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Big Brother 5: Four Horsemen No More! – August 5

This week’s live episode of Big Brother begins with Adria’s big confrontation with the house over her paranoia. This leads to even her own alliance being unsure of whether they should trust her anymore or not.

Soon after, Diane’s twin Lindsey and Drew’s twin Ben interview about their respective siblings’ lives in the house. Lindsey went as far as to say that Diane is the “evil” twin, and not Drew’s type at all. Next, Julie interviews Diane in the HOH room. Diane tells Julie that she would like to see anyone win Head of Household except for Jase and Cowboy, the puppet.

Back in the living room, Scott and Marvin give their final words to their fellow houseguests. Marvin’s last words lead one to think that he is definitely going this week. Let’s see if that really happens. Julie opens up the envelope, pauses, and lets the houseguests sweat a little more. She then announces that by a vote of 4-3, Scott is evicted from the Big Brother House! Yay! The four idiots are finally broken up!

In the cut scene between Scott’s eviction interview, Jase goes back to the bedroom, rips off his shirt, obviously for camera time, and then proceeds to lift weights while stating, “The ultimate betrayal.” I thought this was Big Brother, not a modeling contest, and even if it was a modeling contest, Jase would not even come close to winning.

In Scott’s eviction interview, Julie informs Scott that Holly’s vote would have saved him from eviction. Scott and his already deflating ego will not admit to that reality. Julie also asks Scott about all of his lies about his wealth, and why he said certain things. Scott tells her that it was his strategy to make himself seem wealthy, so that everyone would not target him as needy. However that is remotely a good strategy, I’ll never know. I know if I was in the house, and I saw someone who didn’t need the money, I would vote them out before anyone else. Anyhow, Adria and Natalie then leave their goodbye message for Scott, and he is shocked, but says that he knew something strange was going on with Adria. He also says that Jase is not going to like this. Oh, we know he won’t like it, Scott, and I can’t wait to see his reaction either.

Back into the living room, it’s time for the big twin reveal. Julie asks Diane how many houseguests have played the game so far. Diane responds 13, and is confused when Julie tells her that she is incorrect. Actually, Diane, that number is 14. Julie then informs the houseguests that someone has been playing the game with a twin, but as one person. Cowboy yells out, “Holly! It’s got to be Holly!” Jase believes that Scott has a twin and gets excited. The boys all think they have an ally reentering the house, but are shocked when Natalie, Adria’s twin, walks in from the Diary Room. Everyone is cheering, hugging Natalie and Adria, while Jase sits on the couch and sulks.

The houseguests are now rushed into the backyard where they encounter the pivotal Head of Household competition. This week’s competition is based on the house’s decor. The questions asked were all true or false. On the second question, all four guys, Cowboy, Jase, Drew, and Marvin got out. I cheered so loud when that happened I’m surprised that my neighbors didn’t try to final a noise complaint. Soon enough, it got down to Will, Karen, Adria, and Jennifer. Jennifer answered the next question correctly, and was the only person to do so, so she was crowned the new Head of Household! As all the girls, plus Will, cheered Jennifer on her win, the boys all sat on the sidelines and moped about their second loss in a row.

Tune in Saturday night to find out Jennifer’s nominations and to see the food competition.


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