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GUG – Episode 3

Victoria is single and looking for love. This hottie walks into the STAR/Men’s Fitness Offices and shows off his impressive six-pack abs and portfolio. He asks for Victoria’s info. She’s awfully flattered and a bit taken a back. AWWWWW! Ain’t lust grand?

She goes back into her office and writes her info on a sticky note that she adheres to the guy’s chest. Then, they talk about landscaping. He says he’s got a landscaping business. So, they make an ‘appt’ for Saturday.

At home, Victoria and John, her middle son, get into it over a tattoo. She doesn’t want him to get one; but he wants one soooooooooo bad. He wants to get this huge cross in honor of Grandpa (John Gotti). Still a NO.
Well, John John’s not so good at the hearing. What 17 year-old is? Anyway, John John decides to get a tat anyway. (You’ll have to wait for Vicky’s reaction, ‘cuz I’m movin’ on for a bit.)

The ‘landscapers’ come. Victoria and her friend Tula are all decked out like it’s a date and they watch the guys get all sweaty. It’s kind of funny watching them salivate over these young men like the women in that Coke commercial with Lucky Vanous. (Wow! Can I pull out a pop culture reference out of my a$$ or what?)

The best had to be when Tula says. It’s like Campbell’s soup, “MMM MMM Good!”

The guys spend more time playing bball with John and his friend Larry. After all, they are closer in age to them. I guess Victoria’s gonna need a new landscaper again. (I smell a throwback to Murphy Brown’s ongoing secretary gag…I just hope that PeeWee Herman doesn’t make a guest appearance on this show. That’d be really freaky!)

Somehow, Victoria and her friend make a date for an outing with these guys. The boys show up late. An 1 1/2 to be exact. Now, Victoria’s not patient. (Remember the Ed fiasco) So, she tries to explain to them about how they should treat a lady. She started lecturing them like they were her sons.

I guess that relationship’s not gonna happen. Oh well, I was so hoping for a new Demi/Ashton thing. Victoria says that she’s not like that. She wants her men to have something more ‘under the hood’ so to speak. I say, ‘that doesn’t mean you can’t take him for a test drive once-or twice’.

Back to the tat. John goes to get the tat with his buddy Larry and family friend Vito. (Sorry, but why did Vito want to be known as just a FAMILY FRIEND? C’mon. Don’t invite the stereotypes in if you don’t want them there….just my observation)

He lied to his mama about it. She finds out and goes ballistic. Rightly so. You go, Victoria. Show him who’s boss. His argument is – “Well, I got a smaller tattoo. That should count for somethin’, ma.”


Did I mention that I love this show? It reminds me of my upbringing in Boston.

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