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Interview With Mike Deatly of For Love or Money 4

by aurora

Mike wasn’t the guy that Rachel chose in the end, but he left an impression on viewers nonetheless. He has a unique style and presence that comes across as well in his writing as it did on the show.

Hi Mike! How did you get on the show? Did you audition, and did you think at the time it was a regular dating show?

Russell, my brother from a different mother, and I were out on the town one weekend in Denver. I was approached by a beautiful woman who simply said: “Have you ever thought about being on television?” I simply remarked I will try anything once…hell, twice if it awakens any part of me. We scheduled an interview but Russell, my transportation for the weekend, woke up in another town with another woman and I missed the appointment. I followed up and e-mailed the casting agent upon return to Los Angeles and asked her to feel free to contact me if they have not found what they were looking for on their trip. She called, I interviewed, I passed the psych evaluation…barely, and I could not find one overriding excuse not to try. My curiosity yearned to experience something beyond my comfort zone. For all I knew this was Joe Schmo and I was the schmuck but who gives a damn.

When Jordan Murphy came out in the first episode to greet you, most of the men didn’t seem to recognize him. Did you, and when did it sink in that the show was about love and money?

I was too surprised upon pulling up to the mansion to soak anything else in but my environment and those sharing that space and time with me. It was like being poured into a fish bowl with 14 other energies and searching for anything rational or comfortable. Jordan and the game was the least of my worries.

You almost gave away your entire check bidding on the first private date, but Rachel never knew about it. Do you think that if Rachel had known she would have had more confidence in your motivations?

Rachel being kept in the dark about the occurrences in the auction was a good thing. At no point should a man be given the upper hand as a result of gossip. If hearsay is a part of your game to win another’s affection you have no game.

Do you feel that you were edited fairly? Were there aspects of your personality that were overlooked?

The perception of being edited fairly is purely based upon one’s self-perception. Please ask ten people if they would like to be depicted as a positive light exuding nothing but love in a public venue. The only control that was afforded to me was the ability to self-edit and just be aware. What you leave behind on film is ultimately you with all the good and all of the bad. What is displayed to the public is out of your hands. The intensity that does burn within me was reflected, however there is a much softer side. The side that was raised by a single mother and learned from first-hand experience how to respect a woman and make her feel appreciated and loved, not intimidated.

How did you get along with the other guys? Will you continue any friendships that you made there?

There were some that irked me but I may have irked them first. Who knows? On the other hand there were some dudes who were really easy to be around. Morgan and I have must have been separated at birth except the old man was born far before I was…just kidding dogg. We play in a hoops league together and he is one of the guys that can roll with anything and never punks out. We are the last two partying when everybody else quits. Mama didn’t raise no quitter.

One of the funniest comments on the show was the one you made about being ‘relationship retarded’. Do you really feel that way, or do you think you just haven’t met the right woman yet?

Bottom line is I am not ready. We are all relationship retarded in our own unique way. If you say you are not, I’m calling you out. Have you met a genuinely wonderful lover, friend, and confidant? If you have met him/her and are currently single go ahead and accept the obvious…you are relationship retarded too.

If Rachel had chosen you in the end, would you have chosen love or money? Why?

Good question. Should I really share this comment right now? Why not? I truly did not plan on winning and having to make that horrible decision. The way Rachel and Caleb acted throughout the final lunch prompted a revelation. They are not good at fronting. I knew then and there that Caleb was conflicted because he knew he had something growing with Rachel and she felt it too. He sincerely did not want me to get hurt. I truly believe that. He is a good man. If I had to make that choice it would be a no-brainer. Only Halle Berry, Logan Tom, and Eva Mendez could stray me from a million. Oh, and Tiffany Villarreal.

What did you guys do in the house when you weren’t going on dates or having meetings with Jordan? All we ever saw you do is sit around and talk about the money or Rachel.

Quite on the contrary. We played basketball overlooking all of Los Angeles in a $40 million mansion with a pool, keg, pool table, poker table, pancakes and grapes…like we were Rick James (Peace be unto him). The only stress was asking ourselves: “How in the hell can we get more women up here?”

If you had the chance to do it all over again, would you do anything differently?

No regrets, ever.

Why did you choose Rachel over Andrea in the first episode?

I am attracted to what is exotic to me and right now it is latinas and sisters. I live in the capital of beautiful blondes and the mid-western girl next-door thing had me.

What’s next for you? Will you go back to life as usual, or are you pursuing something different now?

I am on a non-stop flight back to REALITY without baggage.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, Mike! All the best to you.

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