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I Could Smell The Power Trip A-Brewing – Big Brother, August 14th

[i]by Atarus[/i]

We start off the episode with the results of the eviction on Thursday. Everyone seems excited that Jase has left, and someone remarks that it’s definitely a different mood than previous evictions. In the Diary Room, Drew confesses that it was in his best interest to vote for Jase in order to keep himself safe in the house, even though he thought of Jase as like a brother. Diane says that she was brought up differently than Jase, and she was taught to “kill with kindess” so she walked him to the door. Kind of reminds me of how they give you that nice ol’ alcohol swab on your arm right before they stick the needle in you for a lethal injection. Doesn’t that just pull at your heart strings?

Michael then comments that it’s hard on him because with Jase gone it’s another of his brothers leaving the house. Will says that everyone had been living under this egomaniac, and with him out of the house it was pure elation. We then see Drew and Michael talking to each other in the bath area, and Drew was explaining to Michael why he had to vote for Jase. Michael says that he is a man of honor, a man of his words, and he felt betrayed by Drew, now he was the only true horseman left, and that it would be sweet revenge to be able to put Drew up on the block and see him evicted.

We then go to the HOH winner, lucky Adria. She feels happy and this is the safest she’s ever felt in the house. Nakomis says this is good, as A is HOH, she will get a chance to feel her out. Diane remarks that she was watching the facial expressions of Will, Karen, and Nakomis, and they didn’t look happy that Adria had won HOH. Will says “With Adria, you never know what she’s going to do.” Karen is starting to realize that there are more negatives than positives to keeping the twins in the house now. Adria gets her HOH room, gets a picture of her mother and her husband, and gets an Usher CD, which causes both Will and Marvin to squeal like little girls. Michael then confronts Adria and again says that he’s a man of his word (wonder what word it is? Banana?) and that he doesn’t want to vote out the twins, he wants the final 4 to be the two twins, him and Nakomis.

Diane then says in her confession that she didn’t want to be the first brownnoser of the house to Adria..but….we see her scamper in as quickly as possible. She tells Adria what she saw in facial expressions, and Adria says that she noticed too. Diane remarks she wants Marvin out, that’s who she’d put up if she was HOH, and then says that she was talking to Nakomis and Nakomis said “Who do you think they’ll put up?” Adria then goes into a little fit about how all her life, her and Natalie have never been separate entities, and no matter what they do in the how they’ll be seen as one. (Well….duh, you’re sisters, and you’ve been playing the same game for five weeks. People know you won’t vote her out, get over it.)

Then Karen and Adria have a strategy session. Karen delivers my favorite quote of the episode “I could smell the power trip a-brewing.” Adria kept asking Karen what her thoughts were, and Karen said that she thought Adria should make her own decision, and Karen said that she didn’t want Adria going around the house saying “well Karen said, well Karen said.” It then goes to Karen, Will, and Nakomis, where Karen echoes the same sentiments to them, not to give Adria any names. Next, Adria and Natalie are talking in bed, first about people being rude with food-smacking, and then about nominations, Adria stating that Karen is a threat to her.

Next up is a nice little conversation between Nakomis and Diane, where we learn that Nakomis has an intellectual mind under her tattoos, and Diane thinks that Nakomis is weird and loads her comments up with dripping sarcasm. Drew is complaining about PB&J, and then it’s time for the food competition. It ends up being Natalie-Marvin-Drew-Diane vs. Will-Karen-Nakomis-Michael. The houseguests have to compete in the Backyard Burger Bonanza, where people will be throwing ingredients of a cheeseburger to a person who has to catch them in buns. (Insert your own bun joke here.) The competition is off, Natalie drops lettuce twice and stands off the mat once, thereby disqualifying three of their burgers. Karen makes the comment, if I heard it right, “Cowboy is a bit doofy.” But in the end, Cowboy is a better burger wrangler than Natalie, and that foursome gets food for the week, and then we see Drew complain some more about PB&J.

Then we see just how starved for things to do the Big Brother houseguests are. They begin to instigate dares via spy screen. First Diane has to squeeze Cowboy’s nipple, which then Cowboy bows for the spy screen and then moons them. Then Will decides to dance in Natalie’s thong with Adria and Natalie (I think?). On a side note, what is Natalie, a married woman, doing with a thong in the house? Just curious there. Anyway, then Nakomis comments that “Then guys got involved, and if guys get involved it usually means my brother is running naked through the house.” So we see Cowboy running around with nothing but his cowboy hat on, and Drew running through the house in front of him as well, and I think Diane was trying to sneak a peek at Drew. Finally Diane says she has to top that, so she….dresses up in a flag and a bikini? Sorry girl, but I don’t think that qualifies.

Will comments that Diane is suffering from “tanorexia,” which she is. Will and Marvin then talk about nominations, Will is thinking he’s gonna be put up, while Marvin says it’ll be him and Cowboy. Will says that maybe he wants to be voted out, and Marvin tells him “You can’t leave, then I won’t have anyone to talk to, unless I talk crochet with those women!” Adria then talks about how she needs to work both houses, and she knows if Marvin goes to the Jury House, he can start working people’s minds against her if by chance she makes it to the final 2. Will talks about how before, when Adria was on the block, it was all about the team, and suddenly when she gets HOH, it’s just about her and Natalie, and Will feels that the next Jase is brewing with Adria as HOH.

It’s nomination ceremony time! Marvin comments beforehand that he never worries, because he expects people to lie to him and he always expects that this is the week he’ll be evicted. Adria then says it’s time for nominations, and she gives a speech about how she’s been privileged and blessed and yadda yadda and not an easy decision, etc. In the end, it’s Will and Marvin nominated. Now for a brief opinion on the nominations:


Now back to your regularly scheduled recap.

Adria talks about how Marvin is an awesome guy, and now it’s time for the true Marvin to shine through, and how she knows there’s a competitor in Will and it’s time for him to come out. Translation: BS, no real reason as to why I put you two up other than I want to see both of you gone. Marvin says that Adria is stabbing him in the back and she’s a spineless, gutless woman. Will thinks that Will needs to talk in third person, and if Will survives then Will will have his knife sharp and ready. Karen states that she doesn’t trust Adria as far as she can throw her, Nakomis says it’s a complete surprise to her that Will is put on the block, and then Adria says something about something that doesn’t make any sense to me, and then that’s that!

*Will and Marvin are the two most entertaining people in the house to me, and are my favorites, and seeing them on the block makes me want to hurt Adria.

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