alliance. Natalie doesn’t trust Will as much as she once did, but Marvin is hard to read.

Last week we met Marvin’s very sweet mother, so this week we get to take a peek into Will’s life. His friends in New York (wait, who knew he lived in New York?) fully support him, and gather together to watch the show each week and cheer on ‘their boy’. They love Marvin, the hate the twins, and they say that normally Will stands up for himself and lays things on the line with people. They love the fact that Will can get along with everyone, from the black dude, to the alternative chick, to the Cowboy.

Off to talk live with Adria in the HoH room. As I get the puke bucket ready, Julie asks how difficult the nominations were this week. Adria spouts off some nonsense about thinking that she had a strong team behind her, and then finding out that the alliance wasn’t as strong as she thought. (This of course has nothing to do with the fact that she nominated one of her supposed allies and then turned into a whiny spoiled drama queen, I’m sure.) Adria also feels that Natalie has suffered this week because of the fallout from the nominations.

More diary room confessions; Nakomis likes Marvin, and says that Will is always willing to make sacrifices for the good of the cause. Diane would love to see Marvin stay and put the twins up next week (why do they always assume who is going to win the HoH competition? I mean, ALWAYS!?) Cowboy says that Will has a huge alliance and voting him out would be good for him (CB) personally.

The nominees get a chance to say something, and Will makes a heart-felt speech. He thanks his friends and family because he can feel their support, and then thanks all of the houseguests for what he says has been an enlightening experience. He will live a more fulfilling life now because of what they’ve all been through together.

Marvin, who has already done this twice, says a quick thank you to everyone and then promises to act gay one day a week if Will is evicted. He then breaks into his ‘vote for me’ dance. Where’s a twist when you really need one? You know, the twist that goes “we’ve decided to borrow a page from The Amazing Race, and this week is actually a non-eviction week! Sorry for the undue stress!”

Each houseguest is called into the diary room, one by one, to vote. The votes go like this:

Cowboy: Will
Karen: Marvin
Nakomis: Marvin
Natalie: Will
Drew: Will
Diane: Marvin

Well there we have it folks, the tie that power-hungry Adria pleaded for. So now she gets to cast the deciding vote. Rats, things aren’t looking good for our boy Will.

Adria babbles about how she’s come to love both guys, and now she can’t believe that she has to choose between them. Where’s that bucket? She says she ‘tossed a coin in her head’ and is voting to evict Will. (A coin? In your HEAD? Can you hear it rattling around in there when you walk Adria, ‘cause there ain’t anything else in there to keep it company!)

As Will is walking to the door, Natalie opens her arms to hug him. He brushes her off and keeps walking. At the door, he hugs the others and tells them he loves them. Adria approaches him with her arms raised as well, and Will physically puts her arms down for her and asks her to just listen. He then says, “If Karma is a boomerang, I’ll see you sooner than later.” You go Will! We love you!! Of course Adria is stunned and asks him to repeat it, which he does, slowly, while walking out the door.

As Will joins Julie, Adria tells everyone that she’s glad none of them had to go through what she went through this week, and she thinks that things will be easier now. No one answers her, and she stands looking depressed and alone.

Julie asks Will about Adria, and he says that her true personality is finally showing. He went to bat for her when she was up for eviction, and then she not only put him up, but ensured him he was safe only to cast the deciding vote to evict him. He’s really angry, and rightfully so. He says that the other houseguests will see that she is untrustworthy.

Will is also angry that Adria couldn’t take responsibility for her actions and had to use the excuse that Jesus came to her in the night and showed her who to nominate. He then gets to see the video messages from the others, saying goodbye in the event he was evicted. Drew admits that the vote was strategy on his part, and says “no hard feelings”. Diane hopes he’s not seeing this, because if he is that means he’s not sitting on her lap in the house where he should be. When Adria’s face appears on the screen, Will reacts like she’s the unholy spawn of Satan and holds his hand up and looks away. Karen’s message is last, and it brings Will to tears. He’s going to miss the very real friendships he made in the house. Julie asks him who was worse – Adria or Jase? Adria, hands down.

It’s time for the HoH competition, and it’s yet another quiz thing. The remaining houseguests line up outside at their little cubicles, with a wheel in front of them that has the faces of all of the evicted houseguests except Will on it. Julie will ask them questions based on the questionnaires they all answered before the show premiered. Whoever is the last person standing, wins HoH.

Cowboy and Natalie are eliminated after the first question (woot!). They are followed by Marvin, Drew, and Karen, leaving Nakomis and Diane in the game. A slew of wrong answers leaves things tied up, and Julie breaks out the tie-breaker question. The girls get out their chalkboards, and as usual, whoever answers closest to the correct number without going over wins. The question is, how many pound of M&M’s were used in the movie night luxury competition? Nakomis answers 500, and Diane answers 400. The correct answer is 900, and Nakomis is crowned Head of Household! Yippee!

As the show closes, the houseguests are standing in the backyard talking about the challenge. We hear Diane say that she answered Holly as the person who doesn’t like to read because she thought Holly was too dumb to read. Holly, are you watching? The reunion show is gonna be fun!! Adria and Natalie stand together, silently, as the rest of the group talks around them.

Will Nakomis nominate the twins? Is there another six-finger plan to be made? Tune in on Saturday for the nominations.

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