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Who Would Have Thought We'd Hear Led Zeppelin On American Idol?


I never would have thought anyone would get clearance to do Led Zeppelin on American Idol. Was this done as a favor to Slash? Are they really impressed with Adam Lambert and just wanted to hear him do one of their songs? Or is the band seeing that exposure on this Fox show means good things?

I have to admit. I’m a Zeppelin fan and always have been. I grew up with their music. I love Whole Lotta Love and enjoyed Adam’s take on it. Yet while I was out for a walk today and listening to music on my phone, I heard my favorite Zeppelin tune and thought how great that could have been with Adam’s voice and swagger. I think it would have provided more of a challenge as well.

I’m talking about D’yer Mak’er. It’s not as fast, so you have to take your time with it. It also has such a great sexual undertone to it that I think Adam could have finalized his travel plans to the finale with it. Face it. As great as Whole Lotta Love was, we all knew he could it. But why not challenge yourself just a little more and capitalize on the sexiness that oozes out of you?


Come to think of it, another one that could have done wonders with this song is Kris Allen. He also could have capitalized on it as well. Picture this song with the sexual undertones coming out of his face with the puppy dog eyes and that little snarl thing he does when he’s really diggin’ the song he’s singing. I think he could have made it match something he would do much better than Come Together.

So the big question is is Led Zeppelin ready to allow their whole catalog to be done on the Idol stage or did they only release Whole Lotta Love on a one time only basis because of either Slash or Adam or both? It’s not too late. Make we can hear it on finale night. While you ponder that, take a listen to the song and see if you agree.

Picture courtesy of Fox