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Assistant – Roughing and Bluffing It

The show starts right off with an elimination. He decides to test the assistants on how fast they can get dressed and to his bedroom when he sets off the ‘bat’ alarm. Poor Stefani got ousted ‘cuz she was last in. Oh well! She can always get work as an Elvira impersonator. The goth thing is soooooooo last decade. C’mon.

Anyhooooo, Andy decides to take his ‘kids’ camping. They get on the bus and everyone, but Andy starts singing camping songs. I don’t know if they are or not ‘cuz I’m a city kid who never went camping. I guess they were camp-type songs.

Andy gets so mad and tells them to stop singing, but he wants everyone to be happy. I think Andy needs a new gig, as a spokesperson for Prozac. He sure could use some –often!

He proceeds to take a nap. They get to camp and he takes another nap. He tells ths assistants to set up his tent. He’s not exactly roughing it. That tent looked better than the house I grew up and my last apartment. My god! He even brought a microwave.

He gets a few phone calls during the show from his agent which are bad news. It seems Andy’s missing out on movie work because of his commitment to this show. That’s too bad. I really wanted to see him in “In the Army 2- I said ‘yo mama’, not Osama”.

He takes it out on his assistants. What a shocker! He tests their ability to tell the truth. Apparently, he believes that honesty is a skill that Hollywood appreciates. Now, that’s funny.

They get back to the house and he hires a lie detector dude a la Meet the Parents & Meet my Folks…(It’s been sooooooooooooo done!). He clips Anna because he says she’s the least honest of the remaining assistants. He bemoans the choice because she’s so hot.

Too bad, Andy. I feel for you, really I do.


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