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Spa Day – Clip Away!

This show is so scripted that it’s not even funny. I mean why do all of the jobs these kids have to do go so horribly awry.

The show starts with a morning wake-up from Andy. The assistants scramble to get on in there ‘cuz of the way Stefani was eliminated last week…just for being the last one in. These poor people walk on egg shells constantly. I bet Tom Cruise doesn’t treat his assistants so poorly. (Now, that’s a show I’d try to be on…Tom, call me?)

They find Andy cuddling in bed with Jen. Yes, Jen. The psycho who threw a drink at him during his ‘birthday’ party. He made the assistants get her out of the restaurant and now he wants her back. Ugh! Jen, in a nutshell, is a *itch. A real major one.

She’s jealous of Melissa right off the bat ‘cuz Andy called her the ‘cute one.’ She wants Melissa to be clipped as a show of love from Andy. Somehow, Andy skirts that issue. Melissa’s safe – for now.

Andy makes the Assistants hop to it and get him & Jen a romantic spa day so he can have the all-important ‘make-up sex’. Nice, huh?

They hire a limo and get him a reservation at a swanky hotel. The limo comes and it’s pink. Pink with no air-conditioning. Yup. Jen accuses Melissa of hiring a pink limo ‘cuz she’s wearing pink.

C’mon, Jen. That’s so weak. Melissa was wearing Coral. Please. Don’t you own a box of Crayolas? Coral and Pink are sooooooooooo very different. Geez.

They get to the hotel & the lady at the front desk tells Colin that he never made a reservation. We saw him. Now, the hotel is overbooked for some “POW WOW” Convention. They can’t get in.

They have to call around and try to get a hotel toot sweet. Too bad that they end up at the Carriage House Inn. Jen hates it. Apparently, it’s beneath her delicate sensibilities. (At least it’s not pink!)

She complains about everything. I really wish that Andy would clip her. Andy decides to save the day by calling in some designer friends of his. They are the Terrific Trio…hmmm….I smell a Fab Five send off….

These guys give the assistant’s some interesting advice. They try to use a ‘bubble’ machine to turn the tub into a jacuzzi. Puh-lease. They fix up the room a little bit…and Jen, of course, hates it.

Colin tries giving Jen a massage with a paint roller. It goes well until he rolls over her butt. That’s a big no-no. Then, they end up in the ‘jacuzzi’. No bubbles so Colin tries blowing some for them. It’s a no-go and Jen storms off.

Fade back to Andy’s house. It’s set up like American Idol complete with his maid wearing a Paula Abdul hat and the butler in a black, Simon Cowell-black turtleneck.

The four have to sing. None of ’em can really sing. Andy just wanted to embarrass them. Then, he has them perform two tasks. One is to pitch a show on the fly and the other is to call a producer and make a plausible excuse for why he’s 3 hours late to set.

The girls totally rocked the assignments and the guys, well, they got clipped. The finale is next week (I hope) and it’s Tanika vs. Melissa.

Tanika is being painted as the ‘evil’ one who’s more cunning than she appears. Don’t you just love the foreshadowing?


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