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What's Hot On TV Tonight – Worst Week!


No, I’m not having the worst week. I’m talking about the sitcom. It’s back! But only for a few episodes. It was cancelled months ago, but CBS is dumping out the episodes already in the can. ABC is doing that as well tonight with Pushing Daisies.

1. The Sandlot. My daughter fell in love with this movie last summer after watching it on the last day of 6th grade. 12:00 PM CT ABC Family

2. The Poseidon Adventure. The 1972 original about a cruise ship overturned by a tidal wave on New Year’s Eve. Stars Gene Hackman, Ernest Bornine, Shelley Winters, Jack Albertson, Carol Lynley, Red Buttons, Stella Stevens, Roddy McDowall, and Leslie Nielsen. 1:00 PM CT Retro

3. White Chicks. I’m hoping to sometime see more than the last twenty minutes of this movie. Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans post as white women as part of the FBI. 3:00 PM CT FX

4. NHL Hockey. The Stanley Cup Final, game 5, between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Red Wings. 7:00 PM CT NBC

5. Adventures In Babysitting. I think every teen and tween should have to watch this movie before they start babysitting, to show how bad it can go, even if you think you’re old enough to handle it all on your own. And beyond that, it’s just a really fun movie, and I think the reason why my husband loves Elizabeth Shue. 7:00 PM CT E!

6. Worst Week. Sam loses his pants while trying to help Clayton get ready for Dick’s birthday party. 7:30 PM CT CBS

7. Cops. A California motorcyclist gets into a high speed chase, Washington deputies finds drugs during a routine traffic stop. 7:30 PM CT Fox

8. Harper’s Island. Another wedding guest is missing as the wedding party gets ready to go home. Abby receives a mysterious phone call. 8:00 PM CT CBS

9. America’s Most Wanted. Featured fugitives include a man wanted for murder in Detroit. After being on the show five times, a tipster called in saying he was seen in a drag racing video. Also on tonight is a missing roundup of three different cases. 8:00 PM CT Fox

10. Primeval. The team works to save the crew of a 747 from a Giganotosaurus. 8:00 PM CT BBC

11. Groomer Has It. The groomers are assisted by Victoria Stillwell in an obedience course with basset hounds, and also style dogs to look like their owners. 8:00 PM CT Animal Planet

12. 48 Hours Mystery. A CSI actress who ends up being a murder victim herself. 9:00 PM CT CBS

13. Pushing Daisies. A murder case leads Emerson to the mother of his child. Olive is romanced by Randy Mann. David Arquette guest stars. 9:00 PM CT ABC

14. Beverly Hills Groomer. Artist has his skills tested by Shelby Mario, and is asked to help out Sheryl Lee Ralph.. 9:00 PM CT Animal Planet