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What's Hot On TV Tonight – G'night Jay


It’s the changing of the guard tonight. Through my lifetime, I have known two Tonight Show hosts, Johnny Carson and Jay Leno. Tonight we say good night to Jay as he is ceremoniously pushed out in favor of the young’n, Conan O’Brien. It’s been a good week with lots of special guests and memories, including Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Billy Crystal, and tonight, Jay’s guest is his successor. I like both Jay and Conan, and liked the setup we had and don’t see why we had to change, but I’ll give it the old college try. But, why does NBC have to do this just a few months after we had to say goodbye to ER?

1. Regis and Kelly. The guests today include Marcia Gay Harden, the Love Chef, and Cat Deeley, host of So You Think You Can Dance. Syndicated, check local listings.

2. The View. Guests include Mellody Hobson, Alison Deyette, and Kara DioGuardi, the newest American Idol judge. 10:00 AM CT ABC

3. Meet the Robinsons. Interesting animated Disney movie originally seen in 3D about an orphan who invents a time machine and is taken back to meet this very odd family. 10:00 AM CT Starz

4. Monkeybone. Brendan Fraser at his absolute silliest, outside of George of the Jungle. 2:45 PM CT IFC

5. Baby Boom. I think I need to revisit this movie again. Back in 1987 when it came out, I was a 20-something (I was a very young 20-something!) unmarried with no idea of raising kids. I loved this movie. I’m interested to see if I’ll still love it 20+ years later when I’ve been through those same baby years. 2:05 PM CT Encore Love

6. Walk the Line. It’s still odd to me that Reese Witherspoon won an Oscar for her role here as June Carter, yet Joaquin Phoenix didn’t for his role as Johnny Cash. Not that I think she did badly, but throughout, Phoenix was Johnny Cash. 7:00 PM CT CBS

7. Hair Show. A hairdresser is on the run from the IRS and gets back together with her estranged sister. 7:00 PM CT CW

8. Don’t Forget the Lyrics! Trying to raise money for charity, Howard Stern’s producer competes and gets help from Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray. 7:00 PM CT Fox

9. Nature’s Most Amazing Events. As summer comes to the Arctic we see the conditions facing polar bears, foxes, guillemots (what is that?), beluga whales, and narwhals (and what are these?) in this series opener. 7:00 PM CT Discovery

10. Dateline NBC. The cast of a wife that drowned in her bathtub in 2001 is investigated. 8:00 PM CT NBC

11. Un-Broke: What You Need to Know About Money. Everything you need to know about personal finance, including credit cards, mortgages, and investing. Mellody Hobson is joined by Will Smith, the Jonas Brothers, Seth Green, Samuel L. Jackson, Christian Slater, Rosario Dawson, Cedric the Entertainer, Oscar the Grouch, and the E*Trade Talking Babies. 8:00 PM CT ABC

12. Nature’s Most Amazing Events. Salmon return to the rivers to spawn, providing sustenance to wolves and grizzly bears in the Pacific Northwest. 8:00 PM CT Discovery

13. NBA Playoff: Game 6: Lakers at Nuggets. It’s game 6 of the Western Conference finals. 8:00 PM CT ESPN

14. 20/20. An update on Etan Patz, a 6-year-old who disappeared on his way to the bus stop in Manhattan. The main suspect in the case, a man already in jail on another case, is interviewed. 9:00 PM CT ABC

15. Tonight Show With Jay Leno. After a week long goodbye, this is the final night, as Jay’s guests include Conan O’Brien and James Taylor. Next Monday, Conan officially takes over. 10:35 PM CT NBC

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