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American Idol – Ellen Gets It On With Matt Giraud


I just watched Matt Giraud’s appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and I have to say, when he sang Let’s Get It On on the show, I loved it. When I heard his studio recording of it, I loved it even more, and watching him sing it on Ellen, i love it even more than that. Somehow it’s even better than the other two times.

Maybe Matt was too caught up worrying about what the audience and judges would think when he was on American Idol or something, as here on Ellen, singing the song, he seems so much more freer and natural. He seems …. himself.

I don’t just mean when Matt’s singing the song, either. I mean throughout the whole appearance. He was so personable. Granted, he’s used to performing and interacting due to his dueling piano gig, but his story about meeting Jamie Foxx was funny and natural, and the way he interacted with Ellen climbing on the piano, he wasn’t taken aback or anything. He just seemed like he was rolling with it and having fun.

I have to say, too, that Matt was by far my personal favorite this season. Yet, for the first time after I watched a favorite be voted out, I’m still really looking forward to the show this week. There’s just so much great talent there, that as much as I’m gong to miss him, I’m still looking forward to see what the final four does.

Interested to see Matt on Ellen? Here ya go. I tracked it down on YouTube. That’s after I rewound it on the DVR several times. Then I found it on YouTube and played it there several times. I think I’ll go to sleep tonight singing Let’s Get It On … giving my husband all the wrong ideas.

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8 thoughts on “American Idol – Ellen Gets It On With Matt Giraud

  1. hey.. matt… if you have time to see this comment. can you sing change the world and only hope…. i know it fits to your voice… and they are my favorite songs… one day… visit Philippines… i want to hear your voice singing and hoping that i would see you… heheheh

  2. That performance is uninhibited. If he had had that frame of mind, being fearless, I would not be surprised if he is still in the running for the crown.

    BTW, that lady is more than twice Matt’s age. Feels a little bit eeeeww.

  3. OMG…Was I so Adam-Kris-tified, I never noticed how awesome Matt is?? I do not remember him being this good! Maybe it is because he loosened up, knowing he wasn’t going to be judged? Freakin awesome.

  4. OMG he is so amazing!!! He should still be in the running!! I could watch him all day!!!

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