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What's Hot On TV Tonight – Comedy You Can Believe In

David Alan Grier hosts a special tonight on TBS, Comedy You Can Believe In. It’s about time he find someone that understands his comedy after his stint on Dancing With the Stars where it seemed like they just didn’t get him. He explains his comedy and this special in a recent conference call. And while you’re laughing, check out Hung, a new comedy on HBO. You have to appreciate a guy that recognizes his God-given gifts.

1. The House Bunny. Surprisingly enough, this movie is okay for younger girls. I was afraid to let my tween see it because of the Playboy theme, but it’s really innocuous as the movie turns out to be one of accepting everyone, no matter their faults. 12:30 PM CT Starz West

2. NASCAR Racing: Sprint Cup In Loudon, NH. It’s the Lenox Industrial Tools 301. Only ten races are left before the Chase for the Championship. 1:00 PM CT TNT

3. The TV Set. I expect this movie about a screenwriter who follows a movie all the way through from writing it to casting, to directing, etc. I have a feeling it causes screenwriters all over to nod their heads in recognition. David Duchovny, Sigourney Weaver, and Justine Bateman star. 2:00 PM CT Starz Comedy

4. 60 Minutes. Online poker cheating, neuroscience and how to read a person’s mind, and a profile on philanthropist Gregory C. Carr. 6:00 PM CT CBS

5. Dateline NBC. A determined mother’s effort to find out more about pharmacology and medicine with hopes of saving her children from a rare disease. 6:00 PM CT NBC

6. Just For Laughs. Accidents with glue, a curious zoo gorilla, unusual condiments at a hot dog stand, and a palm reader’s reaction to a client’s future. 6:30 PM CT ABC

7. Princess Protection Program. Nobody does Princesses better than Disney. 6:00 PM CT Disney

8. Merlin. In the first hour, a strange plague befalls the people of Camelot, and Gaius thinks it could be sorcery. It strikes close to home for Gwen, causing the innocent to become suspects and Merlin to learn the responsibility of a warlock. In the second hour, the evil Nimueh tricks Merlin into drinking from a chalice that is poisoned, then Arthur goes on a quest to retrieve the only antidote, a rare flower. Gaius and Gwen care for a nearly dead Merlin. 7:00 PM CT NBC

9. Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Nichols and Wheeler investigate when a celebrity chef’s girlfriend/business patner is found dead. It comes just before the opening of the chef’s new restaurant. 7:00 PM CT USA

10. Impact. Conclusion of a two-part sci fi drama about life on Earth as the moon is about to collide with it. Tonight, competing plans to thwart the collision are proposed, Alex can’t get in touch with his kids, and Roland with Martina. 8:00 PM CT ABC

11. Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Goren and Eames look into the murder of a man who became famous for getting out of a murder conviction because of a mishandled trial. The man ended up with a TV show out of all of it, then dead on his birthday. 8:00 PM CT USA

12. Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Gene rings the bell at the NYSE, and Shannon is addicted to the late night infomercials. 8:00 PM CT A&E

13. Ice Road Truckers. More snow falls, and Jack and Lisa get ahead of hte snowplows, but get in a collision, as a tow truck then pulls a cab and trailer back to the road. Jack has a confrontation with a moose. 8:00 PM CT History

14. Bridezillas. A bride hasn’t picked up her dress yet on her wedding day, and another has a panic attack while trying on her gown, causing her to wonder if she’s ready for all this. 8:00 PM CT WE

15. The Next Food Network Star. The contestants have to create their own hamburger, then throw a homecoming for U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq. 8:00 PM CT Food Network

16. True Blood. A strange creature attacks Bill, Eric, and the other vampires, a shy Hoyt is drawn to Jessica when she visits Merlotte’s the first time, Jason gets a confidence boost from Sarah and Steve, Sam thinks about changing location, and Tara is surprised by Maryann’s latest bacchanal. 8:00 PM CT HBO

17. Comedy You Can Believe In With David Alan Grier. David Alan Grier will perform his own stand-up and introduce an all-star roster of comedians, including Bruce Bruce, Jo Koy, Mark Curry, Aries Spears, Marina Franklin, and Ralph Harris. 9:00 PM CT TBS

18. In Plain Sight. One of Mary’s witnesses won’t testify unless he’s able to vist his son, who has gone missing. 9:00 PM CT USA

19. Jesse James Is a Dead Man. In a moving vehicle, James fires a machine gun, then crashes into a parked car, all to get ready for the World Figure 8 Championships. 9:00 PM CT Spike

20. Hammertime. Hammer’s father visits and goes fishing with his son and the children, and Stephanie sets Marv up on a blind date after he agrees to a makeover, and A’kelba comes home from college as the girls take off for a spa weekend. They guys throw a party that gets out of hand. 9:00 PM CT A&E

21. Expedition Africa. The explorers cross the Bahi Swamp, and no sun protection leaves animosities heated, as some separate from the group. 9:00 PM CT History

22. Hung. Series premiere of this comedy has a high school teacher/coach who wants to change his luck by making money off his …. well, you can figure it out. 9:00 PM CT HBO East

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