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Interview With PJ Spillman and Preston Mercer of For Love or Money 3

by aurora

Preston, the eligible bachelor of For Love or Money 3, chose PJ as the woman he wanted to be with. They each then chose the other over a potential million bucks. They’re still together, and still going strong!

Hi you two! I just want to say congrats first of all!

PJ: Thanks!

How did you both get on the show?

PJ: Actually a co-worker printed out the application and brought it in to me. People have told me I should go on a show like that, and I always kinda thought I should try it out. Then when I got home that afternoon the casting call was literally right across the street from my house. I figured what the heck – they came to me, I may as well give it a shot! I clicked really well with the producers, and then the callback came on my birthday, so I flew out to LA.

Preston was nominated by a friend, who had actually been on Dog Eat Dog. They had asked her if she knew any attractive young bachelors for the show, and she suggested Preston.

When did it sink in for you that you were on For Love or Money?

I had watched the show last summer with my mom, so I was thinking something was going on when we pulled up to that house. I thought there was going to be a weird twist and they’d take us out back for some type of Survivor dating show or something! Then the door opened and out came Jordan Murphy, the host, and we all knew!

Did either of you ever seriously consider taking the cash?

PJ: Before I actually met Preston, yeah. Then I met him and really liked him. After that the money was never really a factor.

Preston: Maybe the first day, but it was just a non-issue after that. Then the mystery checks took the money issue right out of it completely. Who would want to take a mystery check that could be worth a dollar? You’d look like a complete idiot on national tv.

How did you feel about the way you were edited? No offense Preston, but they didn’t exactly show much of your personality!

Preston: Oh they completely missed my presonality! It was so dry, I almost fell asleep watching myself. Each week I kept thinking they’d show more of what I’m like, but they never did. They cut out all of the fun, goofy moments.

There was one funny situation with PJ that I thought for sure would make it on the show. We were on that date, remember the one in Tahoe? Well we were on the inner tubes and the producers wanted the three of us (Andrea, PJ, and myself) to go down the hill in the tubes holding onto each other. I knew it wasn’t going to work – I grew up with snow, you know? Anyway, Andrea was ready to cry because she wasn’t used to snow and tubing. But we gave it a shot anyway. We went down the hill, and ended up going up into the side rails. PJ flipped over and out of her tube, but she was still hanging on to my tube – I kept telling her to let go! She did eventually, and her and I were laughing about it. Andrea was freaking out and crying, but PJ and I thought it was really funny. They didn’t show any of that stuff; they were more focused on the whole drama thing I guess.

PJ: I have no complaints about my editing! I used my head though and didn’t give them a whole lot to work with. I kept my family and friends in mind the whole time and didn’t want to embarass them either. My mom’s a school teacher, and I’d be thinking “Is this something I want my mom’s students to hear me say?” I tried to be smart about it the whole time.

Preston, I’m sure you’re aware of the little article in ‘US Weekly’ that claims you and Rachel spent the night together in Chicago. Want to clear up what really happened?

Preston: Oh, that whole thing was blown out of proportion. Rachel and I were at the same event in Chicago. That’s it. Nothing happened.

How weird is it to see yourself in the tabloids like that?

Preston: It’s tough. Really, it’s hard. I have so much sympathy for real movie stars, you know? You don’t realize how something like that can affect you. It’s gotten so bad that I just don’t like even doing interviews or anything any more.

The other thing is the internet message boards. People can log on under a fake name and say anything they want. They can claim they know you, and no one knows any different. They don’t realize that you have a life. You can’t defend yourself in that situation.

Rachel was portrayed as a money-hungry vixen – what did you think of her? Was she edited unfairly?

PJ: You know, Rachel kept to herself a lot of the time. I really didn’t get to know her until the last two days. I never saw her as a threat because she isolated herself. When I did get to talk her at the end there, I thought she was a great girl.

A lot of the other girls didn’t like her, I know that. Rachel was big drama for them – she pouted a lot and needed attention. It worked out okay for me though, because most of the stuff with Rachel happened when I was out on dates with Preston. I’m surprised this didn’t make it onto the show, but Rebekah pulled me aside when I came back from a date one time. She dragged me away from the others and we hid under the piano! She was whispering to me about how Rachel was causing drama and that I shouldn’t tell anyone anything about my date.

Preston: Some of the other girls seem to think that they were too nice to Rachel in the way they edited her!

PJ, if Preston had chosen Rachel at the end, would you have considered going back for FLOM4?

PJ: Ooh, that’s a good question! Hmm. You know, I don’t think they would have asked me. I was never about the money, it was never a big motivator for me. But if they had asked me?

Preston: Yeah, you would have!

PJ: Yeah, I think I would have. I like to keep an open mind about these things.

PJ, how do you feel now about doing the show? Would you do it again?

PJ: I’d do it again in a heartbeat! Everything worked very much in my favour, and now I focus on the positive. I have no regrets, and it’s a good feeling to walk away from it all with.

I’m a lucky girl! Preston’s a great guy! I’m moving to Denver so we can spend more time together. I’ve got an apartment and a job there. Preston is buying a house too, so things are going well! We’ll see how the relationship goes when we’re living in the same city!

Thanks to both of you for taking the time to speak with me – I wish you the best of luck!

PJ: Thanks!

Interviewer’s note: PJ and Preston gave me the impression that they truly are a great match for one another – their banter on the phone was fun and playful, and it does seem that a ‘love connection’ was made on FLOM3. Also, Preston does indeed have a personality – and a good one at that! A side chat about hockey and lacrosse showed me that viewers missed out on a lot as far as Preston is concerned. They even made fun of me for saying ‘eh’ (being Canadian and all), and called me a hoser! 😆 These are good, funny people, and I enjoyed speaking with them.

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