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What's Hot On TV Tonight – It's Mother's Day

Hello. You probably are confused. I am the normal writer’s son. Since it is Mother’s Day, I am choosing certain events that make me reminded of my mommy. She got mad at me last night, so I’m writing this on her laptop in the morning without her knowledge … Sorry mom.

1. Mother. Never have seen this movie, I think now I will, because this will probably happen to me. See as this unlucky movie director has to move back home with his mother while madly in love with someone. HBO Comedy 8:20AM-10:05AM CT

2. How William Shatner Changed the World. Yesterday, we (Mom and I) went out to see Star Trek, and I am told I loved Next Generations as a kid. See as William Shatner compares technological knowings to what Star Trek has predicted. History Channel 9AM-11AM CT

3. Classic AWA Wrestling. Mom had just recently watched The Wrestler, and is begging me to watch it, which I promise I will watch tonight. ESPN Classic takes top moments and wrestlers at their peak from the American Wrestling Association from the 70’s and the 80’s. ESPN Classic 9:00AM-10:00 AM CT

4. Problem Child 2. This is probably what my mom unfortunately sees me as most of the time, even though there is no comparison. And my sister also loves this movie. Junior is back in a new town, and tries to thwart his dad’s attempts at remarrying. Encore East 9:05AM-10:40AM CT

5. Mrs. Doubtfire. Mom and I always loved watching this movie together. It’s a classic Robin Williams movie in my opinion. See as struggling father (Williams) dresses up as a nanny to spend time with the family. HBO Family 11:00AM-1:10PM CT

6. August Rush. My mom and I love music a lot. I mean a lot. So, it’s only natural that we went to see this in the theatre. An orphaned child sets on an adventure to find his parents by making music so they will hear it. 5STAR CineMax 11:45 AM-1:45PM CT

7. 60 Minutes. No real sentimental value here… Lara Logan reports on the military aircraft, and senior adviser of the Boston Red Sox Bill James. CBS 6:00-7:00 CT

8. Dateline NBC. Why is there no maternal value??!?!?!? Watch and see Chris Hansen debates a New York financer’s Ponzi scheme. NBC 6:00-7:00PM CT

9. America’s Funniest Home Videos. We know something about a mom will have to show. How many times we could have won $100,000 by filming mom. Watch and see this little boy try and get a basketball from a dog. ABC 6:00-7:00PM CT

10. Sit Down, Shut Up. This is what my mother, whom I love very much, tells me to do an average of 5.7 times a day. See as Willard goes to get booze inside of (YES!) a DeLorean and goes back in time. FOX 6:00-6:30PM CT

11. National Lampoon’s European Vacation. What family doesn’t love watching the Griswolds klutz around? Especially because mom and I enjoy laughing at it. See as Chevy Chase and co. are at it again, but this time in Europe.TBS2 6:00PM-8:00PM CT

12. Big Trouble in Little China. Who loves this movie? My dad. But, as 2 Black Belts in the same school, (http://www.southelginmartialarts.com) we love martial arts movies (me and mom are the 2 black belts). See as Kurt Russell goes on a magical tale through Chinatown as seen in San Francisco. G4 6:00PM-8:00PM CT

13. The Amazing Race 14. As the son of a mom who regularly reviews Reality TV, I have grown to love the Amazing Race. We will be watching it tonight. The final 3 teams embark to Hawaii to win $1 million. CBS 7:00PM-8:00 PM CT

14. Celebrity Apprentice. My mom generally watches this, but I really can’t find a liking to it. Hopefully a mom will win :). See as the final 2 battle it out to become the real Apprentice. Let’s go Joan (mom’s choice, not mine). NBC 7:00-10:00PM CT

15. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. If you’ve followed mom’s writing, you will remember our troubles getting the kitchen remodeled, and no we’re fixing our roof. We might have my sister pose as dying to get this done a lot quicker. See as a struggling couple’s 2 daughters who have CIDD have their dreams come true. ABC 7:00-8:00PM CT

16. The Simpsons. I remember watching this religiously as a family when I was a kid. See Marge and Lisa make flights occur about the Queen, Snow White, Lady Macbeth. That’s it, except for the voice talents of Jodie Foster. FOX 7:00-7:30PM CT

17. King of The Hill. Another one watched as a family. In this episode, Luanne is a child’s entertainer, and John Redcorn makes her her own children’s DVD. Coincedentally, Dale writes a children’s book about a gun and her missing bullet. FOX 7:30-8:00PM CT

18. Cold Case. I remember how we started watching Cold Case. We recorded it in case The Amazing Race ran over. See the shocking conclusion of the sixth season as the team inspects a female cadet murdered in 2005. CBS 8:00-9:00 PM CT

19. Desperate Housewives. Don’t make me try and connect this with my mother, the woman who gave birth to me. Watch Susan and Jackson try to fool the authorities, Tom hides his true age, and someone saw Dave’s crimes decides to come out of the shadows. ABC 8:00-9:01PM CT

20. Family Guy. Mom, as you probably don’t know, doesn’t like this show. I don’t know why, it’s pure genius. Stephen King gets blended in to this episode. Stand By Me seems to become Peter and his friends life in this episode.

21. American Dad. Finally, no other connection here. Lois and Stan swap spouses with their gay neighbors when the neighbors unknowledgeable father drops by. Also, Steve is on a drunken bender. FOX 8:30-9:00PM CT

22. The Unit. This seems to also have no motherly value. Darnit Primetime! See the end of this shows fourth season while this team tracks down nuclear bombs, targeted at unknown locations. CBS 9:00-10:00PM CT

23. Brothers & Sisters. I know my mom never had a brother, and I have a sister, and that makes up a brother and a sister. Watch the third season come to what seems to be a abrupt halt as Robert and Kitty’s marriage crumbles to pieces. ABC 9:01-10:00PM

Mom, I love you. And if any of you want to help me, please take the 30 seconds and leave a comment. Thank you.

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  1. Haven’t had the time lately to read LB’s TV scoop but I’m sure glad I didn’t miss this one! what a HOOT! I read every word,and to think I came to read only about the Apprentice finale! Go Joan, Go LB, waytago LB’s son!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for all of your comments. Well, I’ll try and start my own web thing on here.

  3. I already have forgotten. And BTW, to my own mother, yes I make him watch The Wrestler, just as you made me watch PBS.

  4. Great job, Mike. I’ll bet your mom really appreciates this special gift that you’ve given her today. But, will she forget about being mad at your last night?????

  5. I didn’t read the top paragraph and was wondering why Laura was writing about she and her mom going to Star Trek and watching certain shows together etc. and then I see it is her son writing these listings!
    You are a super son for doing this, and you have inherited your mom’s writing ability.
    I think you should have a regular article as it is nice to see your vent on things.

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