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What's Hot On TV Tonight – Meat Loaf!


I don’t know why but I find Meat Loaf, meaning the singer, not the entree, entirely fascinating. He’s just hard not to watch when he guests on a show. Tonight he’s on the season finale of Don’t Forget the Lyrics. And if you like that show, catch it tonight, as while it’s being called a season finale, it’s not on the Fox schedule for this summer, next fall, or next winter.

1. Alvin and the Chipmunks. The cartoon is made over into a movie combining live action with animation and starsthe voices of Justin Long, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Jesse McCartney. It’s cute, and that’s about all. 11:10 AM HBO Comedy East

2. Erin Brockovich Based on a true story, Julia Roberts stars as a woman who gets a job as a legal assistant and is the only one with the cajones to take down a utility company that’s contaminating the water. 11:45 AM Starz

3. The Bonnie Hunt Show. Bonnie always honors those comedians and talk show hosts that came before her, so I’m betting today’s show with Dick Van Dyke will be a good one. Common guests as well. 2:00 PM CT NBC

4. The Quiet American. Screen adaptation of Graham Green’s novel starring Brendan Fraser and Michael Caine about a British journalist and American agent in Vietnam. It’s a great commentary of Vietnam from a different perspective. 2:45 PM CT IFC

5. Don’t Forget the Lyrics! It’s the season finale, event hough we haven’t see the show for several weeks, months perhaps. Meat Loaf and his daughter try to win money for a camp for seriously ill children, The Painted Turtle. 7:00 PM CT Fox

6. The Seven Year Itch. Marilyn Monroe classic playing the sexy neighbor of a man whose family is away from the summer, giving him nothing but sexual daydreams of how he’d really like to spend the summer. 7:00 PM CT Retro

7. NBA Playoff: Game 2: Magic at Cavaliers. It’s game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals. 7:30 PM CT TNT

8. Alzheimer’s Project! This episode of the series highlights families that provide caregiving for their loved ones with the disease. For more information, check out my review of the series. 7:30 PM CT HBO SIgnature East

9. Dateline NBC. A report on the death of a fisherman, and a stripper and steelworker who are somehow involved in the mystery of passion, manipulation, and murder. 8:00 PM CT NBC

10. Larry King Live. Kris Allen and Adam Lambert of American Idol will both be on tonight. 8:00 PM CT CNN

11. 20/20. Video diaries from a summer camp show kids suffering with Tourette’s Syndrome. I think everyone should watch that as people assume it’s just the swearing thing, but once you see people affected with it, you see it affects their whole life, not just that little part. 9:00 PM CT ABC

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