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What's Hot On TV Tonight – Samantha Who Returns

All you Sam fans, rejoice! It’s not for long, though, as we’re most likely just playing out the remaining new episodes that have already been shot, but at least you can watch the remaining episodes knowing this time will be your last. Also up the So You Think You Can Dance results. Who’s going home tonight? Our field will reduce to just fourteen for next week’s performance show.

1. Regis and Kelly. Joanna Philbin guest co-hosts, with Shia LaBeouf and Il Divo as guests. Syndicated, check local listings.

2. Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. I won’t lie. The best part about this David Spade movie the cameos of 70s child stars such as Danny Bonaduce, Barry Williams, and Corey Feldman. 9:00 AM CT TBS

3. Samantha Who? Sam dates a rock star that had been an idol of her youth, but doesn’t remember how she used to feel about him. Andrea and Dena have no problem remembering him. John Taylor from Duran Duran guest stars. 7:00 PM CT ABC

4. Wedding Day. Jeanelle and Nyk finally get their wedding day after putting it off because of their daughter who was born with a non-functioning kidney. 7:00 PM CT TNT

5. In the Motherhood. Jane questions her skills at parenting when her boyfriend hits it off with the kids and Horatio, and Rosemary gives Emily lessons in the cutthroat world of carpooling when a neighbor challenges her supremacy 7:30 PM CT ABC

6. So You Think You Can Dance. Who’s leaving tonight? I’d almost bet money on Karla Garcia and Jonathan Platero being in the bottom three three again. If they get there, I think they have a good change of leaving, unless they totally knock it out of the park on their solos. 8:00 PM Fox

7. Burn Notice. In order to take down a highly sought-after criminal, Michael gets in with a gang, and ends up befriending one of the members who might not be all that bad. Sam deals with an IRS agent who’s related to a woman from his past. 8:00 PM USA

8. Real Housewives of New Jersey: Watch What Happens Reunion. It’s part 2 or 2 of the reunion of the housewives in New Jersey from season one.

9. She’s Got the Look. Tonight the contestants will participate in a revealing photo shoot in the extreme weather conditions of NYC’s Central Park, then have an elimination involving trampolines 8:00 PM TV Land

12. The Listener. After narrowly escaping a beating by a gang, a troubled boy runs away form the hospital. Looking for him, Toby runs into a group of runaways and finds that a young girl is also missing. 9:00 PM CT NBC

13. Royal Pains. A chef suffers a stroke, but vanishes before treatment. Evan and Divya evaluate where they stand in Hank’s new business, and Hank and Jill spend the day that had originally been his planned wedding day together. 9:00 PM CT USA.

14. Southern Belles: Louisville. Julie is very interested in Cody, but isn’t sure if he returns the feelings. Emily gets a job at a radio station in an effort to please her dad. 9:00 PM Soapnet

15. Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien. Tonight’s guests are Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno, and Cirque du Soleil. I wonder if they’re the ones that taught Bruno that trick he used on Eminem. 11:35 PM CT NBC

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