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'He Lies, He Cheats, He Pees on Stuff – Big Brother 5, August 12th

We’ve finally reached the halfway mark in the Big Brother house and this episode picks up right after the veto ceremony. Drew and Nokomis carried out her “six-finger” plan by saving Diane and nominating the house pest Jase.

After the veto ceremony, Jase and Cowboy confront Drew about his actions. They both feel very betrayed and try to make Drew feel like crap. Cowboy rambles about loyalty, and Jase just stands around, looking dumb. They then focus their attention to the kitchen, where Diane is. Jase tries putting her down, saying that Drew could have any girl he wanted, and that he could do so much better than Diane.
[i]Diane: “You’re not human, the rest of us are. You’re in the position you’re in for a reason.”[/i]
Diane puts on a strong face, but breaks down and expresses her feelings in the backyard. She says that no one ever sticks up for her, and that Karen was sitting right there in the kitchen and didn’t say a thing.

Cowboy confronts Drew again. He wants to know where Drew stands and he wants to know if Drew cut a deal with them. Drew denies making a deal with the girls.
[i]Cowboy: “You and I are a splittin image of each other”.[/i]

Next Jase tries another ludicrous plan. This time it’s reverse psychology. He thinks that if he tells people to vote him out, that they will instead vote for him to stay. He tries this plan on Karen and Will. He asks them to vote him out, but they both just try to avoid him.

Next Julie talks to the houseguests. Drew says that this week was hard for him. He had to save Diane, but he hopes that Jase will stay. Natalie is happy to finally be in the house, and play as herself. A cleanly shaven Cowboy says it’s quiet without Scott, and he knows there will be time for friendship outside the house.

Next up, we get the unfortunate pleasure of catching up with some of last season’s most forgettable house mates. Erika and Robert are now “friends”, Justin graduated, Alison is still a bitch, and, on a sad note, Jun’s father went into a coma and passed away a month ago.
Jun liked the brother/sister twist, Robert would rather have an ex in the house, and Alison is concerned with being able to stab a twin in the back (of course).

We’re back, and Nokomis is in the Head of Household room. She was happy that she got to win HOH this week. She was happy that Cowboy finally was able to see his father. She says that she doesn’t think she could ever nominate him, but does feel that she could vote him out in certain situations. Nokomis defends her six finger plan.
[i]Nokomis: “He lies, he cheats, he pees on stuff.”[/i]
She says he’s annoying, he intimidates people and he plays way too strong. He’s not the type of person she wants in the house.

Next up, we meet Marvin’s mom. She thinks Marvin’s doing really well, but she doesn’t approve of some of the comments he’s made towards the women. She was upset that the 4 horsemen stabbed him in the back. She says it breaks her heart to see Marvin on the block.

Marvin and Jase then get a chance to say something to their fellow house mates. Jase gives his rehearsed speech. He says he holds no hard feelings with anyone. He even gives Diane Holly’s ceramic cat. He then goes around the couch, and blows smoke up everyone’s ass.

The results are in! And the words America had been waiting for.
Julie: “By a vote of 6 to 1. . . Jase, you ARE evicted from the Big Brother house”.
Everyone walks him to the door, trying to keep a straight face. He closes the door, and everyone breaks into applause, and celebrates. Outside, Jase tries to defend his actions in the evictions interview. He blames the downfall of the horsemen on Scott wanting Holly out (Yeah , I’m sure that’s it). But the surprises just keep on rolling! Julie finally puts the “Holly’s twin” rumor to rest and announces that Jase’s little cuddle kitten (No, not Scott!) is here! And out pops Holly!
[i]Jase: “Was she here last week for Scott?”.[/i]
Of course this is the first thought that crosses his mind!

Next up, the head of household competition. The houseguests must push a puck down a shuffleboard. The puck must bounce off a rubberband, and bounce completely on the blue area. The houseguest who gets their puck closest to the lines wins. Adria is up first, and sets an almost unbeatable mark. Diane comes within a few centimeters, but Adria wins it! She is our new Head of Household.

Back inside, Adria thanks her softball career for giving her the skills to win. As the show goes off, we get to eavesdrop on the house guests.
[i]Adria: “No one’s going to sleep in Jase’s bed until the sheets are washed”[/i] 😆

And with that, it’s over!



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