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Survivor – Twistin' the Knife


Got nothin’ for ya.

Not that the above line means anything in particular, it’s just my favorite Jeff Probst line, even more than “I’ll tally the votes,” or any of the other number of things he says. It almost seems like Jeff really enjoys saying that to people too. Like he just likes to turn that knife just a little more. Not only are you not getting that reward, you’re not getting anything else either.

Jeff didn’t have to twist that knife any more for Coach, Debbie, and Sierra. They knew the score when Taj, Stephen, and JT were going on the reward, Erinn was going to Exile, and they were stuck behind. That was a mistake on Stephen’s part, though. He took his closest alliance and showed his cards. He should have left someone back at camp to keep Coach and Debbie at bay, and taken Sierra to keep her loyalties from swaying, or at least so that he didn’t have to doubt her loyalties. Had he done that, he wouldn’t have had the doubts over Sierra, and he’d still have her in their alliance, while knocking Coach down to only having himself.

That brings up Erinn’s vote. What was with her voting for Stephen? She knew no one else was voting for him … didn’t she? Did no one fill her in so she guessed? Or was there no way she was going to vote for Sierra, and she was pissed off at Stephen for voting her out, so showed him her displeasure? Was she twisting the knife on him? Again, he only has himself to thank for that mess.

Stephen should be the one that they’re all trusting the most, based on nothing in particular other than his look and what they know of him, but he’s not. They all trust JT. I like how he suggested maybe it was the accent or something. I think he’s partially right. There’s like a good ole boy thing there with his personality that the others are picking up on. Just who do they think is spearheading all of this, though, if not him?

Coach may have won in getting rid of Sierra, but in a way he lost, as he’s starting to show a crack in that facade. When he went off on Sierra for daring to say that he was lying, he was showing that crack. The better game players will see that and exploit it. The question is, who are the better game players that will see that? Who’s going to twist the knife on him, other than Jeff?

Got nothin’ for ya. Head back to camp.

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