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Mind Games – Big Brother, August 10th

by aurora

Just to bring you up to speed, Scott was evicted last week, the twin twist was revealed, Nakomis won Head of Household, and nominated Diane and Marvin. Oh, and Jase continues to model extraordinarily awful headgear while primping and preening in any reflective surface he can find.

As this episode begins, Jase is marvelling at the fact that he wasn’t nominated. He got his key first! He figures that he really got through to Nakomis, at least more than Diane has. Michael is also ecstatic – they might be down one horseman, but the remaining three are as tight as ever. Oh, to be young and completely clueless! Marvin says Jase “thinks he’s as cool as Frosty”.

Karen, Will, and Nakomis outline the six-finger plan. Nakomis nominates two people who are on their side – Marvin has abandoned his Santa Monica Van Boys, and Drew cannot wait to get rid of Jase now – and when it comes time for the veto competition each of them select someone who is also part of their alliance. Whoever wins the veto uses it to take Diane off the block, and Nakomis puts up Jase. He’s trapped, and he’s out.

The plan is foolproof, even though we all know how successful previous foolproof plans have been on Big Brother. I’m sure Michelle and Marcellas could give these guys some pointers.

Jase continues to hang out in the HoH room. He really thinks he’s down with Nakomis and tells her how cool she is. She says something about having to do things even if o ther people don’t want you to do them. Meanwhile, Diane is walking around the house like she owns it, and snickers behind Jase’s back at every opportunity. Heck, who can blame her?

Cowboy and Jase talk strategy, with Jase saying he wants Diane out before Marvin. He’s truly confident that he’s there for another week at least.

The twins handle a barrage of questions from their housemates who are still trying to get used to the fact that they’ve been playing with two different ‘Adrias’. Who played in this competition? Who gave Cowboy a backrub? Which one has the smaller butt? The twins are tired of all the questions but handle them with grace and patience.

Karen and Will discuss what will happen when Jase, Cowboy, and Marvin are gone. Will thinks that things will get cutthroat, as smaller alliances become stronger. Karen says that Adria and Natalie will never go against each other.

Meanwhile, Drew suggests to Diane that maybe they should stop ‘sleeping together’ to keep the spotlight off of them as a pair to be broken up. Diane tells him that Cowboy and Marvin are the next ones gone, so the safest thing that Drew could do at this point is to stick with her. Maybe strike up an alliance with the twins.

Now it’s time for a little montage of clips of the houseguests dancing. They love to dance, and they miss having music. We see Marvin, Will, Adria, Natalie, and a few others dancing, and they actually have rhythm. Cowboy, however, shows off his “hip hop” moves. He runs around doing freakish breakdancing moves and Will is astounded, saying that Michael thinks he’s ready for Solid Gold. Cowboy claims that he’s sure he’s surprised and impressed his friends, who surely couldn’t have known that this cowboy could freak dance. I have no words to describe this scene other than ‘horrifying’.

Karen is apparently losing her marbles in the house. She spends an unusual amount of time baking cookies and cupcakes, and babbles something about seeing fireworks. Nakomis describes Karen’s emotional cycles – happy to anxious to worried to baking to depressed to needing comfort and/or crying, and back to happy again where the cycle repeats itself.

Let’s get back to Jase’s favourite topic – Jase. He’s sitting in the jacuzzi with Marvin and Cowboy when something dawns on him. What if Diane was put on the block as a pawn? Yup, Jase is finally starting to figure things out. Marvin avoids eye contact while Cowboy sits and listens.

Back in the bedroom, Jase explains what he’s figured out to Cowboy. He’s gone if someone uses the veto, which has to be the plan. Cowboy tells Jase he got “bitch-slapped”. Jase can’t believe it.

On the way to the veto competition, Jase corners Marvin and tells him that if he picks Jase to compete, Jase will take him off the block. Marvin mumbles something and walks away. Would Jase really be that stupid to take Marvin off the block, knowing that he’d go up anyway in his place? No way – chalk up another lie from Jase.

Nakomis explains the process of the veto and picks Adria to compete. Marvin chooses Will, and Diane picks her boyfriend Drew. Jase has a moment of hope seeing Drew get chosen. Earlier Jase had mentioned to Drew that he was his last hope – if Drew won the veto and didn’t use it, then Jase would be safe.

The competition involves a huge board covered in balloons. Each person competing has their picture on the balloon board, covered in a different colour. The idea is to throw darts at the board, three at a time, and pop the balloons of competing houseguests. When someone’s picture has all of the balloons covering it popped, they’re out. The last person with balloons still intact is the winner.

The competition is fun and friendly, as it really doesn’t matter who wins. The group had pre-arranged to let Drew win as, Nakomis explains, this would provide maximum drama for Jase. This is where the plan gets risky, because out of this group Drew is the most likely to waver. But everyone is convinced that Drew’s on board, and he does indeed win the veto.

Jase rushes over and hugs Drew, who plays along. Drew says that this has been the first time he’s had to outright lie to someone in the game, and it makes him uncomfortable.

Jase and Drew hang out and discuss the veto. Drew promises Jase that there’s no way he will use it, and Jase assures Drew that Diane is safe – Jase himself will even vote for Marvin. Cowboy joins in and confirms that Diane is safe so there’s no reason for Drew to use the veto.

The next clip is of bugs. Rather, bugs in the house. Will says that the house is like a petri dish, full of germs and ants and who knows what else. Adria and Natalie begin a kick-ass house cleaning, washing every surface they can find and gathering laundry and garbage from around the house. They make the place look as good as it did when they first walked in.

Adria and Natalie lie in the hammock discussing strategy. They think they should take over Scott’s role with Cowboy, and become like his big sisters. They also discuss Diane’s plan of a twin alliance with her and Drew.

Diane and Drew lay in bed discussing the veto. Drew tells Diane that he’s not sure what he should do. He knows that she is safe, so if he doesn’t use it then Marvin will be evicted. Diane says that she trusts him, and he should do what he wants to since he won it. Can you say ‘staged conversation’?

It’s time for the veto ceremony, and Drew gathers the houseplants together. Nakomis says privately that this is the culmination of a long-term plan. If Drew doesn’t use the veto, she will be very angry with him and knows five others who will be as well.

Drew tells Diane and Marvin that they can now plead their case. Diane says that Drew will lose his cuddle partner (yak) if she goes. She then goes around the circle pointing out what each person would miss if she’s gone, but skips over Jase. Jase calls her out, and Diane rolls her eyes and finishes her speech. Jase says that he feels like he wants to vomit.

Marvin’s up next, and he goes for humour. He says that he’s told Drew, “bro’s before ho’s”, and begs him to give him the veto. He throws down his hat saying “Give me the veto!” then demands his hat back. Marvin’s a funny guy, and this was good entertainment.

Drew thanks them both and says that he’s put a lot of thought into this decision. He doesn’t want to risk losing someone who has become close to his heart, so he’s going to use the veto and take Diane off the block. Diane looks like the cat who ate the canary, while Jase looks like he’s going to spontaneously combust.

Nakomis now has to make a replacement nomination. She says that she’s been doing a lot of thinking also, and has come to the conclusion that one person has changed quite a lot since the twin twist was revealed. That person is Jase. She says that being on the block amplies your actions, and this way they can all be sure that Jase wasn’t just lying to them about how he’s changed. Jase sits down next to Marvin, and for some reason he’s grinning.

As the show wraps up, Jase says it is now his mission to plant seeds of doubt about Drew before he’s evicted, since Drew obviously screwed him over with the veto. He wants to wreck Drew and Diane’s relationship while he still has time.

Tune in on Thursday to see the unremarkable eviction of Jase.

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