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What's Hot On TV Tonight – Can You Duet and Singing Bee

How many times here have I been heralding cable as of late? While we have repeats and cancelled series finishing out their new episodes on the major networks, we have fresh new stuff on cable. Tonight, CMT gives us the season premiere of Can You Duet, as well as a redeux for The Singing Bee. NBC couldn’t make a go of it before, so CMT is taking a crack at it, dumping Joey Fatone in the process.

1. The Princess Bride. Such a classic is this one, that my niece got a tattoo inspired by this movie. (It says “As You Wish.”) 11:00 AM CT ABC Family

2. Vegas Vacation. Griswolds, Cousin Eddie, Las Vegas … Need I say more? 2:55 PM CT TBS

3. Ratatouille. This 2008 Oscar winner for best animated feature is definitely out of the norm for the usual Disney type of film. In some ways, that’s what makes it work. 1:50 PM CT Starz East

4. Kings. More of this cancelled series’ episodes already in the can. Tonight, with a massive blackout exists that could put the royal family in danger, Michelle and David take advantage. Jack uses it to camouflage his double life, and Silas deals with something from his past that could threaten his future. 7:00 PM CT NBC

5. Can You Duet. The season premier has open auditions being held, and twenty singers are chosen for the show. The judges this season are Naomi Judd, Big Kenny, and Scott Borchetta. 7:00 PM CT CMT

6. Harper’s Island. The marina is destroyed by an explosion while the wedding guests try to leave on a boat. They flee to a secret hideaway and discover a surprising secret. 8:00 PM CT CBS

7. America’s Most Wanted. Tonight’s focus is on identity theft and one victim’s efforts to fight back. 8:00 PM CT Fox

8. Primeval. The miitary invades ARC and search for a mysterious artifact. Gigantic birds from the Pilocene era enter through an anomaly. 8:00 PM CT BBC

9. Groomer Has It. The final three have to create grooming instruction videos with guidance from Samantha Harris. Season one champ Artist Knox gives advice over dinner, and the finalists then style bichon frises to the AKC breed standards. 8:00 PM CT Animal Planet

10. Eli Stone. Another cancelled series finishing out its episodes. Tonight, Taylor and Matt’s getaway plans turn into a road trip with Eli and Maggie going to Sonoma, as a witness in an important case in jailed, but while trying to get her released, Matt’s history with a local judge threatens the plans. Eli gets a new health crisis because of a risky acupuncture procedure. 9:00 PM CT ABC

11. The Singing Bee. This show has been revamped after it was dumped by NBC and is added to the CMT schedule. Joey Fatone is out, and Melissa Peterman is in. 9:00 PM CT CMT

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  1. regarding cmt’s can you duet!!!!! my whole family is addicted after only two episodes and we are in love with O’Shea!! someone tell oshea to come to texas and play for us!!

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