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GUG – Episode 4

The boys have a week off from school. They’re driving Victoria nuts. So, she decides to take them, a few of their friends and an entourage to Miami. Mama “hires” a family friend Brian aka QUACK QUACK Orsini and a Rain-man type of dude — Henry to be the boys’ chaperones. Beautiful!

They get to the hotel and hijinks inevitably ensue. They ‘pants’ a guest as he’s trying to check in. Yup. They pants a guest as he’s trying to check in. (Pantsing, for those of you unfamiliar with the terms, is when someone pulls your pants down.) All I can say is it’s a good thing the guy’s in Miami ‘cuz he needs some sun. Okay.

Then, they do some crazy high diving off of the hotel ‘bridge’ and land in the pool. Other guests complain. Mama Victoria gets wind of this and busts some heads. She yells at the chaperones first. Then, she’s off to give the boys an ultimatum…I wonder if it works ———Um, no. It doesn’t.

That night, the guys use Henry to get in to the chaperone’s room – at 4 am mind you. They proceed to shave off Quack Quack’s eyebrows.

Someone calls hotel security and the boys are on “Hotel Security Guard Watch”… WOW! The only thing more powerful than hotel security guards are those mall cops, right?

The next night, Victoria takes Carmine and Quack Quack out with her and the girls. Quack Quack starts a rumor that Carmine got drunk. He didn’t….That pissed Victoria off when John John and Frankie told her about the ‘rumor.’

Mama Victoria decides to turn the tables on Quack Quack. She pretends to call her brother, Peter Gotti. The guys are afraid of Peter Gotti. Very afraid. She has Quack Quack shaking in his robe….He’s so scared. He thought he was gonna be ‘whacked’ or something.

Eventually, Mama Victoria tells Quack Quack he’s been scammed. Wow! Where’s Ashton Kutcher and the Punk’D Crew when you need ’em?

Vacation’s over & so is the show for this week.


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