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“Wonder Twin Powers. . . Nauseate!” Big Brother 5, August 17th

Well well well it’s day 43 and Adria has nominated Marvin and Will. She gave some completely asinine speech which leaves a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth. Both nominees are completely shocked. They retreat to the backyard. They are understandably pissed, saying she nominated “the black and the gay”.
[i]Marvin:”I fought to keep Adria in the game. Oh I see why, so you can brang yo twin devil up in here”.[/i]
They’re not the only ones pissed though. Nokomis and Karen are pissed as well. They feel very betrayed, and are worried what the twins are going to do next. There was no talk of who the nominations would be, so everyone was caught off guard.

Adria tried to explain herself to Will in the kitchen. Will says he’s gone to bat for the team and that it was total surprise to him. They go into the HOH room where Adria teases him by saying that someone (*cough Diane cough*) wants him out of the house.
[i]Will:” If I’m still in this house, and I walk away with the HOH, Adria, watch your back bitches!”[/i]
The girl power alliance meets in the backyard. They all discuss the twins and how they feel threatened by the bond the twins have. Nokomis decides to confront Adria. Adria says that Will is the safest person and was best to go up against Marvin. Of course Adria gets mad. Adria wants to sit on it but Nokomis is adamant about talking now.

Diane tells of a visit to the psychic. Apparently Miss Cleo told her that the man that she marries will have dark hair, olive skin, and an obsession with making out, because these two are going at it. We are treated to every damn kiss these two have shared. On the couch, on the hammock, in the HOH room in front of everyone! Someone needs to get the water hose!

Next, Marvin confronts Adria about her nominations. He says that he has no allies in the house, he doesn’t even have anyone to talk to. He defended her when Jase was attacking her, and she repays him by nominating him. He asks her if the Bible told her to nominate them. She says no, but then she admits that it did because she follows her faith (wtf?).
[i]Marvin: “Don’t even go there with me. Jesus told you to nominate the black dude and the gay dude? Get the hell outta here!”[/i]

We then get treated to Drew’s fetish. His shaving fetish! He shaves everything, all the time. And I mean EVERYTHING. The other houseguests are a little freaked out by his obsession, but Diane likes it. She says she likes a clean cut, clean shaven man. No chest hair for her!.

Next up is the veto competition. Adria chose Drew, Marvin chose Cowboy, and Will chose Diane. Adria then chose her sister to read the competition.
[i]Will: “Adria chose Rosemary’s baby to lead the competition”.[/i]
They enter the backyard to find that is has been turned into a winter wonderland, or a really bad mall setup, whichever you prefer. For the competition, one-by-one, the housguests were to choose two gifts from underneath the tree. Every gift contained a specific veto amount. The houseguests had to reveal one of the amounts to the other players, and then the others could either pick their own gifts or steal from another houseguest. In the end, the person with the most veto points won veto. After everyone had their gifts, they then had the chance to choose a stocking. Two stockings had 10 more veto points, 2 stockings had a “loose all veto points” card, and 2 stockings allowed you to pick a “golden gift” from underneath the tree. Drew and Will got a golden gift. They got and MP3player and a digital camera! Cowboy and Diane lost all their veto points, and Adria and Marvin won the 10 more veto points. This wasn’t enough for Marvin, and Adria won with a seemingly perfect score.

This veto gives her even more power to feed her ever-growing ego. She wants to go to each nominee and basically give them a chance to kiss her ass. She approaches Marvin and tries to get him to convince her to take him off the block. Marvin, however, wasn’t having any of this. He shoots her efforts down. He tells her exactly how he feels.
[i]Marvin:”When Jase jumped on yo ass with both feet, who defended you? Who pulled the dog off? Me!”[/i]
Adria then throws a tempur tantrum in the kitchen. She decides that she’s going to make the rest of the house make the vote a tie, so she can be the one to break it. She busts up in the bedroom and tells the others that both of them wants to go, so the vote should be a tie.

In the backyard Marvin and Will discuss Adria’s actions. They are both super pissed, and are offended by Adria. Marvin says if he’s around next week he’s going after them.
[i]Marvin:”You will be gone with the wind like Scarlet O’hara.”[/i]
Marvin and Will both agree they are going to sweat blood to get HOH and get one of the wonder twins out of the house.
[i]Marvin: “You hear me in there hillbilly girl?!”[/i]

Next, the houseguests get a luxury competition. The winners (aka the losers) will face some of the sickest psychological torturing since Vietnam. That’s right! They are forced to watch “Without a Paddle”. They houseguests are divided into three groups of three. Will, Drew and Diane; Karen, Marvin, and Cowboy; and Adria, Natalie and Nokomis are our teams. Two of the teammates must put together a puzzle that forms a red carpet. Once they’ve assembled the red carpet, they tag in their last teammate, who must run down the carpet and dig through I GIANT bowl of M&M’s to find a giant, golden M&M. Diane, Drew and Will kick complete butt, no other team was even remotely close, so they will be subjected to the torture.

They enter the HOH room to find that it has been transformed into a theater. They are more excited about the popcorn, M&M’s, and drinks than the actual movie itself. Drew and Diane were happy to have their first date, complete with chaperon. All three were happy to have a night to get away from the game and have fun.

Next up is the Veto Ceremony.
[i]Will: “In a perfect world, she would take one of us off the block and put her evil spawn up.”[/i]
She gives them one last chance to kiss her ass. Neither of them take the chance, and basically spit it back in her face.
[i]Marvin: “Since the lord came to you in a prayer and told you to put me up, then I don’t want to tempt fate.”[/i]
She doesn’t get her kiss, so she leaves the nominations as they are.

Who will go? Will or Marvin? Either way, we (the viewers) lose.


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