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Grand Finales – C'mon John Heffron

So, this was it. The big grand finale. That’s cool. I was about ready. Weren’t you?

Jay Mohr and crew spent the first hour and 15 minutes leading up to the performances. Two surprise guests returned. One was Grandma Lee, an almost-made-it to Vegas from the Florida auditions.

She’s a hoot. She has a Mo (Three Stooges’) style hair cut. She talks about her grandkids a lot. However, she’s not the sweet warm cookies n’ quiltin’-type of Grandma. Not by a longshot. She quips that she’s finally reached an age where “she can sneeze, poop, pee, fart and cough all that the same time”. Now, that’s what I call time management!

She also talks about how soft child-rearing is these days and mentions how she whacks her grandson when he bites his sister. She quips, “Grandma’s got a brand new game – Sudden Death!” It was nice to see her again. If y’all are in Florida, check her out at the ComedyZone Jacksonville, her regular club.

They kept showing clips of the Best of the Worst. Now, I honestly don’t want to see these things. They aren’t funny. They’re just downright painful, especially the Schwarzenegger impressions. Ugh! It made me want to change the channel, but there was nothing else on.

Then, Marina Franklin showed up. She got all the way to Vegas but not to the house. I find her about as funny as Bonnie McFarlane (and that’s not saying much!) Marina devoted a bit of her act to impersonating a southern Baptist preacher. Her singing is good. Perhaps, she missed her calling and should audition for [b]American Idol[/b].

Another clip break. This one was devoted to fan favorite and sentimental hero, Jay London. Jay was one of the best things about Last Comic Standing 2 and one heck of a great sport. Seeing him is always like seeing an old friend. They showed more clips from his Roast @ the Friars Club too.

The stalling tactics continued. Jim Norton performed. He talked about being sick ‘cuz he wasn’t feeling well. A good comic can take material from his life right then and make it real for the audience. (I’m not saying he hadn’t used the schtick before, but when playing to an audience, the choice of your material is vital. The honest approach is always a good one. I applaud him for it.)

The producers also showed a clip of Jim being told that he was ‘too successful’ for Last Comic Standing and had to leave. My only question was this – did they not realize this before? Also, Todd Glass, Kathleen Madigan and John Heffron have all had moderate success prior to the show as well so…how successful is too successful for Last Comic Standing? Hmmm.

I liked the clip section about comics imitating comics. Todd’s impression of Corey Holcomb was hysterical. Some crushes were revealed. Here goes – Todd had a bit of lust for Bonnie McFarlane so I guess the rumors of Todd loving Tammy are just that – rumors. Gary had a ‘man-crush’ on Todd. Duh! Anyone with eyes could see that.

Ant quipped that he found Jay London absolutely “adorable”. Jay said Tammy made him feel warm inside. I guess that’s why he made her a grilled cheese sandwich. How cute!

Kathleen fell in love with the dog, Rusty. She did have a good point by saying he “had the best body in the house.” Now, that’s catty! Take that, Big Brother.

Some of the pet peeves that came up in the house included:
John Heffron’s addiction to ‘martial arts’.
Jay’s eating style. Yes, he does eat with his mouth open. What a shocker!
Ant’s forced cackle.

Everyone agreed basically that their least favorite joke belonged to Ant. It was the:

[i]So, how many of you recognize my accent? (pause) San Francisco. You didn’t need Scooby Doo to figure out that mystery.[/i]

Then, Alonzo, Gary and John performed. It was about time. Alonzo was up first. He had some good material about shopping with women and how there’s no right way to hold a purse and look cool or masculine. His writing is brilliant, but he was just not as on as I’d seen him at other times.

Gary did his cookie bit. This time, he talked about Fig Newtons. (Doesn’t he know I’m low-carbing it? My goodness.)
He’s also got a girlfriend, ladies. Sorry. That made my husband’s day. As if. Gary looked sharp in Hugo Boss and had a solid set. Again, I’ve seen him funnier, but he was fighting off some nerves, I think.

The final finalist of the grand finale was up. John Heffron everybody. John had a solid and hysterical set. I laughed my butt off. He talked about marriage. I guess I can relate. He also mentioned that he’s neurotic and child-like. I can relate to that too. John was back to his old self and in near-perfect form. He’s gonna be hard to beat.

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The results show is on Thursday night.

[b]NOTE WELL – LCS 3 starts August 31. It is a Last Comic challenge between the finalists of last season and this one. MY GOD! That’ll be sweeeeeeeeeeet.[/b]


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